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  • Importance Of Ambedkarism In The 21st Century

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    The Relevance of Ambedkarism in the 21st Century: An Indian Perspective SHAMBHU LAL SALVI Guest Lecturer Department of Political Science, Mohan lal sukhadia University, Udaipur, Rajasthan E-mail: Abstract Ambedkarism is today a living force in India. The extent

  • Descriptive Essay About Khamasin

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    ‘Khamasin’ was the word that stuck with me when my husband was describing the Egyptian climate a couple of years ago. At the time, we were having one of our many pre-departure discussions on all things Egyptian before our diplomatic posting to Egypt. I remember voraciously Googling the word ‘Khamasin’. It was described as the dry, hot, and sandy local wind that blow from the south towards North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. The word itself is derived from the Arabic word for "fifty”, as these

  • Nagpur Competitive Advantage

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    Competitive Advantage of Nagpur as a Logistics Hub Post Implementation of Goods and Services Tax Tanay Salpekar1, *Arpit Bendle1, Utpal Chattopadhyay 2 1Student, PGDIM, National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai, India 2Associate Professor, Economics and Strategy, National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai, India ________________________________________ Abstract: This paper aims to study the impact of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on the logistics and warehousing

  • Metro Feasibility Study

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    Feasibility Study of Metro Rail Project in Nagpur City Akshay.M.Ramteke Civil engineering Department G H Raisoni College of engineering Nagpur, India,440016 Prof. Vishal Gajghate Civil engineering Department G H Raisoni College of engineering Nagpur, India, 440016 Abstract—The growing demand for public transport in cities has serious effects on urban ecosystems

  • Iron And Steel Manufacturing Case Study

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    appraisal on the motivation level of employees working in the Iron and Steel manufacturing industries of Nagpur. 2. To study the performance appraisal methods of Iron and Steel manufacturing industries of Nagpur region. 3. To study whether the performance appraisal helps to gain more insights of the strengths and weaknesses of the employees of Iron and Steel manufacturing industries of Nagpur region. 4. To identify whether the performance appraisal provides a useful criterion for determining the

  • Fizzy Drink Case Study

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    and gass volume From two year study it was recorded that the colour of Nagpur mandarin fizzy drink (a/b ratio) found to be increased as 0.88 at 120 days of storage than fresh drink (-0.04) in ambient condition, while at refrigerated condition, fizzy drink colour was increased more prominently as 1.10 at 180 days of storage than fresh drink (-0.04), which showed that colour of fizzy drink is palatable. Gass volume of Nagpur mandarin fizzy drink was found to be in decreasing trend upto 180 days of

  • Poonam's Super Bazaar Case Study

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    Poonam’s Super Bazaar Apart from Mumbai, Maharashtra also has some other major cities like Pune and Nagpur that have an economically progressive population. Pune as a town is fairly advanced in all areas and has a few good retail outlets. ‘Poonam’s Super Bazaar’ is undoubtedly the most popular supermarket in Nagpur and is doing extremely well. In spite of being in Nagpur, the company has designed its store extremely well and it may be said that their supermarkets can well be compared with some of

  • Internship Internsment In Internship

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    currently undergoing from Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur. I want to express my gratitude and sincere thanks to Mr. Harshad Kelkar, DGM, IDBI Bank, MSME Branch, Nagpur who helped me to select the project and showed the way to successfully complete the project. His continuous guidance and support is deeply appreciated. I greatly value the constant encouragement and direction shown by him during the internship. Being a local of Nagpur he also has a great

  • Indian Cricket Day Essay

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    day for another reason. Thirty years back in 1987, on this day India registered one of its most forceful and comprehensive ODI victory. It was a group match of Reliance World Cup (4th ICC Cricket World Cup) between India and New Zealand played at Nagpur on 31st October 1987, which India won by nine wickets. The match was immortalized, as first time an Indian claimed a hat trick in ODI. It was pace bowler

  • Bus Transit System Analysis

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    Professor Department of Civil Engineering. Department of Civil Engineering G H Raisoni College of Engineering Nagpur G H Raisoni College of Engineering Nagpur Sujesh Ghodmare3

  • Self Concept Research Paper

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    RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SELF CONCEPT AND EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AMONG ADOLESCENTS WITH RESPECT TO GENDER Aakriti Mehta Research Scholar, Department of Psychology, Nagpur University, Nagpur, India ABSTRACT: Contemporary era is discussing a lot about two terms Emotional Intelligence and Self-Concept. On one side where Emotional Intelligence is getting almost equal importance along with Intelligence Quotient than on the other side Self-concept manifest the answer to “Who am I?” So when we link

  • Tinospora Cordifolia Lab Report

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    Role of Insulin in Regulating Blood Sugar Concentration in Tinospora cordifolia Treated Albino Rats Kinkar Shobha B. and Patil Kishor Gopal* Department of Zoology, Government Institute of Science R. T. Road Civil Lines Nagpur (M.S.) India PIN-440 001 *Corresponding Author E-mail- ABSTRACT Insulin levels in normal control, diabetic control and Tinospora cordifolia extract treated albino rats is investigated. Healthy animals (9 months old) of both the sexes, weighing 150-190gm

  • Mango Tree Research Paper

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    2 CHAPTER 2 TECHNICAL KEYWORDS 2.1 AREA OF PROJECT Digital Image Processing and Machine Learning 2.1.1 Technical keywords 1.Image Pre-Processing a.Gaussian Filter 2.K-Means Algorithm 3.Image Segmentation 4.RGB Extraction 5.Classification 6.Image Acquisition 7.Thresholding 8.Nutrition Deficiency 1 3 CHAPTER 3 INTRODUCTION 3.1 PROJECT IDEA proposed software product is the Leaf Deficiency Detection system which will be used to get the information from the leaves and then storing that data for future

  • Using Discrete Event Simulation Case Study

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    Inventory Management--Using Discrete Event Simulation Submitted by: Kimsy Gulhane B.Tech (IT), MBA Assistant professor, DMT, RCOEM, Nagpur. Phone no.:9823507703 I. ABSTRACT Inventory management deals with maintaining the stock such that there are not shortages, that is, demand is fulfilled. This means that there should be enough stock and this requires more inventory cost. So there has to be a balance between fulfilling demand and inventory cost. For this, it is important

  • Importance Of Political Empowerment

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    Though we are not looking for the importance of SHGs on political empowerment of the poor and marginalized women, but it is very important to understand that political empowerment helps the women in analyzing the things happening around her which may have direct or indirect impact on her or on her community. Political empowerment also helps the rural poor women in organizing events and mobilizing resources to enhance the process of economical and social transformation (Deininger, 2009). Since 1991

  • Family Dispute Resolution In Family Law

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    * ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION IN INDIAN FAMILY LAW – REALITIES, PRACTICALITIES AND NECESSITIES By- Anil Malhotra and Ranjit Malhotra • Alternative Dispute Resolution: Negotiation and Mediation, Madabhushi Sridhar, Lexisnexis Butterworth, Wadhwa Nagpur. • Arbitration & ADR (An essential revision aid for Law Students), Universal Law Series, Universal Law Publishing Company

  • Pesticide Spraying Machine Research Paper

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    Review: Development of Pesticide Spraying Machine Mr. Akhilesh K. Bhatkar Student, Dept of Mechanical Engg, PCOE, Nagpur-440019 07218802080, 09420425893 Prof. P. B. Khope Assistant Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engg, PCOE, Nagpur- 440019 09423107239 Prof. P. S. Chaudhari Assistant Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engg, PCOE, Nagpur-440019 09763099947 ABSTRACT: Agriculture has been the backbone of Indian economy. It has

  • The Importance Of Pranayama In Life

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    This research will add to knowledge that already existed in the area of yoga and stress. It is a well known fact that the strength of a nation rests upon the health of its people. Healthy people constitute of a healthy nation. So, for being a good citizen in the world, our physical & mental health &our mood states which depend on our behavior should be very strong and positive. A most everybody will or has experienced depression at some stage of their life. We are not able to overcome this job stress

  • Importance Of Pain And Discomfort In Restaurant

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    Identification of the Pain or Discomfort Experienced During the Kitchen Related Activities in Restaurant Tulika khare Assistant Professor RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur Abstract Pain and discomfort are the most common factor to reduce worker’s work efficiency while working in the restaurant or anywhere. Due to continuous work performance inside the restaurant kitchen the workers actually become mentally and physically tired. They suffer pain in various body parts such as upper and lower

  • Dr Narendra Jadhav Analysis

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    He did not find his ‘self’ at ease in his Yeskar duty at Ozar, where his relatives were enslaved in the caste system. He represented ‘self’ of the community which was suffocating under the orders of the Fauzdar. Consequently, he abandoned the village along with his wife on the very night for Mumbai. Sonu, his wife never felt herself away from her husband. On their way to Mumbai, they joined Kalaram temple satyagraha at Nashik when he saw the community members there. He got the collective sense in