Obi-Wan Kenobi Essays

  • Darth Vader: A Tragic Hero

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    “Luke I am your father” (Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back). This is one of if not the most iconic scene in the Star Wars movie franchise. At the time when episodes four, five, and six were the only Star Wars movies out, nobody knew that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father. Darth Vader was originally Anakin Skywalker. Anakin Skywalker is considered to be one of the most controversial characters because of how he was originally a Jedi who was supposed to bring balance to the force

  • Star Wars Argumentative Analysis

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    Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Star Wars is said to be one of the first films which led to science fiction becoming a blockbuster genre for coming generations. Star Wars references are embedded in the popular mainstream culture such as “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope” and “Do or Do Not. There is no try”. George Lucas, owner of Lucasfilm, is responsible for bringing the world of Star Wars to us. Disney, the 2nd largest media conglomerate in terms of revenue, is also best known for the products

  • Hero's Journey In Star Wars: A New Hope

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    the unknown. In Star Wars this is where Luke’s uncle, Owen, buys two droids from the sand people. When looking over the droids one of them, R2D2, shows a message from Princess Leia. The message does not fully show, but it does say “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi”. R2D2

  • Top 5 Worst Movie Villains Of All-Time

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    Top 5 Worst Movie Villains of All-Time Although movies are a great source of entertainment and information. Conflict situations involving superheroes and villains often go a long way to create a good storyline. The villains usually challenge the superheroes to come out of their comfort zone and fight. However when a villain falls flat by portraying undesirable characteristics, everything else goes out of the window. Here is a list of 5 worst movie villains of all time. Worst Villain of All-Time#5:

  • Revenge Of The Sith Analysis

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    shown within friendship, love and oneself. Firstly, a way crucial desire leads to excruciating betrayals is shown by friendship in Macbeth and Revenge of the Sith. A way this is shown is by Banquo and Macbeth in Macbeth, as well as Anakin and Obi-wan Kenobi in Revenge of the Sith. In Macbeth, Macbeth notices Banquo, who is his partner, is now a threat to Macbeth becoming King and needs this threat out of the way. He notices that Banquo is a threat when the Third Witch stated to Banquo “Thou shalt

  • Revenge Of The Sith

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    Anakin pilots half of General Grievous’s ship with both Chancellor Palpatine and Obi-Wan Kenobi behind him. In my opinion, this particular scene is symbolic because it shows how his world is soon going to be divided. His external world which is the Sith and the Jedi vice to his internal world which lies deep within his head and heart. Unbeknownst

  • A New Hope Film Analysis

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    Force. Obi-Wan describes the Force to Luke as “An energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together”. As an energy field, the Force is not aligned with good or evil. It is simply a part of nature. However, the Force can be tapped into by the Jedi, who use that power to better themselves and the world around them. Obi-Wan tells Luke, “A Jedi can feel the Force flowing through him.” “You mean it controls your actions?” Luke asks. Obi-Wan replies

  • Starship Troopers Character Analysis

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    A True Leader Would you believe that two men, both young, eager, and promising fighters could be so different? Johnny, who was a futuristic character in Robert A. Heinlein’s book Starship Troopers, against his parent’s wishes, joined the MI, Mobile Infantry, at age eighteen because his best friend Carl decided to enlist. The rigor of Boot camp forced Johnny to consider if he doubtlessly desired to be an MI. However, he conquered Boot camp with the conclusion that he did long to be a MI. he worked

  • Star Wars Analysis

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    In this essay analysis I will be looking at the Japanese influence on the Star Wars saga, looking at the similarities between certain films mostly made by Akira Kurosawa and a few others. I will also look at the cultural and social aspects of the time leading up to, and after the creation of Star Wars as well as the cultural and social impacts of the Star Wars saga. I personally find this topic very interesting due to some of the stark similarities between some of Akira Kurosawa’s work and George

  • Siddhartha Movie Comparison

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    The “Star Wars” movies, by George Lucas, show a heroic journey through a group of main characters, as they fight for the light side against the dark side. Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse, shows a journey of a buddhist, who leaves his home in search of enlightenment and becoming one with what surrounds him. The Star Wars movies contains a more entertaining plot than Siddhartha because it fosters more creative thinking/imagination, unlike a book, which exhausts imagination. Movies also consume less time

  • Padme Amidala Character Analysis

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    Sci - fi movies were always known to be a “ boys thing ” and this included the Star Wars movie series. At first the Star Wars franchise were popularized amongst young teen and adults, which the majority were males. This has started to change gradually with the introduction of a strong traditional female protagonist - Queen Padme Amidala, in the original trilogy, followed up by few female character in the latter movies. Queen Padme Amidala was the very first dominant female character introduced in

  • Religious Force In Star Wars

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    Star Wars Theology Theology is embedded in almost every part of our lives; what we think, see, feel, etc. Regarding my theology, I would compare the Holy Spirit to the “Force” in the Star Wars Episodes. In multiple episodes, the force is a major element of the movie; without the “Force,” most characters would be powerless. Although, George Lucas does not (forwardly) state that the Force is a religious symbol, the Force does have qualities that could be considered to parallel those of the Holy Spirit;

  • The Godfather Cinematography

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    On the 24th of March in 1971 an epic criminal drama “The Godfather” by Francis Ford Coppola was released. In a moment, from young to old, “The Godfather” captured attention of many millions of viewers, critics and politics – every man who was somehow connected with cinema and society. This film can be admired, this film can be criticized, but the fact remains - this film cannot be ignored. “The Godfather” became a brilliant masterpiece, which changed the very concept of what is real movie and in

  • Star Wars Movie Vs Movie Essay

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    Star Wars as all we know is a very famous movie series. There are a lot of different movies and books. If you don't know what Star Wars is, Star Wars is about "A long ago, in a galaxy far, far away," where a government called The Galactic Empire is taking over the galaxies and 1plants by conquering them, the New Rebuplic A.K.A the Resistance is fighting the Galactic Empire. After the Galactic Empire was defeated by the New Republic, many years later a new government called The First Order is creating

  • Star Wars Movie Gender Analysis

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    Delve Into the World of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Through the Gender Lens “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” Star Wars fans worldwide recognize the opening crawl as it appears on the big screen for the first time in ten years. The film gives a warm welcome to familiar faces and greets a new group of up-and-coming actors and actresses, as well as a new conflict. The Dark Side is back in the form of The First Order, and Kylo Ren, son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, has plans of being greater

  • Transformers The Last Knight Analysis

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    For 3 years of anticipation without any hope from the consequence of the latest film Transformers Age of Extinction, here comes Transformers The Last Knight which was a film no one requested. Although, with definitive different Hollywood writers creating a ‘Writer’s Room’ for the latest Transformers film, I howbeit adhered my anticipation for some hope. This movie derived awful critical reviews from critics commonly articulating that it is the same exact movie we have gotten from every Transformers

  • Watchmen Character Analysis

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    If they are informal authority, people should look up to them during the crisis and the leader should know what to do in the situation. The masked heroes in Watchmen, however, were not only condemned by people in society, but also did not work with others to solve societal problems. The society that lacks the rule of law caused the masked vigilantes to impose their authority to “protect” the society where there are full of violence and crimes. Although they have police force and the government

  • Star Trek Reaction

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    Let me preface with this. I love Star Trek. I’ve seen most of the original series, this movie as well as Wrath of Khan and if I stop procrastinating, I’ll get to TNG and DS9, as well as the other movies. I watched this one a while ago when my teacher lent me her VCR set of all the movies. Sadly I was only able to get to this one, cause procrastination is a major problem, man. Summary Time: When a huge alien spacecraft/space cloud that destroys everything in its way begins to rapidly approach the

  • Informative Essay On Star Wars Movie

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    Star Wars has always been one of the most well-known series in history. People from all around the world are familiar with the sci-fi story and its iconic characters. Many people have come to know the Star Wars series as a movie that anybody can enjoy and relate to when reflecting on world affairs and the battle between two opposing views. Characters like Darth Vader, The Emperor, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia have always looked at as the best group of characters in a movie series.

  • Tom Turkey Dead Or Alive: A Short Story

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    Tom Turkey Dead or Alive "Nooooo! I'm going to die! We’re all going to die eventually!” Tom the Turkey yelled one day. Earlier that day he was sitting on the windowsill and watching STAR WARS on Mr. Brown’s television through the window, he overheard Mr. and Mrs. Brown talking about Thanksgiving Dinner, and Tom was the main course! Tom almost fell off the windowsill he was sitting on. None of the other turkeys or animals took him seriously. They laughed about it and then went about their business