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  • Essay On Mental Health Counselor

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    Mental Health Counseling Hello, I am Cooper Henderson. I am a Mental Health Counselor. I chose this job because you get to treat war heroes and other soldiers that come home from war guilty about all the killing they saw or did. My stepfather, my grandfather, and my great grandfather were all soldiers. I bet indians had the same thing because they killed the white man. I say this because I am part indian on my mother 's side and I am related to Sacajawea. Now, enough about me. Let’s talk about

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    Collaborating with Fellow Professionals As a mental health counselor, a vital role as a professional in this career is to provide therapeutic services to individuals in need. We will be helping mediums to several diverse populations, including cultures, sexualities, and religions. We should go into each session with an open mind and heart, seeking clarity while listening to clients and strive to come up with goals for their personal growth, bearing in mind the ethical and moral values we have learned

  • Mental Health Counselor Career Paper

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    Mental Health counselor is the best career for me because it will bring me personal satisfaction, financial stability, and abilities to help others. First, a career as a mental health counselor would bring me personal satisfaction. In 7th grade, I started noticing deep cuts on the arms and legs of my fellow students, and dealt with those who felt like there is no hope for them. I’ve had to sit there and watch as those I care about fall to depression and beg to die, knowing there is very little

  • Ethical Dilemmas In Mental Health Counselors

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    Mental health counselors encounter many ethical dilemmas in forensic settings. This paper will discuss two ethical dilemmas encounters in forensic treatment settings. It will also examine the complication the dilemmas have on treatment in forensic settings. Lastly, it will communicate guidelines and ethical principles in resolving each dilemma. Two Encountered Dilemmas One ethical dilemma that mental health counselors encounter would be institutional policies against disclosure (Substance Abuse

  • Clinical Mental Health Counselors: Case Study

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    Clinical Mental Health Counselors An issue of interest I have would include supporting the Mental Health in Schools Act of 2013. The original act has gone through various iterations and has had various sponsors. The latest sponsors are Senators Grace Napolitano, a democrat from California, and Chris Gibson of New York. It is now titled the Mental Health in Schools Act of 2015. This act is one of many acts the American Counseling Association considers as high priority. The Mental Health in Schools

  • Autonomy In Mental Health Counselor

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    • Autonomy is defined as the freedom from external control or influence; independence. Ethically, it is the counselor's position to promote independent thinking and problem solving when appropriate. As a mental health counselor, one must promote self-determination so a client can take what they learned in session and apply those practices outside of the session. This is imperative when working with multicultural clients because the sessions should be based on the client's beliefs and personal courses

  • Summary: A Career As A Mental Health Counselor

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    pursuing a Health Service Management

  • Health Counseling History

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    chosen to enter the clinical social work profession, specifically focusing on providing mental health counseling services for adolescents. Due to the fact that the social work profession encompasses many different careers and fields, there is a broad history surrounding the profession. I have chosen to specifically concentrate on counseling careers concerning the history of the social work profession. Mental health counseling initially began as “vocational guidance in response to the Industrial Revolution

  • Tasoff Case Study Of Counseling

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    would cross on numerous occasions and the evil that came from it will create a question and situations that would affect future generations of counselors from that moment forward. When it comes to duty to warn, what role is it of the counselor when protecting their client and the general public and how does that affect the relationship between client and counselor. While at a New Year’s Eve party an innocent peck that is often done to welcome in the New Year was warped into an ideation that she felt the

  • Essay On Probation And Parole

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    PROBATION MODEL LEX SPRINGER C.O.S.T.A.T.T   Parole Model Parole is defined as the provisional release of a prisoner who agrees to certain conditions prior to the completion of the maximum sentence period. The word parole originated from the French which meant "voice" or "spoken words". This has come to mean an offenders promise to act as a law abiding citizen according to rules and regulations in exchange for release. Essentially parole means that the offender is released from prison prior to the

  • Client Interview Reflection

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    Additionally, as a counselor, it is important to be genuine with whatever feedbacks one presents to the patient and what one believes regarding the situation of the client. Mrs. Perez believes the more authentic and genuine he is with her patients, the more help he will be able to offer the clients. As a counselor, it is important to have a fine and professional interaction with one 's client but boundaries must be maintained. Through this, a counselor is able to demonstrate their focus on helping

  • Mental Health Benefits Of Group Therapy

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    Mental health challenges come in many forms. For some individuals, addiction impacts every area of their life. Their relationships are suffering, they are in danger of losing their job, or they suffer from anxiety. Couples often encounter challenges as they blend their lives together. What previously attracted them to the other person now annoys them, and the relationship falters as a result. When one person is struggling in this manner, the entire family may be impacted also. Regardless of what

  • Interview Assignment: A Counseling Career

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    For example, when Jeff discussed how it is necessary to work with other mental health professionals to provide clients the best care possible, I remembered that in the text the authors wrote about the reality of working as an LPC often requires having a professional relationship with other mental health professionals for the benefit of the client as well as the mental health professionals. In conclusion, this interview assignment was one of those assignments that actually

  • Autonomy In Professional Counseling

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    principle of autonomy is to consider the clients’ rights on making their own decisions when resolving their own conflicts. The counselor cannot tell them what to do in order to resolve their problems. The counselor encourages the client’s personal growth while respecting the client’s culture, personal values, and belief. Corey et al, (2015) states that supervision counselors that are being trained, must learn that there is no need to surrender their own values and beliefs; however, they should learn

  • Bartleby The Scrivener Short Story Essay

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    Melville's "Bartleby the Scrivener," a story about a Wall Street lawyer dealing with a worker who refuses to do anything when asked, and Stephen Crane's "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky," a story about a recent married marshal going back home with his wife and encounters a drunk named Scratchy Wilson have countless differences throughout the story including tone and setting. The short stories have characterized the use of conflict, which is contrasted amongst each other such as isolation. Isolation

  • Reflective Report On Social Work

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    CONCLUSION : This report has highlighted the many types of social worker that there are and has looked into the many different roles that they play in the community. It outlined the many challenges that social workers face and this was supported by both an interview with a child protection social worker and with research done online. The author concludes that while social work is a very stressful and emotionally draining career it is also very rewarding for those who are interested in helping people

  • Violence In The Film Tombstone: Wild West

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    reason. As we mentioned before, cowboys concerned about their companions, companions were like family, brother to them and they stand for tough and strong, When someone killed their friend, they feel getting bullied and sad, so revenge is just a mental reaction, they just show their revenge in the excessive way. they did something bad, but also good things for their friend. Good and bad mixed up turn into ‘’grey’’. In the movie this is an example of bad people doing good things for their

  • Starting School Should Start Later Essay

    770 Words  | 4 Pages Starting school every day at 9:00 or later would have many benefits to your school life and overall health. Grades K-12 should start school no later than 9:00 am because this reduces the probability of health problems, lowers the risk of teen crashes, and improves students academic performance. Starting school later can improve your overall health and reduce the risk of any health problems now or in the near future. Starting

  • Cultural Barriers In Teaching

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    A. Explain why it is necessary for teachers to engage in critical reflection. Critical Reflection is not an inert process but an active doing kind of process; it is not a performance management strategy. Critical reflection is crucial to becoming a successful teacher. As a beginner teacher you will encounter many contradictions and challenges in school; you will learn to teach in a particular context but will need to be able to transfer your learning to new contexts. Critical reflection will help

  • Non Suicidal Self-Injury Research Paper

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    There has been a rise in awareness among medical and mental health professionals on the alarming surge and prevalence in deliberate non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) among children and adolescents for the past couple of decades (Kamen 2009). NSSI is not impartial to any one group or class; it is affecting all social, economic, and ethnic groups. The act of individuals hurting themselves is most commonly reported to be the act of harming and injuring one’s own body by scratching, punching, biting ripping