L. Craig Martindale Essays

  • Examples Of Obstacles In Life

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    Life is a journey full of choices and obstacles. People build their lives around the kinds of choices they make and the obstacles they do or do not overcome. Stereotypes, social judgement, racism, and sexual barriers are a few examples of the kinds of obstacles society provides; however, one of the most difficult obstacles can often be oneself. Creator of The Daily Motivator, a motivational website, Ralph Marston believes that even though life contains difficult obstacles one should never allow themself

  • Relationship Between Mothers And Daughters In The Help

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    One of the most important relationships humans have is the relationship they have with their mothers. The bond between a mother and her daughter starts from the day she has her baby girl. When a little girl grows up, she idolizes her Mom. She wants to look like her, act like her, and even do exactly what she does. When someone has a positive connection with their mother, they feel like they can open up in any way to her. If their relationship is the total opposite, then they would not have good communication

  • A Heroic Satan In Milton's Paradise Lost

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    A Heroic Satan (An Analysis of Satan’s Behavior and Heroic Elements in Milton’s, Paradise Lost) If Milton’s, Paradise Lost is an epic, then who is the epic hero? This is a question addressed by manys scholars throughout their engagement of study in this piece of literature. In all of life, it is most often taught that Satan is an evil figure, leading numerous beings astray from the path they should be taking. Religious priests and leaders preach of his terrible deeds and attempts to tempt humans

  • Interpreter Of Maladies By Jhumpa Lahiri

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    There is no doubt a family vacation is a time for bonding and relaxation but that is not what happens in Jhumpa Lahiri’s short story “Interpreter of Maladies.” In principle, a vacation is a binary concept that involves contrast in order to happen: the “we and them”, the familiar and the unfamiliar, and the “here and there.” As the Das family visits India Lahiri makes use of these dualities to tell the story. She explores the idea of physical space to enhance the tension between her characters and

  • Teen Activists: Can Teens Change The World?

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    Can Teens Change The World? “Young people, all to often, find their interests overlooked and their voices ignored,” is a quote from Mo Ibrahim. This explains that in yesterday’s society we had little notice of our voices that create change in today’s society. In the world’s society, we have teenagers stand up and fight for what they want. It is not like past times when we had no say in anything until adulthood. But, now we have voices that create change all around us. The ones’ that take the risk

  • The Movie Awakenings

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    to the L-dopa treatment. Most of the doctors working in the institution refused to believe that the patients were still alive and aware, because, as Dr. Peter Ingham stated in the movie, “The alternative is unthinkable.” Imagine being trapped in your own body, unable to move or cry for help. This is what the victims of this strange disease had to endure for decades, up until the point that they were cured by Levodopa, if only for a short period of time. Though as the successfulness of L-dopa began

  • Jaws Film Analysis

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    The Principal Photography for Jaws began on May 2nd, 1974 and was released on June 20th, 1975. Universal Pictures distributed Jaws, making $470 million on a $3.5 million-dollar budget. This film is still the seventh highest grossing film of all-time. Jaws was directed by Steven Spielberg and edited by Verna Fields, winning 3 Academy Awards they were for editing, best original dramatic score, and another for best sound. Jaws had many production issues when it came to the building of the mechanical

  • Usa Vs Virginia Case Study

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    argued that the court’s decision was more based on strict scrutiny rather than intermediate scrutiny as it was in Craig v. Boren. By not allowing women, Virginia was facing the same dilemma as Oklahoma in Craig v. Boren when the Equal Protection Clause had been called into question when state law gave two different drinking ages for different sexes. In this 7-2 case was the first to Craig v. Boren, which stated that Oklahoma having two different drinking ages for males and females was unconstitutional

  • Rhetorical Appeals In Brutus

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    In the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar one of the main characters Caesar is killed in Scene 3 act 2.Then Brutus and Antony both give speeches about how bad they feel.Brutus gives a good speech by using all three of the rhetorical appeals to persuade the crowd to want to listen to what he say by using logos,ethos,pathos to his advantage.Brutus gives a better speech that draws the audience attention,Antony not as much.Therefor here are some very valid points on why Brutus’s speech used the Rhetorical

  • The Gibson Girl Analysis

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    In the twenty first century there are numerous amounts of women who try to dress and act like celebrities they look up to; this was similar to the early twentieth century fad of the Gibson Girl. Charles Dana Gibson, a gifted artist, created the public image for what he thought should be the standard woman of the upcoming twentieth century. Charles Gibson began drawing silhouettes as a child and later created the Gibson Girl in the 1890s (The Gibson Girl). The new image for women altered as well as

  • 2go Travel Case Study

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    The Industry that we are studying is about the passenger vessels that are travelling directly from Cebu to Manila vice versa. Big names in travel firms such as 2GO Travel (a part of 2GO Group) and Sulpicio Lines (Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corporation) have their passenger vessels travelling at the same route. This specific market has a competition not just only by vessel but also in air travel and from the other provinces that have buses who goes to Manila. The competition on the same type of

  • Coaching And Self-Determination Theory Analysis

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    In the realm of sports psychology, there are two main theories of how coaching influences motivation, the Behavioral Approach to Coaching (BAC) and the Self-Determination Theory (SDT). Both theories work in different ways in order to increase motivation and produce desired behaviors from athletes. The Behavioral Approach to Coaching utilizes operant conditioning to shape desired behaviors. Operant conditioning concerns the relationship between three events, called contingencies. Operant conditioning

  • Coping In Nursing Workplace

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    The present study makes a number of original contributions to the existing body of knowledge and provides some direction for research and practice. This study has developed and tested new scales to measure workplace stress and coping in context of nursing workplace. Contribution of the study Theoretical Contribution The study have made number of significant contributions in the area of workplace stress and coping  The most significant contribution is the development of thirteen dimensions the nursing

  • Essay On Challenger Explosion

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    Imagine below freezing temperatures, and the people around you shocked as they watch the tragic event of the Challenger exploding, causing its members, including first to be teacher in space Christa Mcauliffe, to die. On January 28, 1986, people watched as o-ring failures released flames, causing the Challenger to explode, killing its members in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The Challenger explosion made an important impact on NASA’s space exploration programs, as well as the public’s view on space exploration

  • Feminist Theoretical Framework

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    The aim of this paper is to draw out the implications of liberal feminist framework for the analysis of education. Doing this paper will discuss its conceptual basis, its typical educational objectives, strategies for change and criticism of the approach. Feminist theoretical framework addresses the question of women’s subordination to men: how this arose, how and why it is perpetuated, how it might be changed and (sometimes) what life would be without it. Middle range theories may be less dramatic

  • Personal Narrative: My Father Rosario Zuco

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    My father Rosario Zuco was born on May 13 of 1966. He grew up in Florida with his three siblings; Claudia, Paola, and Arthur. My father’s parents are Maria Zuco and the late Antonio Zuco. He attended to Florida State University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in economics. After college he worked in a series of restaurants in Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida and Maryland. He married my mother, Kristen Zuco, on October 10 of 1990. They had four children; Isabella, Sienna , Milana and Talia

  • The Harm In Hate Speech Analysis

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    To a certain extent, the majority of developed nations have complied with the United Nations’ requirements on hate speech and implemented some sort of legislation concerning its use, subsequently regulating free speech (Edmonds and Wartburton 2012). Converse to these nations as well as the UN's position on freedom of speech, the United States remains without hate speech regulation, as it is viewed as an infringement of the Constitution’s First Amendment, which purports an unrestricted right to freedom

  • Essay On Allegory In The Wizard Of Oz

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    L. Frank Baum uses three main symbols that create an allegory and represents the political circumstances during the late 19th century. Baum did not intentionally do this, but as you read the novel you will see the connections throughout. During the final years of the 1800s, industrial cities, with all the problems brought on by rapid population growth and lack of infrastructure to support the growth, occupied a special place in U.S. history. For all the problems, the cities promoted a special bond

  • Pros And Cons Of Steven Spielberg

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    WHY STEVEN SPIELBERG DESERVES TO BE CALLED AN AUTEUR Steven Spielberg is an American movie director and producer. He is the director of multiple hugely succesful hollywood blockbuster movies like “Jurassic Park” and Jaws. He also directed science fiction movies like Close Encounters of the “Third Kind” and “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” . These are only some of his over 40 movies of which some are mentioned by film critics among the best movies ever made, for example “Schindler’s List” is rated

  • The Brothers Grimm And Fairy Tales

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    Introduction Fairy Tales are stories that have generally been adopted today for children. They can be seen as an escape from our ordinary world into a world of fantasy and adventure. The Brothers Grimm were two German brothers who studied and wrote literature and stories that can be recognized by almost anyone today. Stories like Cinderella and sleeping beauty are all stories that originated from the Brothers Grimm. Fairy tales such as these involve a magical, or chivalrous setting. Kings, princes