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  • Gun Control Laws In The United States

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    frequently brought up issues is gun control. The United States has been relatively split by opinions regarding the topic. The threat of the misuse of guns has been widely debated by both the government and media for years now, and while many think otherwise, measures must be taken to ensure the safety of citizens and to control the amount of gun violence in our current society. By recent statistics, almost three-fourths of all homicides are associated with gunfire. While guns will most likely not be

  • Argumentative Essay: Gun Laws In The United States

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    Gun Laws There have been many cases of murder, robbery, and rape that could have been stopped if more places allowed carrying of guns. If carriers could take a gun to more places themselves there would be less crimes in those areas due to trained carriers being able to protect others. If the laws were to be greatly increased, fewer areas would allow carriers; giving criminals, who do not abide by gun laws and would acquire them illegally, more opportunities to commit crimes knowing the people are

  • Argumentative Essay On Gun Laws In The United States

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    began on gun laws and whether they should be authorized. This political fight became a disputable issue among Americans. A source at the Smithsonian said, “More Americans thought it was important to protect the right of Americans to own guns than to control gun ownership.” Most Americans believe that their gun ownership is unrelated to someone else 's gun use in crimes. Many people want strict gun control but that won 't help because mass shooters don 't follow the law; strict gun laws won 't reduce

  • Gun Laws And Increase In School Shootings In The United States

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    which may be caused by the confusion that surrounds gun laws and regulations. The new debate over this issue is likely due to the Columbine High School shooting in 1999. Since that event, about 65 people who have committed a school shooting have referenced Columbine as a motive. In addition, there has been over 250 shootings since that fateful day in 1999 (Pearle). To deal with these tragic occurrences, the government has opened the debate on gun laws and regulations. But this debate often leads to officials

  • The Importance Of Gun Control Laws In The United States

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    Gun control laws have been a hot and controversial topic for some time now. Many different parties have argued with each other about applying laws that will control firearms in the U.S. I chose to write about this debate because I do not have a personal opinion on the matter, I do not own a gun or am an enthusiast, neither do I argue for gun restrictions. Many argue with points that it is written in our constitution our natural right to bear arms, while others argue that if we remove the ability

  • Arguments For Stricter Gun Control Laws In The United States

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    Gun control is a very controversial topic in the United States, where the two main sides are the people opposed to gun control and the people in favor of gun control. It has been a major controversy since owning guns has come into question regarding the nation’s overall safety. It has become increasingly popular with the growing fear of terrorism, and how easy it is to attack the US. “The effect of [the Second and Fourteenth Amendments] on gun politics was the subject of landmark US Supreme Court

  • Argumentative Essay: Gun Control Laws In The United States

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    Gun Control Man, did you see that gun kill that dude, says no one ever. Did the gun suddenly grow a mind of its own? No! The tool doesn 't commit the crime, the person who uses the tool commits such. America has the right to bear arms and to keep her gun 's, but something needs to be changed when it comes to gun laws. Guns are not the problem, it 's the gun laws that are the issue. Gun laws are weak, there has been more shootings than ever before. And there 's no unity to create a solution.

  • Pros And Cons Of Gun Control Laws In The United States

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    pros and cons of gun control. Defilippis develops well written and clear visual arguments on both sides of the issue. For example, he states “The main point of this argument is that criminals do not follow laws; therefore laws restricting gun ownership and types of guns would only hurt those who follow them.” “Gun control laws only help criminals, criminals do not play by the law. That is why we need to punish criminals, not law-abiding citizens by disarming them. Gun control laws is not the answer

  • Argumentative Essay: Gun Control Laws In The United States

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    The constitution was written to secure the rights and protect the people, “We The People,” of the United States as our fore-father, the colonist, have fought and declare their independence from Great Britain on July 4th 1776. Great Britain implemented injustice taxes like the Stamp Act to force the colonist to pay for debts they spent for the French Indian War. The constitution was written as a guide for the government to uphold their oath and to protect the rights of its citizens. However, many

  • Should Guns Be Banned Essay

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    The most recent school shooting has everyone questioning whether guns should be banned or whether we should keep guns in the United States. Most gun owners have guns for protection and to protect their family and themselves. It's weird that only this shooting that happened in florida is being taken seriously but no one took the other school shootings as serious as this one. No one took into consideration that there has been many other shootings and just because only a few kids died so therefor it

  • Crime Report Disadvantages

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    1. Discuss the major disadvantages of the Uniform crime report as a source of crime. What do you understand by the term “dark figure of crime”? The Uniform Crime Report has been the primary source of official crime statistic since 1930; participation of this program is voluntary, furthermore all agencies do not participate. The Uniform Crime Report, report crimes to the nation’s police and sheriff’s departments. They separate crime into two categories: Part I Offenses, where four violent crimes

  • Arguments Against Campus Carry

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    Campus Carry Should teachers and students be allowed to carry guns on campus? It would decrease the probability of a school shooting and if one does happen they can intervene quicker. Staff and students should be allowed to get a special permit to carry on college campuses. Today’s staff and students are responsible enough to carry on college campus. Professional staff and some students are above the age of twenty-one which is the legal age to carry. They have to go through many background checks

  • Street Law Pros And Cons

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    Per the article titled Street Law,” student safety is a high-level of urgency for all college and universities.” (Rizzo 1) Numerous educational institutions have reserve telephones or emergency lighting to guarantee students’ protection on college grounds. Once students are tottering in an unusual part of university grounds, they are advised to look for these illuminations alongside their route so they recognize the whereabouts of the closest one in the event they may require it. This essay will

  • Violence In The Film Tombstone: Wild West

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    frontier western period were just territory, not fully developed into a state or country yet, lacking of state government, state laws, that’s why people use guns to stand for them self, defend for them self, to maintain certain properties and authorities with their guns, gun can use for variety reason , and sometimes gun might cause some bloody and violent conflict among people.During that “wild brutal’’ period of time, gun seems like a necessity for people to protect himself as a personal belonging

  • Gun Free Zone Essay

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    A gun free zone is identified by federal laws, state laws, and sometimes even local policies. Due to the nature of this paper being about firearms on campus, the focus for legality will be school zones. The federal government has established a definition for a school zone under United States Code (U.S.C.) Title 18 in Chapter 44 Section 921 (a) (25) “The term “school zone” means – (A) in, or on the grounds of, a public, parochial or private school; or (B) within a distance of 1,000 feet from the grounds

  • Why Guns Should Not Be Banned Essay

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    today’s society, one of the most alienating issues in American politics is gun control. More specifically, the issue is whether or not guns should be banned in the United States. Some people would say that guns should be banned because it would reduce crime as a whole and keep citizens safer. These people, enthusiasts of stricter gun laws, fear being safe in their country where there are so many people who have access to guns. Opponents of this argument, however, also fear losing safety. They fear

  • Pros And Cons Of Stricter Gun Control Laws

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    Over the past decade, the amount of United States citizens killed by guns has skyrocketed. Many of these deaths are the result of a gun legally getting into the hands of an unstable person who should not have a gun. These criminals and mentally ill people use guns to take the lives of innocent children, women, and men every single day. Many people argue that the second amendment gives them the right to bare arms and no one can take that away from them, however, this amendment is a large part of

  • Guns Age Restrictions

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    Justin Raver Mrs. Gallos English 3 Honors 29 March 2018 Gun Violence: Should there be Age Restrictions on Guns? The questions surrounding gun control and age restrictions have heated up in recent weeks, and have been asked for years. Should the age requirement for guns be raised? Will the increase create a safer society or just cause an uproar and conflict? Everyone wants a safer community to live in, and keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people is the number one goal. The policies

  • Gun Control And The Second Amendment

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    Even though the 2nd amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms, it was written prior to the technology capable of weapons today. Gun control laws are just as old or older than the Second Amendment (ratified in 1791).A few cases of gun control all through colonial America included criminalizing the exchange of guns to Catholics, slaves, indentured servants, and Native Americans; controlling the capacity of weapon powder in homes; prohibiting stacked weapons in Boston house. As Thomas Jefferson

  • Second Amendment Analysis

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    amendment it states militia meaning that it was only intended for them to bear arms. Citizens have found easy access to the weapons that they use in their shootings. Therefore, guns are put into the wrong hands, which means gun regulations should be stricter and allow a more detailed background check with mental health evaluations. There have been gun purchases where there has been a flaw in the background check system, allowing mentally ill or irresponsible people to obtain guns. For instance