Jewish Community Center Essays

  • Four Skinny Trees Maya Angelou Analysis

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    There are many choices that we had to make to write these two pieces. First, I needed to decide on what other work I wanted to use to base my writing off of. I ended up choosing “Four Skinny Trees” from The House On Mango Street and “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou. I also needed to figure out what figurative language I needed, and wanted to use. Lastly, I needed to figure out my over arching theme. Before I knew all of the guidelines for this project, I had started to write. I wrote whatever I felt

  • Cultural Competencies

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    organizations must reflect cultural competency in many different ways in order to impact a wide range of clients. For this essay, Ms. Katherine Carter was interviewed. She is the director and a licensed Marriage & Family therapist at The Westminster Center. This paper seeks to evaluate the Center’s role in prevention, education, intervention, consultation, and advocacy. Also assessed is whether or not the organization reflects a culturally competent environment with corresponding counseling

  • How To Kill A Mockingbird Stand In Other People's Shoes

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    Have you ever get angry because of someone didn’t know your purpose of doing something or don’t know what you are thinking? Most of the time it happens because people didn’t put themselves in your situation and think about the pros and cons of this movement. In the book “To Kill a Mockingbird,” by Harper Lee, The main characters, Jem and Scout, who were just kids about ten years old, learn that they should “stand in other people’s shoes” and think for other people. “To Kill a Mockingbird” is a book

  • The Moral Sense Of Living In Mark Twain's The Mysterious Stranger

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    In “The Mysterious Stranger,” Mark Twain expresses his ideas and versions relating to the moral sense. He portrays a society that can never stand out. Twain held that the majority of the citizens seek guidance from outside sources. Indeed, the citizens can rarely use their independent thoughts. He believes that the resilience is ruining the Eseldorf’s citizens and their lives. Satan emerges to explicate the citizen’s irrational behaviors. One would believe that gone are the days of foolish thoughts

  • Reflective Essay: The Transition To A Jewish Adult

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    Transition to a Jewish Adult "Are you ready?" questioned my mother before I stepped onto the bimah, or the dais, to chant my first torah portion. I have been to many Jewish bat mitzvahs, however, having my own bat mitzvah was a completely different experience. All of this preparation, and the whole day came and left by the blink of an eye. The process leading up to the day was more important than the actual event. This coming of age taught me many things, including responsibility, determination

  • Difference Between Being Alone And Being Lonely

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    Have you ever felt lonely? Do you remember the emotions and feelings associated with it? Awful and depressing! Wasn’t it? Has anyone wondered why this feeling of loneliness comes in? You must have heard this phrase since childhood- humans are social animals, so naturally we are not supposed to be alone. Nobody wants to be lonely and alone. A feeling of not being liked or wanted by anybody scares a lot of people. Technologies like mobile phone and the internet have brought the world closer

  • Character Development Of Boo Radley

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    Zara Imran Ms. Painchaud Period 5/English 1A March 15, 2018 The Character Development of Boo Radley In the fictional story, “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, the characters Jean Louise Finch or Scout and her brother Jeremy or Jem are the children of the lawyer Atticus Finch. One day during the summer the children make a new friend, whom they call Dill. Dill visits Maycomb every summer to spend it with his aunt, Ms. Rachel. The children develop a mysterious understanding for their neighbor Boo

  • A Summary About Nationalism

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    Nationalism, what comes to our minds when we hear this such word? This one could mean when the inhabitants of the country wish to fight for the nation rather of a certain group? Does it mean that this particular person wanted freedom from which they still fight on from the oppressors of the land? When we say nationalism, it is a feeling of devotion to have pride in one’s country. But how this nationalism reaches its people in order to be free and, consequently become patriot in the country. For

  • Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

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    celebrated for girls transitioning into adulthood in the Jewish community. In the earliest days, Bat Mitzvah was a short ceremony that included a blessing by the child 's father. In the modern times, Bat Mitzvahs a long ceremony that includes Torah Readings, Speeches, and a Celebration at the end. In the beginning, Bat Mitzvah was not a ceremony for girls. It started out as a ceremony for boys, which is called Bar Mitzvah today. When a Jewish boy turned thirteen years old, he would immediately turn

  • Benefits Of Volunteering

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    in giving back to a community or person. Volunteering can range from helping someone with groceries to building a house for a family in need. Although most volunteer work benefits the person receiving help, there are many unexpected benefits that the volunteer experiences as well. Even though most do not expect these benefits, volunteering allows others to make new friends, explore career paths and provide mental and physical health. Like most interactions with one’s community, volunteering allows

  • How To Tame A Wild Tongue Essay

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    A tongue is one of the most important body parts, if that’s what we shall call it, that a human being has. If it was not for the tongue, it would be a very quiet world. Gloria Anzaldúa, born in 1942, near the large Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, was bound to make a difference in lives before she ever knew it. When Gloria turned eleven she started to work in the fields as a migrant worker and then started on her family’s land after the passing of her father. In Gloria Anzaldúa’s the short story

  • Essay On Language And Identity

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    does not necessarily define one's identity and identity does not define language, however it does affect it. Depending on how many languages people know, they are able to decide on what language they want to use in order to communicate with other communities according to their identities.One's identity defines and regulates the use of language and not the contrary.

  • Reflective Essay: My Work As A Resident Advisor

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    From my work as a Resident Advisor this year, I have improved my time management and organizational skills. Taking fifteen credit hours, serving as a work-study student, coordinating internships through APPLES Service-Learning, and working as a Resident Advisor are a few of the things that I had on my plate throughout this semester. Keeping up with these responsibilities seems like a somewhat daunting task – what’s the perfect balance between these commitments? Throughout this last year, I found

  • Discourse Community Essay

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    Discourse Community and 12 Episode of the Serial According to the lecture in the UWP 101 class, I have learned that discourse community is a group of people who communicate with one another to achieve a common. In addition, Porter who wrote the article “Intertextuality and the Discourse Community”, states that discourse communities creates its own collective meaning, and shares assumption about what objects are appropriate for examination and discussion. In the other words, discourse community is a

  • Dunlap Codding Analysis

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    me as sterile and isolated from the world. Luckily, in downtown Oklahoma City, there is an exception to this stereotype in the form of Dunlap Codding. At Dunlap Codding, they have careful created a kind of community atmosphere that would generally be missing from law offices—and the community that they are promoting is not just between the lawyers and other workers themselves, but also between the law office and the rest of the art district. Through the design of this office—including the orientation

  • Senior Avoid Isolation Case Study

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    hadn’t eaten in days. He finally called 911 to reach out for help. The responding officers bought him $160 worth of groceries. While the compassionate response was amazing, the thought of this poor man being that disconnected from his surrounding community, that he could go this long uncared for, is devastating. No one should live in that much isolation. As more of the Baby Boomer generation ages, the problem of helping seniors stay connected is a growing one. There are a host of potential dangers

  • Belonging To A Community

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    The community to which I belong is defined by many things. We are brought together by mutual pain, hardship, and triumph. In collective action every week or so, we push ourselves, our bodies and minds, to the very limit of human endurance. We sweat together, bleed together, and ultimately we run as one. The community to which I belong is that of cross-country runners, on my team, and across the world. In no other place will you find such a competitive and united group of people. I joined this community

  • Secret Seconds Thrift Shop: Case Study

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    What? On Tuesday, October 27th, I volunteered at YWCA’s Secret Seconds Thrift Shop. The YWCA of Missoula is an organization that provides many services to women and their families in Missoula. Their mission, eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all, is addressed through domestic and sexual violence programs, leadership programs, racial justice initiatives, and housing and rental assistance. The Secret Seconds Thrift Shop is a source of revenue

  • Reversal Of Roles In The Film March Of The Penguins

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    The documentary shows the reversal of roles between male and female penguins. Females leaves the eggs to be hatched by males, while she returns to the sea in search of food. Months pass and the male penguins have the arduous task of warming and protect the eggs, waiting for the return of their females. With the return of females, it is time for males go to search food. Meanwhile, females have the task of preparing the little penguins to adulthood, until they can take risks alone at sea. “March of

  • Non Traditional Family

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    exist as part of a community, one must sacrifice their individuality; however, quite the opposite is true. Community is the source from which individuality is derived. From birth, humans are social beings who require interaction, connections, and relationships; communities help to fulfill this physiological need. From family and friends, to acquaintances and colleagues, these connections are made, sanity is preserved, and life can continue on as normal. However, without this community of individuals