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  • Batman The Killing Joke

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    Throughout the history of comic books in North America, there have been several iconic comics that have stood to create a literary canon for the medium, despite its low culture signification. One of these comics was Batman: The Killing Joke, in which writer Alan Moore and illustrator Brian Bolland delve into the psychology of the iconic supervillain the Joker. Despite its reputation as one of the best comics of all time, it is also one of the most controversial because of the violence enacted on

  • The Joke Analysis

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    third joke emerges from the falsity of language. In The Joke, language has been observed as the path of fallacy. Language is used to express falsity instead of communication. During The Ride of the Kings, in an interview with a radio commentator, Jaroslav wants to express his dissatisfaction on the party’s exploitation of his beloved and long preserved folk culture. Instead of rebuking the comrades, party associates, he thanks them for their help. Here, empty words emerge as an eminent Joke as falsity

  • Essay On Workplace Humor Style

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    said that nothing ruins a joke so much as the attempt to explain it“, below are the conceptual explanation of utilized variables of the study: To understand Humor ineptly, it is necessary to know its multi-dimension, Researchers have proposed four major humor styles, three of which were utilized in this study, namely Affiliative Humor Self-Enhancing Humor Aggressive Humor 2.3 Dimensions of Work Place Humor Styles 2.3.1 Affiliative Humor People who use affiliative humor joke around with others and attract

  • Vigilantism In The Killing Joke

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    is staring at himself in the hollowed mirror but appears as if he is staring right at the reader. By asking the why although the world is “a black, awful joke, … but you can’t see the funny side”. The joke he refers to here has a negative connotation, possibly indicating the actual killing of people, hence the title of the book The Killing Joke. As Joker is asking himself the questions through the mirror, he notices the defense of absurd

  • Hop-Frog Critical Analysis

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    man named Hop-Frog (a dwarf, cripple, and jester) is forced to be a servant to a king and do whatever he can to “entertain” the king and his seven ministers. Eventually, he is fed up and comes up with a plan to trick the king and his ministers with a joke. The king and his ministers believe that it is a harmless skit, but in reality, Hop-Frog ends up killing them all and later escaping. In the story “Hop-Frog,” Hop-Frog is justified in his decision to kill the king and his seven ministers because they

  • Children's Joke Observations

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    Children’s Jokes My observations on this activity included three children from the same family: Bella, a three-year-old girl, Korbyn, an eight-year-old boy, and Hy’Cei, an eleven-year-old girl. The observations were done individually to avoid distractions or influences and together to compare the differences. The children were interviewed on Halloween a couple of hours before they went out to trick-or-treat. They were promised candy as a motivator to participate since they were ready to go out and

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Mental Illness

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    which isn 't always a blessing. Sometimes I 'd be around a group of people and person A would make a racist joke about person B. Person B would give a hint of a frown for one second before covering it with a hefty laugh. I 've met a person who deals with schizophrenia, who loves to laugh and make jokes about even the topics that aren 't so funny. I 'd ask him why he felt the need to make a joke out of everything, and he answered "I 'm just doing what everyone else seems to be doing." That smacked me

  • Howie Mandel Research Paper

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    Most of us already know and love Howie Mandel. You might know him as the host of Deal or No Deal or you might know him as one of the judges off of America's Got Talent. Howie is known in many ways and is especially known as quite a funny guy. Howie has many facts you might not of known about him. Howie Mandel was born in Toronto, Canada in 1955. Howie had a rough childhood, ever since he was little he has had obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

  • The Causes Of Laughter

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    According to Google Feedback, the definition of a laugh is making the spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body that are the instinctive expressions of lively amusement and sometimes also of contempt or derision. Whether it is a deep belly laugh, a giggle, or a high pitched chuckle everyone laughs in different tones and manners. Nobody laughs the same, as many things can influence the way a person laughs and what they perceived to be funny. Laughter can help take a person’s mind off

  • Romeo And Juliet Humour Analysis

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    A joke is usually an idea that contains a sense of humour and usually provokes laughter. What means by humour is something that makes a person laugh or smile, ‘the quality of being funny’. (Blake, B. J. (2007), pg.1) A majority of jokes have a set-up and a punchline. (Blake, B. J. (2007), pg.3) There are various forms of jokes, such as story-type jokes, anecdote-type joke, blonde jokes, cannibal jokes and dumb jokes, etc. Jokes can be classified into verbal or written humour. Verbal humour is the

  • Bill Hicks's Influence On Popular Culture

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    that of Bill Hicks. Hicks was born in Valdosta, Georgia on December 16th, 1961 and began his standup career at age sixteen while still in high school. During this time he performed at the Comedy Workshop in Houston, Texas. His standup comprised of jokes about American culture, politics, current events, sexuality, popular culture, drugs, religion, murder, and more. His style was to play on his audience’s emotions by addressing the audience in a casual, conversational manner. Many comedians helped influence

  • Semantic Aspects Of Verbal Humour

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    means of language or text (Raskin, 1986), which includes jokes, witticisms, puns, and so on. Jokes, or humour are something that make people laugh. Also, it is a basic means of social interaction such as building social connections or dealing with unfamiliar situations. In this assignment, I would focus on the semantic aspects of how jokes, particularly verbal and written ones, can evoke laughter. Firstly, semantic ambiguity is what makes a joke funny. ‘Ambiguity is a central device in much verbally

  • Freedom Of Speech In Comedy

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    Many audiences of stand up comedy enjoy hearing their favorite comedian entertain them. But what would one think when a comedian cracks a joke about a sensitive topic, for example, a tragedy that affected hundreds of people. Some may argue that, comedians are not supposed to overstep the boundary of controversial jokes. These controversial jokes are linked with political correctness—which is used to describe language, policies, and measures that are taken to avoid offense to certain groups of people

  • Family Guy And Freud Reaction Paper

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    supports the vastly inappropriate jokes made on the show, a large portion of society love it. What makes it okay for this show to make fun of these very serious subjects? Antonia Peacocke, author of “Family Guy and Freud: Jokes and their Relation to the Unconscious”, discusses how Family Guy changed her viewpoint over these seemingly obscene jokes. Although I find Peacocke has some very interesting points in her article, I do not agree with her entirely. Making jokes about certain subjects is okay

  • Literary Analysis Of Trevor Noah's 'Surfing Aids'

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    Comedy in its simplest form requires two factors: an in-crowd and an out-crowd. A successful comedian understands how to use this disparity to his or her advantage. Trevor Noah is one such success. Born in apartheid South Africa, Noah developed his roots as a comedian, actor, and presenter. Today, he is reaching international notoriety as the host of satirical news program The Daily Show. Noah’s uniqueness derives from his foreign upbringing during the apartheid from a white father and black mother

  • A Brief Summary Of Gary's Breakdown

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    crowd thinks that it is a laughing stock they are all standing up and cheering for Gary. At the end of the contest Gray is awarded first place, Gary is over the moon. Now that gary won the contest everyone thinks that he is amazing people laugh at his jokes and don’t call him goone or idiot anymore, people actually acknowledge him. On going plot : It all begins with the author talking about how Gary 's Smile is really ugly and the the author introduces gary and

  • The Benign Violation Theory

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    We can limit this response by making these situations benign. An example of this is the following joke: “ How many cops does it take to push a black man down the stairs? None... he fell.” The first statement reminds us of police brutality against African Americans and thus is a violation of the way that we think the world ought to be, while the second

  • Stereotypes: How Humorists Are People

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    about the person that others may find funny. Television shows such as Family guy or American Dad sometimes uses events that people usually don’t associate with light-heartedness and makes a joke out of them as well. Humorists have the ability to make a comment that would usually be very offensive into a safe joke that most won’t take to heart. In today’s society, comedians and cartoonist say pretty much anything that comes to mind. They talk about serious things

  • Relief Theory, Incongruity And Superiority Theory

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    theory. It is a combination of all three concepts that attempts to fully encapsulate the complex subject of racial comedy. Firstly, relief theory argues that the act of laughing helps individuals to “subconsciously overcome inhibitions”. It states that jokes and laughter can help to increase ease of interaction between different social groups, making previously uncomfortable situations abundantly more manageable. Next, incongruity theory places an emphasis on the element of surprise. It asserts that humor

  • Exemplification Essay: The Role Of Humor In Society

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    Erma Bombeck, an American comedian and author of the 1960s, once acknowledged, "There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt." Laughter was once claimed to be the best medicine; however, millennials seem to be testing this boundary Bombeck mentions as they take humor to higher levels that may be causing more harm than good. Humor 's role in society has evolved over the years, millennials using it as a means to manipulate emotions, distancing people, while