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After completing a career project in the sixth grade, I have not been able to see myself working in a career other than nursing. As early as I can remember, I was interested in books of the human body and having my mom tell me her experiences as a certified nursing assistant. I knew I wanted a career involved with helping people. My fascination with the human body became visible around the age of five. My mom says that I was curious as to what the “real” name of our body parts were called, such as the kneecap being the patella and our chest bone as the sternum. Although my mother was only a certified nursing assistant for six years, this was a significant part of my reasoning to become a nurse. By the age of seven, I had memorized the twenty …show more content…

I first became interested in UCLA by attending the “I’m Going to College” events during middle school. After attending my first event I was awestruck with the passion and pride the university students had. That night I came home to research the nursing programs provided. The thought of potentially being able to complete my clinical immersions at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is something I am looking forward to. The Wooden Center is also something at UCLA I am interested to get involved with. I am currently a member of a club at my high school called Outdoor Adventure Club. One of my hobbies is going hiking while also herping. Herping is the act of looking for reptiles and amphibians, often misunderstood creatures. This University also has an 86% pass rate for the NCLEX from 2016, superior facilities, is academically competitive, and has a beautiful and safe campus. I also find the diversity of students at this campus to be appealing. I will be able to meet fellow LGBTQ+ students, people of different religious backgrounds and ethnicities, and have the ability to learn about other cultures. At a very young age, I knew I wanted to attend college. I will be the first generation in my family to do so. Education is one of the most important aspects in my life. I am also a third generation American. My grandmother first came to California from México when she was in

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