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  • Open Carry Law Analysis

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    networks talk about how mass shootings are related to the open carry law and how this can only get worse with time and the passing of the law. I have also seen the honorable side of the law, such as the ability for citizens to protect themselves more efficiently. For instance, if someone is out jogging at night and another person tries to rob him or her, the one being robbed is able to defend himself. On the contrary, as a result of the open carry law, the person doing the robbing also has a gun to

  • Summary Of Open Carry

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    affect the criminal justice field. According to Lindsay Bramston “Texas Police Chief Express Concern Over Open Carry Law” in an interview with Cedar Park Police, Chief Sean Mannix discusses his perception of the law and its effect. The situation that concerns the police chief are the rubric or guidelines, which legislators have written to carry a concealed weapon “what are the requirements of open carry, what about proof of eligibility?”(S. Man nix, personal communication, April 15,2015). In addition,

  • Pros And Cons Of Open Carry

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    The open-carry crowd says now people can better protect themselves, they don't have to bother with concealing a gun and, anyway, it's already legal in 44 other states, so why not in gun-loving Texas? For Michael Cargill and Trina Spells, handgun instructors and firearms enthusiasts who both openly carry handguns, they couldn't wait to take advantage of the law. On a recent walkabout in an Austin Wal-Mart, no one really seems to be paying attention to the guns on their hips. Personal safety can cut

  • Argumentative Essay On Open Carry

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    long standing debate in America regarding open carry. Some people believe that open carry will help protect others from harm. Recently, on June 1, 2015, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the Campus Carry Law, allowing licensed holders to carry a handgun on college and university campuses, effective next year, August 1, 2016. Gun Control laws need to be controlled, that is indeed true, proven by the 335 public shootings in the country this year alone. Open carry will not be a solution to this growing

  • Open Carry Research Paper

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    Cited 27 October 2015 College’s Self-Defense Research Question: Should CA allow open carry on college campuses? Birnbaum, Robert. "Ready, Fire, Aim: The College Campus Gun Fight." Change 45.5 (2013): 6-14. Academic Search Complete. Web. 22 Oct. 2015. The key aspects discussed in this article are the descriptions of how the right of open carry is not only affecting communities but also schools. The right of open carry was granted by the constitution therefore there is no law that prohibits the carrying

  • Open Carry Gun Law

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    Hello Family, Yesterday I went to a training in regards to the new open carry gun law. It is a very disturbing and dangerous law. The law basically states that a license person may carry a gun openly in public. There are some exceptions to this law. The person must have the gun in a holster when carried on his body. The gun can only be carried on the waist line or shoulder. There are places in where you are not able to legally carry a gun regardless of being licensed. Some of these places are as follows:

  • The Pros And Cons Of Texas Open Carry Law

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    The open and concealed carry laws are really strong topics in the united states right now. Texas just gave their conceal carry carriers the right to open carry their weapon on their hip or in a shoulder holster. With that being said, all of the gun activist in Texas are rallying the open carry, not only are they setting the rallies but pro gun activist are rallying against them. The National Rifle acc. (NRA) have set out to rally for the open carry law, but they also know why people would be scared

  • Open Carry Analysis

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    I believe our right to self arm is a constitutional right; however, I do not agree with open carry. While Dan Griffin makes some excellent points in favor of open carry in his article entitled “The Pro Liberty Choice: Dispelling The Myths of Open Carry,” the times in which we currently find ourselves living makes carrying a weapon openly and in easy reach a very dangerous proposition. Temperatures are running very high in the current political climate and easier access to a gun is dangerous both

  • Why Guns Should Be Banned Research Paper

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    people believe that the banning of guns will significantly reduce crime rates and other incidents gun related. While others strongly believe that gun control will not at all help reduce crime rates whatsoever, and criminals will always find a way to carry illegal weapons. Looking at crime rates from state to state can tell us much more about the effectiveness of different gun laws. Statistics on this subject seem to vary in many ways possible. Many resources openly discussed that states with extremely

  • First Ten Amendments To The United States Constitution

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    have legalised permission to carry a weapon are getting robbed less. Many states have passed an Open Carry Gun Law and most have dropped crime percentage then. On Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 in a press conference, “Matt Gaetz, joined by Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey, spoke about his bill that would allow concealed carry permit-holders to openly carry their weapons in Florida”(M. Clark). Florida is one of a few states left in the country that didn’t allow any open carry of firearms, but that changed

  • Argumentative Essay: The Second Amendment To The Constitution

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    The Second Amendment to the Constitution which gives us the right to Bear Arms, and our Founding Fathers gave us that Constitution right. Gun Control is a Federal, State, and Local Issue, and it’s the greatest concern in America. Gun Control has always been an issue with every state level. Americans agree and disagree with this issue. My opinion is Gun Control needs to have a background check on everyone that buys a gun. Today so many Officers, and innocent people are getting hurt, and Donald

  • Against Gun Control Debate

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    responded to from both a left wing and right wing perspective. The left wing response to this question brought up how an Oregon community college that just had a shooting massacre wasn’t a gun free zone; students and staff were allowed to conceal and carry a firearm, none of which stopped the shooting. This argument also brings up how costly training all staff at schools would be, which is why it should not be implemented. The right-wing response uses sources from the NASRO postulating that if staff

  • Gun Carry: The Right To Bear Arms

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    harsher punishment regarding illegal gun carry. I also believe there should be a mental evaluation of all individuals, wanting to purchase handguns or military-assault rifles and gun permits because a criminal history check isn’t enough to qualify if someone is allowed to carry a deadly weapon. I’m not saying to eliminate the process of a criminal check, but to incorporate both the mental evaluation and criminal history to give someone the right to carry. I believe in the Second Amendment, the right

  • Gun Control And Gun Safety

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    to register all firearms while other states prohibit the registration of firearms. What should be allowed or not allowed is not the people’s choice, rather, it’s the government that is in control. For example, some states allow a person to openly carry a firearm while other states allow carrying a concealed weapon. Firearms have been used for many reasons since the 10th century when they were invented after the Chinese invented gunpowder. Some people chose to own a firearm for protection, hunting

  • The Ethical Debate Of Gun Control

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    The Ethical Debate of Gun Control Introduction The debate of gun control presents an ethical dilemma in deciding which rights afforded by the US Constitution are more important. The ethical debate places the rights afforded in the Second Amendment to bear arms against the rights afforded in the First Amendment to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The ethical predicament has roots in societal views of violence and how it is observed by both sides of the debate. History of the Debate

  • The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control Arguments

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    Have you ever wanted to learn about gun control, there are many arguments that have to do with the arguments. There are many different directions that people want the gun laws to go. This paper is going to talk about all of the sides of the argument, but some people are strong believers about their reasons, some reasons are better than others. This paper is going to give information about all of the arguments that are associated with gun control. The arguments are some people wanting to ban all kinds

  • Ethical Argument Essay: The Gun Control Debate

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    The Gun Control Debate In recent years, there’s not many topics on the political spectrum that aren’t absolutely polarizing. This essay will attempt to show each side’s generalized opinions, and find flaws in each of their arguments, as every ethical argument has flaws. Analyzing each side will help anyone understand their own opinions better, because without the demonization of the opposite party, ethics get much more difficult. Gun control is everywhere in the news right now, as three months

  • Gun Control Debate

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    Gun laws have been around since the 1930s starting with the National Firearms Act in 1934. Since then, there has been a long timeline of domestic terrorist attacks and changes in these laws that have consequently altered the way people view the idea of gun control. The issue of gun control is very controversial and involves many political and social perspectives. Gun laws are often debated due to ideas of violence and self defense. The basis of any gun control argument can often be linked to the

  • Gun Enforcement Thesis Statement

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    Topic: Unlawful possession of firearms should have stricter enforcement in its principle. Claim: The court have interpreted that Arms Act 1960 corresponds to the possession of firearms but the enforcement of law contain several flaws and should be changed by imposing stricter inspection of firearms. Thesis Statement: Unlawful possession of firearms should have stricter enforcement in its principle because it helps to curb black market, borrowing firearms, and regulating the responsibilities on particular

  • Is Gun Control Necessary

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    Is Gun Control necessary? Would it make a big difference in today’s society? Well, many of America’s people have strong opinions on gun control and seem as if they are either completely against it, or completely for it. Gun control does not drastically influence the crime rates linked to guns. Gun Although advocates argue that gun control laws reduce the incidence of violent crimes by taking away firearms; Gun laws barely effect violence rates, criminals would often go against the law, and there