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  • Disadvantages Of Focus Group Interviewing

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    Focus group interviewing is a way to design a small group of individuals that are unfamiliar with one another to discuss a specific topic. According Berg and Lune, researchers use this approach to learn through discussion about conscious, semiconscious, and unconscious psychological and sociocultural characteristics and processes amongst various groups (p. 164). Focus groups are useful for collecting data related to specific research. Group interviews are a fast and convenient way to simultaneously

  • Focus Group Reflection Paper

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    At the focus group meeting, which consisted of three cath lab nurses and six charge nurses, recommendations and suggestions for improving the SBAR communication form were discussed and voted on for approval by a show of hands. Using the focus group's recommendations, I created a revised and updated hand-off tool to be used hospital-wide for all nurses to use on every patient. The focus group reviewed the finished form and after full acceptance it was submitted to the director for approval. After

  • Semi Structured Interview

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    Focus groups are a good example of a semi-structured interview and are also considered to be a type of qualitative research. Focus groups are usually informal discussions amongst eight or twelve participants. It is unstructured and guided by a researcher to keep the group from on track not to steer away from the primary topic; the researcher also encourages participants to answer questions

  • Benefits Of Qualitative Research

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    2. In-depth interviews - best for collecting data on individuals’ personal histories, perspectives, and experiences, particularly when sensitive topics are being explored 3. Focus groups - effective in obtaining data on the cultural norms of a group and in generating broad overviews of issues of concern to the cultural groups or subgroups represented. The types of data these three methods generate are field notes, audio (and sometimes video) recordings, and

  • Dreyfus Model Of Skill Acquisition

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    The role and functions of nursing in a hospital or acute care settings have grown so complex that it is no longer able to standardize or routine practice. An increasing demand of shorter hospital stay and continuity of care would gain the need to develop a skilled care. Benner first introduced her theory From Novice to Expert in 1981, as an adaptation of the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition by describing the structure of nursing knowledge acquisition. In the Dreyfus model, the practitioner is

  • Social Norm Theory

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    highlighting how the positive behavioural consequences of alcohol – such as sociability – may be a socially learned placebo effect as opposed to a pharmacological effect (Lau-Barraco & Dunn, 2008). To test this hypothesis they created same-gendered groups of 8-10 participants in three different 90-120 minute long conditions: an assessment-only control condition; an alcohol education program; and expectancy challenge condition (Lau-Barraco & Dunn, 2008). Assessment-only participants underwent pre-test

  • Financial Planning Literature Review

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    researchers/scholars have extensively and excellently reviewed the western financial planning literature. This review of literature is intended to present the existing status of financial planning. The entire review has been done as below in two different groups. The literature review is made through various books, articles, national and international journals, reputed daily newspapers. The literature review mainly focuses on a variety of case studies as well as thoughts of esteemed researches on the issues

  • The Importance Of Extrinsic Motivation

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    The abilities of a teacher to motivate the students play an important role in their success. The lack of motivation leads to a lack of focus and effort, therefore to a lack of success. Teachers have to find the best strategies to motivate their students to improve their English skills. Keeping the students’ motivation is one of the most important tasks a teacher has. There are many ways

  • The Nursing Theory: The Importance Of Nursing Theories

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    research. To reach this point of recognition and independence, leaders of the field worked hard to demonstrate the unique capabilities of the professional nurses through the creation of nursing theories (Im & Ju Chang, 2012). A nursing theory is a group of organized concepts that give scientific meaning to the principles of the profession (Iskandarani, Al Hammadi, & Al Gizani, 2011). There are metatheories, grand theories, middle-range theories, and practice theories (Donohue-Porter, Forbes, & White

  • Qualitative Analysis Essay

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    In order to unmask the some other secreted factors which were not recognized by quantitative analysis, qualitative method of data collection was also used. Qualitative analysis is an efficient tool for obtaining information regarding values, attitude, opinions and behavior of specific population (Mack et al., 2005). Qualitative investigation in current study was mainly based on key informant interviews. The key informants are the informed people whose experiences, views and annotations relevant to

  • Swot Analysis Of Banyan Tree

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    Executive Summary Global business strategies are based on the driving forces of the organization. In this report, an analysis of Banyan Tree Resorts is conducted based on the driving forces in its relevant market factors. Researches based on the influences affecting its decisions and course of actions are gathered and used to determine the soundness of its response and adoption of its international strategies. Having overcome challenges in the highly competitive hospitality and tourism industry

  • Why Is Confidentiality Important In Safeguarding

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    Confidentiality: is a key care value which protects the privacy of the informations of a service user , when dealing with records and other information concerning individuals who use service. Confidentiality is a protection to personal information of a service user that helps respect the privacy of the service user by not sharing the information with others to build up a trust between the client and the care worker.Dilemma;there are times when it is not easy to decide whether or not disclose information

  • The Secret Language Daisy Zamora Analysis

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    of her lyrics is not the severe world class yet rather the working class masses. Zamora's work examines minor gatherings in a way that entreats the peruser to deliberately or unknowingly partake in a type of personality development of these various groups. I read her book "The Secret Language," where writer

  • Importance Of Ethics In Business Administration

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    thinks of doing so.” (Kant, 1724-1804). The word “ethics” comes from the Greek word ethos meaning “character or fundamental values of a person, people or culture”. Ethics generally refers to the moral principles that govern the behavior of a person or group. And it can also be defined as obligations outside those required by law. Ethics provide general guidelines for how we ought to act towards one another, and without those values and positivity in the work environment we lose our social beings and the

  • Vulnerable Population Essay

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    Vulnerable Population The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ( refers to the older adult population as those people that are 60 years-old or older and live in a community and not a long term facility, when talking about identifying vulnerable older adults. One cannot be considered helpless just because of their age, there are other factors that play into being vulnerable. A very important characteristic is having one or more chronic illnesses. In this discussion I

  • Coca Cola Ethical Dilemma

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    Coca-Cola is a well known brand around the world and according to the company itself, each day over 1.9 billion beverages are served to customers by The Coca Cola Company. Up to now, Cubans have not been able to buy the drink, as The Coca-Cola Company’s beverages are not officially sold in the country due to the United States trade embargo against Cuba. However, if The Coca-Cola Company were to enter the Cuban market, it might face an ethical dilemma regarding the health of the consumers. The reason

  • Ethical Issues In Nursing: Nurse-Patient Ratios

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    Ethical Issues in Nursing: Nurse-Patient Ratios Megan Harvey, Katie McKelvery, Erica Robbins & Cassandra Tingley St. Johns River State College March 2018 Ethical Issues in Nursing: Nurse-Patient Ratios Every day nurses are faced with ethical dilemmas. Challenges in these situations are becoming more and more complex due to increasing workload and sicker patients. When a nursing unit is understaffed not only are nurses more likely to become burnt out, but their patients are far less likely to

  • Causes Of Migration In Bangladesh

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    Migration of population has been a common phenomenon since the beginning of human history. Although the form of migration has changed, but it remains as a dominant event in global system. Usually men migrate to developed countries from underdeveloped ones for better livelihoods. Many theories have been propounded to explain migration. A number of social, economic, demographic factors lead to migration. Bague (1969 cited in Sing, 2015) argues that the most effective theory for explaining the causes

  • Bata Footwear Case Study

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    Introduction: Bata is a global footwear and accessory manufacturer and retailer with headquarters located in Lausanne, Switzerland. Organized into three business units: Bata Europe, Bata Emerging Market (Asia, Pacific, Africa and Latin America), and Bata Protective, the organization has a retail presence in 70 countries and over 5200 retail stores and production facilities in 18 countries. History Foundation: The company was founded on 24th of August 1894 in Zlin, Moravia by Tomas Bata whose family

  • Nursing Care Delivery Model

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    Introduction In this paper, the roles of specified nurses in various care delivery models are discussed. The discussion is as outlined by the charge nurse who is on duty that day when an LPN (Licensed practical nurse), two RNs, (Registered nurse) and a nursing assistant (NA) are present. The roles of these nurses tend to vary depending on the model that is being utilized to deliver patient care. Furthermore, the models utilized for delivery of patient care have advantages and disadvantages that