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  • Ralph Waldo Emerson And Rabindranath Tagore Analysis

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    Introduction Ralph Waldo Emerson and Rabindranath Tagore endeavoured for the intermingling of the alien forces of east and west. Vedanta in the east and Emerson’s idea of freedom in the west are almost parallel, they in fact talked about the freedom of humanity from darkness and the establishment of truth, light, bliss and peace. Emerson was America’s poet-prophet. He was one of the first American intellectuals who thought freely, went beyond the conventions of contemporary time, and paved the way

  • 1.1 People Are Living In John Milly's '

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    1.1 People Are Living There is about poor white citizens living in a Johannesburg boarding house in 1968. This time period enhances the effect of the economic downfall in South Africa during and after apartheid. The poverty gives way to an old, run down, un-kept and slightly low classed woman who is the landlady of the boarding accommodation. The area is believed to be a poor area which attracts low income earners and people with lower standards of living. The characters face tough times as people

  • Analysis Of One Amazing Thing

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    One Amazing Thing. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. USA: Hyperion, 2009. 209pp. Under the rubric of Commonwealth Literature, there is always a bewildering array of overlapping and intersecting experiences between ‘home’ and ‘abroad’. The ‘rootlessness’ which is central to an immigrant consciousness also connotes an underlying phenomenon of ‘give-and-take identity politics’ of a pre-defined identity along with the coterie of religious, cultural, racial, social values and norms thus become a site of hope

  • A Long Way Home Saroo Brrierly Analysis

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    forever. Notwithstanding growing up with devoted parents in Australia, Saroo is still manacled into the idea of finding his home in India by some illusory memory about the train route that renders his getting lost. The train running from Burhanpur to Kolkata not only bears witness to the unimaginable journey of Saroo from India to Australia and back again, but it also appears as a landmark In A Long Way Home, Saroo’s upbringing in India is cemented to the utter penury and religious dichotomy of

  • Descriptive Essay On Durga Puja

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    The festive mood had fully set in Kolkata with the start of the Durga Puja (also known as Dussehra or Navratri in other parts of the country). Dull grey monsoon clouds had given way to bright blue sky. There was a slight nip in the air in the mornings, signalling the arrival of pleasant winter days ahead. It was the 2nd day of the Pujas and I was sitting on the balcony of my house in south Kolkata, enjoying my cup of tea. My sister, who stays in the suburbs, had come with her kids, to stay with

  • Happy, Roko Belic Analysis

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    or “happiest” countries. Within the opening sequence of the documentary, Happy, Ed Diener, Ph.D. states that “happiness can help you get your other goals, have better relationships, make more money, do better on the job” (Belic, 2011). Although Kolkata Slum, India has the appearance of an unhappy town with equally unhappy citizens, Manoj Singh epitomizes the happiness he musters up. Through the unconscious use of civic engagement in his natural workplace: the street as a rickshaw driver, Singh continues

  • Affordable Housing Case Study

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    attract low income consumers are necessary. 1 Major Hubs of Affordable Housing Development in Kolkata. 2 By the year of 2022 the central government is aimed to provide housing to all of its citizens. As per the approximation, the vision develops 11 crore housing units which include the present shortage of 6 crore units. The state wise housing need of West Bengal by 2022 4 Below is a map of Kolkata which shows the distance of many locations from CBD City Center: Park Street Number of units

  • Pros And Consequences Of Obscenity

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    A German magazine by name “STERN” having worldwide circulation published an article with a picture of Boris Becker, a world renowned Tennis player, posing nude with his dark-skinned fiancée by name Barbara Feltus, a film actress, which was photographed by none other than her father. The article states that, in an interview, both Boris Becker and Barbara Feltus spoke freely about their engagement, their lives and future plans and the message they wanted to convey to the people at large, for posing

  • Promoting Gender Equality

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    An issue plaguing India today is the rising rate of crimes against women. In 2015, the number of recorded rape cases stood at 34, 615- a decline compared to the 36,735 cases recorded in 2014 (Venkat, 2017, para. 4). Clearly, our country lacks a supportive social environment and healthy attitude between the genders, which would prevent these crimes in the first place. To achieve this, practices that promote gender equality must be adopted right at the primary school level, to help children imbibe

  • Edward Glaeser The Triumph Of The City Summary

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    “The Triumph of the City” by Edward Glaeser gives insight into factors that can make an urban center thrive economically and culturally as well. A city that provides a conducive environment for people to live in ultimately leads to its development. Cities such as Paris and New York are a reflection of successful cities in the book. They offer a business-friendly environment and job opportunities as well. However, they too face challenges of rapid urbanization such as high-cost of living and congestion

  • Komagata Maru Incident Essay

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    May 1914, the eve of World War One, a Japanese steamship by the name of Komagata Maru, arrived in Vancouver after leaving Hong Kong in early April. On board were 376 passengers, most of whom were Sikh migrants, and some who had served in the British army during World War One. When the Komagata Maru arrived in Canada, it was confronted with officials, police, and the military at the port of Vancouver, which was not the welcome they were hoping for. Gurdit Singh, a passenger on the boat, spoke to officials

  • Low Birth Weight Essay

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    While a prevalence of 10 per cent LBW babies has been reported for the privileged high socio-economic class, nearly 56 per cent birth were classified as LBW for the poor urban slum community347. In a study conducted in slums of Kolkata, prevalence of LBW was reported as 28.6 per cent348. In Trivandrum out of 3835 singleton newborns studied for anthropometric indices at birth, 15 per cent were low-birth weight. Mean birth weight increased with increases in maternal socioeconomic

  • Essay On Glass Recycling

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    important component used in our everyday life whether it is a household or an industry. It consists of the team which is dedicated to increase glass recycling in India. The venture would first focus on the major glass manufacturing districts such as Kolkata, Faridabad and

  • Bachelor Of Marine Engineering (BE)

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    Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Marine Engineering) Bachelor of Engineering (Marine Engineering) is a full-time undergraduate Engineering course. The duration of this course is 4 years divided into 8 semesters. The duration may vary from one college to another. This course helps students to serve as leading provider of technically energetic, competing, and disciplined marine engineers. This course make them capable of performing in international and local shipping industry. Candidates who have completed

  • Biomedical Engineering Essay

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    Biomedical Engineering Introduction: Biomedical engineer’s job is to analyze and design solutions to problems in biology and medicine, with the goal of improving the effeciveness and quality of patient care. Bioengineering, is the application of engineering principles to the fields of health care and biology. Biomedical engineers work with researchers and doctors to develop systems, equipment and devices in order to solve clinical problems. Biomedical engineering is the application of the principles

  • Shigellosis Case Study

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    2.2.6 Antibiotic resistance Wide spread resistance to first line of antimicrobials has complicated the selection of drugs for the treatment of shigellosis. Sulphonamides were first introduced in the early 1940s and all Shigella strains were sensitive to this drug. In 1940s, tetracycline followed by chloramphenicol, were recommended for the treatment of shigellosis because sulphonamides became ineffective. Soon, resistance to these two drugs was observed and ampicillin and co-trimoxazole came to the

  • Smokeless Tobacco (SLT)

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    Habit of smokeless tobacco (SLT) as ‘‘chewing tobacco’’ or ‘‘spit tobacco’’ becoming a global threat for human health day by day due to its numerous deleterious effects. The usage of SLT was reported to be more prevalent in South Asian countries comparing to the Western world [1], although current studies had revealed the world wide usage of SLT-related products [2, 3]. Chewing tobacco or spit tobacco, which is largely used in India and also in USA, is mixed with betel leaves, areca nut, lime and

  • Embroidery Essay

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    Embroidery is the art of decorating the fabrics with the help of needle and thread. It can be done either by using machine or by hand, and can be used to make simple designs or intricate designs. The art of embroidery has been originated from the process of tailoring, mending, sewing techniques and decorating the fabrics. Embroidery can be done with the help of machines and hand. There are 11 different types of hand embroidery. Running stitch, it is used to includes dozens of embroidery styles

  • Essay On The Industrial Revolution In The 18th Century

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    Around the 18th Century, several significant events took place in the world. One event was the Industrial Revolution which occurred in England. The role of this revolution had changed the motivation and format of colonialism from Expressed Powers or Religious Dissemination to be invested trade business in Asia country. Instead, Europe countries did not have sufficient raw materials for their industries and market to release their finished good. Therefore, these countries now started looking for a

  • The Pros And Cons Of Newspaper Advertisement

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    society. Tariff for Time of India – Ascent ranges from anything between Rs. 45 to Rs. 1545 per sq.cm. For smaller cities, like Guwahati, Nasik, Mysore, it is ranges from Rs 45 to Rs. 110, and price gradually increases for bigger metros like Chennai and Kolkata, they charge around Rs. 600-800. High populated metros like Mumbai and Bangalore get them Rs. 1200- 1500 per sq cm. There is additional premium charges for specific positions in the Times Ascent , like front page 25%, Page 3 15%,