Relationship Between Mothers And Daughters In The Help

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One of the most important relationships humans have is the relationship they have with their mothers. The bond between a mother and her daughter starts from the day she has her baby girl. When a little girl grows up, she idolizes her Mom. She wants to look like her, act like her, and even do exactly what she does. When someone has a positive connection with their mother, they feel like they can open up in any way to her. If their relationship is the total opposite, then they would not have good communication or a memorable bond. In the book '"The Help", it displays both sides of a mother, daughter relationship. It shows the hurt and rejection that a relationship can bring between Mom's and daughters, but also the happiness and joy. There are two kinds of relationships that can be built between mother and daughters and The Help expresses both.…show more content…
The relationship can either be biological or a mother figure. One relationship the book displays perfectly for a mother figure is Aibileen and Mae Mobbly. Aibileen is Mae Mobbly's maid, but also a mother figure in the way that she takes care of her every day. She feeds her, nurses her, and clothes her. The connection between both of them is unbreakable. Aibileen calls Mae Mobley her "special baby". First and foremost, she tries to teach Mae Mobley to love herself. Because Mae Mobley is not the perfect baby girl in the eye of the society Aibileen sees that and wants to make sure she knows she is loved no matter what her appearance is. One of the things Aibileen teaches Mae Mobley is "You a smart girl. You a kind girl" and then she has Mae Mobley repeat it back to her. She shows Mae Mobley nothing but kindness and love, and teaching her to speak her own self-worth. Aibileen is providing the girl with an invaluable foundation. One that she will be able to use the rest of her
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