General practitioner Essays

  • Essay On Why I Want To Become A Nurse

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    Why do I want to become a nurse? Nursing, the one job everyone says that is so fulling, and will change your perspective on the world forever. I wanted to be a nurse since the time I was 10 years old, because I saw what they do for others every day. Becoming a nurse was so important to me because, I wanted to do something in my career that is interesting, challenging, and makes a difference in people's lives on a daily basis. The one person who always told me I can do whatever I wanted in life was

  • Duty Of Care Ethics

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    Duty of care plays a major role for health professionals, Duty of care follows codes and principles put into action for facilities such as hospitals via external sources such as the Government, in order achieve one core goal which is to ensure that the patient is subject to the best possible care that can be given by the facility and the Health Professionals working at the health facility. Duty of care is defined as “the obligations placed on people in a certain way, in accordance with certain standards”

  • Methadone Maintenance Therapy: A Case Study

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    the dosage of methadone will be determined and hence dispensed by a pharmacist. The patient has to strictly follow and adhere to the treatment regime. A few places where MMT is accessible include tertiary government hospital, health clinic, general practitioners, national anti-drug agency (AADK) and prisons. Methadone has been included on the World

  • 5 Stages Of Counselling

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    Counselling is a systematic process of helping relationship based on the principles of psychology conducted by professional counsellors to produce change and development based on ethical life (Masson, Jacobs, Harvil, & Schimmel, 2012). The counselling process involves a sequence of development of relations between the counsellor and the client happens in a certain period of time. This relationship begins from the stage and continues to grow into one stage to another. These levels are run regularly

  • Rhetorical Analysis: Why Mcdonalds Frries Taste So Good

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    Rhetorical Analysis: “Why McDonald’s Fries Taste So Good” When it comes to writing, the hardest part is getting the audience interested in what you have to say. Four techniques writers use to attract readers are the use of ethos, logos, pathos and Kairos in their text. Ethos is a method used to gain trust in the author. Logos uses facts and statistics to add credibility to the author. Pathos is used in stories or experiences to connect the readers emotionally to the text. Kairos is used to determine

  • Reflection About Nursing

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    Reflection Paper There are so many people, in my life that have helped me find my way into nursing school. Growing up with adults in my life that were always fair, wise, understanding, and strong, have shown me how to be a great nurse. These people have no idea that they shaped my thoughts, and feelings for the better. With these qualities I have observed, that they drove me into the nursing field because I wanted to utilize my virtues I have learned. Summary One of the most admirable person

  • System Theory In Social Work

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    Erasmus Mundus Master in Social Work with Families and Children 4th edition - 2016-2018 1st Semester Name: Rojika Maharjan 1. Social work has evolved with different “theories in social work”; either concepts derived from other social sciences such as psychology or sociology or “theories for social work” which are the core philosophy of social work practice specified to give a professional purpose and approach to practice (Healy, 2014). a) Regarding the context of children and families, system theory

  • Cultural Competence In Nursing

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    1. Introduction: Define culture and cultural competence. Describe why cultural competence is an important attribute of professional Nurses and Midwives. Outline what you intend to cover in your essay. (approx. 100 words) The Oxford dictionary defines culture as “the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.” ("culture | Definition of culture in English by Oxford Dictionaries", 2018). Instead of simply just relating to fashion and arts, it involves values, behaviours

  • Role Of Entrepreneur In Dentistry

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    While an entrepreneur can be defined in many ways, one general definition who be a person who believes that he or she has a unique idea, then starts a company and brings it to a customer base. Although dentists may have an entrepreneurial spirit, they are not true entrepreneurs. Simply by selecting dentistry

  • Personal Narrative: My Sense Of Purpose In Nursing

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    My Sense of Purpose at Work Dela Gana, Karol Raneses June 24, 2015 Summary— my nursing career allows me to obtain essential qualities to what I believe is needed to be a successful nurse. I established important goals to remain on this path for success. It made me the person I am today. It is hard to just pick one memorable moment because it is the big and small daily happenings that make nursing such a rewarding profession. It is priceless profession. I. WHO AM I? Work is vital to one’s

  • Ethical Legal Dilemmas In Nursing

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    made about his or her health while informed refusal, on the other hand, happens when the risks appertaining to a certain mode of treatment or the treatment itself are rejected based on the risks they pose to the patient’s health and wellbeing in general (Appelbaum, 2007). In such a case, the ethical aspects of deontology and consequentialism are to be explored before the process of decision making

  • Essay On Nursing Application

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    After completing a career project in the sixth grade, I have not been able to see myself working in a career other than nursing. As early as I can remember, I was interested in books of the human body and having my mom tell me her experiences as a certified nursing assistant. I knew I wanted a career involved with helping people. My fascination with the human body became visible around the age of five. My mom says that I was curious as to what the “real” name of our body parts were called, such

  • Poem Analysis Of 'The Tiger's Wife'

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    ‘The Tiger’s Wife’ By TÉA OBREHT 1: The Coast The forty days of the soul begin on the morning after death. That first night, before its forty days begin, the soul lies still against sweated-on pillows and watches the living fold the hands and close the eyes, choke the room with smoke and silence to keep the new soul from the doors and the windows and the cracks in the floor so that it does not run out of the house like a river. The living know that, at daybreak, the soul will leave them and make

  • Choosing Her Path Summary

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    The title of a book by Stella Simmons, “Choosing Her Path,” appropriately depicts the significance of the story. Stella Simmons, an ex-medical technologist, retired early and went into the elementary school system. She then became a volunteer and assisted with reading fluency and comprehension. Since then she has written six children books and “Choosing Her Path” is her second book for young adults. She writes books because she enjoys writing. At the first glance, the plot seems totally appropriate

  • Empowerment In Nursing Practice

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    such as having an interaction with a patient that has diabetes and advising them of the importance of testing their blood sugars and how to control their diabetic diet. Children with learning disabilities have higher levels of health needs than the general population (Gurney et al, 2006; Nocon 2006), and this high level of need extends into adulthood (Barr et al.

  • Nursing Practice: Dorothea Orem Theory In Practice

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    theory of self-care deficit which illustrates why people need nursing and the theory of nursing systems which gives a description of relationships that ought to be nurtured and maintained in order to achieve effective nursing care. Of the three, the general theory that can be applied across all nursing practice areas and situations where people need nursing care is the self-care deficit theory of nursing (Orem,

  • Hospital Management Theory

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    INTRODUCTION Nursing is a vital service in any health care facility. Without an effective Nursing Service, patient care will suffer. It integrates all the hospital's vital services. The Nursing Service is burdened with the expansion of the nurses' functions, rapid turnover, and the structural constraints within the health care facility, such as, understaffing, poor working conditions and inadequate supplies and equipment which is very true in the government hospital setting. Despite all these constraints

  • Holistic Assessment Case Study

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    Holistic Assessment- Mr. Eric (student’s spouse) Performing a thorough health assessment lays the foundation for any health provider to be able to provide effective and efficient care to patients. When performing a health assessment this allows the health provider an insight as to how to diagnose a patient, plan how to take care of patient, implementing interventions and evaluation the outcome of the nursing process in providing patient care. When a nurse performs a holistic assessment, it is simply

  • Rehabilitation In Nursing Case Study

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    Rehabilitation involves the successful and productive interactions of several clinicians. According to Lewis, Rehabilitation is the process of maximizing the patient’s capabilities and resources to promote optimal functioning related to physical, mental, and social well-being. There is no one universal definition of rehabilitation, but the goal and outcome of each patient implemented by a collaborative healthcare team are relatively similar. The goals of rehabilitation are to prevent deformity,

  • 6 C's Of Nursing

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    THE ROLE OF THE NURSE Nursing is a health care professionalism that focuses on any individuals for example for children, adults, disabled person and those who have other religion or other culture. It includes a range of specialties that varies from country to country. According to the international council, nurses must care and safeguard the public also practise autonomously and be responsible and accountable for safe, compassionate, person-centred, evidence-based nursing that respects and maintains