Personal Narrative: My Experience With Mental Illness

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My mother, father, sisters, teachers, and friends have always told me I 'm a bit sensitive when talking about significant topics. This my pertain to racism, stereotypes, the LGBT community, and people with mental illnesses. Having experienced a fair number of mental illnesses myself, I know how people with the same type of situation may struggle to even get up from bed every morning. My sensitivity also magnifies how observant I am, which isn 't always a blessing. Sometimes I 'd be around a group of people and person A would make a racist joke about person B. Person B would give a hint of a frown for one second before covering it with a hefty laugh. I 've met a person who deals with schizophrenia, who loves to laugh and make jokes about even the topics that aren 't so funny. I 'd ask him why he felt the need to make a joke out of everything, and he answered "I 'm just doing what everyone else seems to be doing." That smacked me hard in the face.

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Of course, it won 't be easy. There are too many problems and intricacies that prevent from such a utopia. But I still want to help the only way I can-- with stories. Sometimes I have trouble with communicating verbally, so I look to writing to help voice my opinion. I 'm not good in stern and dangerous situations either because of anxiety, so doctor, lawyer, president, and CEO of any company is clearly out of my league. That 's why I look to writing in any form: books, media, blogs, movies, and TV shows. I wish to inspire those with my stories, giving people an elated feeling like after they watched an action packed or philosophical movie. To give them a sense of inspiration and a bit of fuel to work on impacting the world themselves. I also hope to break any norms of society through my stories as well, providing a mental safe haven for those who are different; they should know they 're not alone. I hope to make a statement, defying all ignorance and showing that the neglected and abused are sick

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