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  • Importance Of International Economics

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    An economics field of study that applies both macroeconomic and microeconomic principles to international trade, which is the flow of trade among nations, and to international finance, which is the means of making payment for the exchange of goods among nations. International economics studies the economic interactions among the different nations that make up the global economy. Often this interaction is viewed in terms of the domestic economy and the foreign sector. The key economic principle underlying

  • International Economic Growth

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    International trade and economic growth are two concepts that go together, because international trade contributes to the growth of a country’s economy in numerous ways. Some of these ways consist of the effects of imports and exports, specialization, increased productivity and improved infrastructure. The exportation of goods to other countries for example can contribute to the growth of the exporting country by increasing the income of that country. The national economies of some countries are

  • International Economics: Macroeconomic And Microeconomic Principles To International Trade

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    An economics field of study that applies both macroeconomic and microeconomic principles to international trade, which is the flow of trade among nations, and to international finance, which is the means of making payment for the exchange of goods among nations. International economics studies the economic interactions among the different nations that make up the global economy. Often this interaction is viewed in terms of the domestic economy and the foreign sector. The key economic principle underlying

  • Economic Liberalism In International Relations

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    In the field of International relations, ‘territory’ is recognized as an important cause of war. However, there is a shortage as to what mechanism to employ in resolving disputes that are caused on the bases of territory. When it comes to conflict and cooperation in international politics, imminent states’ behavioral motivations has been analyzed by International relation theory. As looking at the key assumption of neorealist paradigm line of reasoning is that international system is anarchic.

  • How Can Globalization And International Economic Integration Be Measured?

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    1. How can globalization and international economic integration be measured? Globalization or international economic integration can be measured by four main factors which are “trade flows, capital flows, people flows and the similarity of prices in separate markets.” Trade flows basically refer to movements of products or outputs as exports or imports across national borders, whereas capital flows and people flows together make up a general category known as factor movements and refer to flows

  • How Economic Factors Affect International Business

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    ABSTRACT Although international business is not a new subject, the size and number of international investments is gaining instant importance. As the world entered the new millennium, one of the major challenges facing business people and governments is the international business. Communications and technological advances in the last 50 years have had a great effect on the way that consumers act and companies operate. In the past, consumers and businesses mainly lived and made decisions on either

  • International Relationship: Economics Between China And China

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    Economics between USA and China Introduction of International Relationship International Relationship is a relations or dealing between nations and nations for their interests and purposes. Diplomatic between two nations is economics, sociology or political. Indeed, few social scientific theories have not been applied to the study of relations amongst nations. Many theories of international relations are internally and externally contested, and few scholars believe only in one or another. Differentiated

  • International Economics: The Relationship Between Interest Rate And Exchange Rate

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    been a key focus of international economics. This also explains the theoretical and empirical literature proves that there exist a relationship between interest rate and exchange rate. Some studies found out that in the short run, there exit a negative relationship and positive relationship in the long run. Moreover, most papers and articles in countries deliberate on the impact of these economic variables (exchange rate and interest rate) in equally determining a country’s economic growth, inflation

  • William Arthur Lewis's Model Of The Dual Sector Model

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    The structural change model or the dual sector model is a developmental economic model found by inventor sir William Arthur Lewis. It is also commonly known as the Lewis model. Initially the model as given by Lewis, was explained in his article entitled “economic Development with Unlimited supplies of labor”. His model explained how the transition from rural and subsistence agricultural economy to urban industrial modern economies should take place. In his model of dual structure, the disguised

  • Exchange Rate Inequality Case Study

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    As of now there are only four currencies with that status namely- US Dollar, The Euro, Pound and Yen. China has been actively building on its 2005 reforms under it want the Yuan to be given Special Drawing Rights from the International Monetary Fund. But for achieving this it has to do lot of work. The first step has to be providing more information regarding the currency. The recent devaluation of currency is being looked upon as one such measure to satisfy the tough requirements

  • Migration In Botswana

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    According to (Acquah, 2013) between independence in 1966-2001 the proportion of the population living in urban areas increased from 5% to 54%, this positive economic growth and negative outcomes of growth inequality has affected the food security of the urban poor. The discovery and exploitation of the country's rich mineral resources since independence in 1966 have made a significant contribution to the development

  • Essay On Environmental Impact Analysis

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    ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ANALYSIS Environmental impact analysis (EIA) is defined as the process of conducting an investigation and evaluation of the consequence of a particular development on the environment. Therivel and Morris (2009) stated that EIA is also known as an assessment of the effects of a planned activity on the environments. Every development will at least produce some environmental impacts. The question is whether the impacts are acceptable or not under the circumstances. Aspects of

  • Coca-Cola Advertising Campaign Analysis

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    In a quickly developing world, advertisements can easily go unnoticed and the only way to make them stand out is by being innovative and maintaining ethics. This will maximize the effect of the ad on the target audience. Before investing into a marketing campaign, a company must use marketing tools to see which products/services need advertising and how to advertise them. In Coca-Cola’s case, the Coke soda is where they have launched a very memorable and relatable ad campaign, the reason they chose

  • Mercedes Benz Business Strategy

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    1.0 Introduction Mercedes Benz is a multinational brand of a German car maker AG Daimler; the car brand offers an extensive variety of vehicles such as luxury cars, buses and trucks. The Mercedes Benz headquarters is situated in Stuttgart, Germany. It is among the main three luxury auto producers in the world and it is among the "German Big 3 Title". In this report, a thorough organization research will be conducted for the Mercedes-Benz Company. At the point when there is an abnormal state of

  • Summary: The Effects Of Feminism

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    seen in the present where discrimination against women was reduced in workplaces and there are women who even more earn more than men. Feminism had brought about more positive changes in our society today than negative changes. It has brought both economic and social changes to the modern society. The rise of feminism was caused by 2 main factors, gender inequality and discrimination. The rise of these movements

  • Advantages Of Jollibee

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    but also in international market. According to the article, Jollibee Foods Corporation was a Philippine market leader in three segments by the end of 2003, they operated hamburger and chicken segment, Chinese fast-food segment and the last is pizza and outlet segment. In all three of the segment they were very successful and did a better business compared to its competitors in their home country. By this strategy they also succeeded in international markets and became an international brand in the

  • Five Disadvantages: BMW And Toyota Competitive Advantage

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    BMW and Toyota Competitive Advantage BMW and Toyota intended to use the competitive advantage blocks in their favor to attract investors. They invest some efforts in quality, efficiency, innovation, and responsiveness to customers. Quality Quality is the talent of producing a product with high useful life, so it can survive more than their competitor’s products. Toyota and BMW both of them approach quality differently due to distinguishes between their strategies in the past. BMW in the past used

  • Bombay Rayon Fashion Case Study

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    Company Background Bombay Rayon Fashions Limited (BRFL) is a Mumbai based textile company, engaged in the manufacture and exports of wide range of fabrics and garments with tie-ups with various international brands viz. C&A, H & M, Inditex group (Zara), Gap, Abercrombie & fitch, Walmart etc. to supply fashion garments. The company commenced operations as a 100 per cent fabrics company in the early 1990s. Subsequently to move up in the value chain, it forayed into high-margin garments business with

  • Rice Production In The Philippines

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    INCREASED WATER RETENTION IN THE GROWING RICE (Oryza sativa) USING RECYCLED PALM OIL INTRODUCTION Rice is commonly found in Asian countries, not to mention in the Philippines. Restaurant companies based in other countries that established branches in the Philippines have also adapted to the Filipino food culture of always making rice part of the menu. Rice is considered to be the most important staple food in the Philippines. Among the many types of rice, white rice is most preferred by the

  • Swot Analysis Of Ptcl

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    Summary: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the major telecommunication company in Pakistan. PTCL offers telephony facilities to the country and is considered to be an important part of the country’s telecommunication substructure. The appearance of other large companies e.g Telenor and China Mobile haven't effected the PTCL's value and name in the market. Being a huge Communication Technology Service Provider in the region we