Panthera Essays

  • Research Paper On Siberian Tigers

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    bears, and deer. They get their name from one of their main habitats, Siberia. Siberian tigers have an interesting structure, which has helped them regain a few hundred tigers over the past century. The Siberian Tiger’s scientific name is Panthera tigris altaica. It belongs to the phylum Chordata. They have four legs. They are mammals, which means that they have fur, give birth and make milk for their young, and are warm-blooded. They are predators and carnivores. Predator means that they

  • Short Summary: The African Lion

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    The African lion ( Panthera leo ) is a mammal carnivore belonging to the family of felines . It is called the king of animals , reference to his mane likened to a crown. This great predator of nearly 250 kg on his reign unchallenged territory. Under his indolent air, the African lion is a fierce warrior values ​​its prerogatives and his clan. His only enemy is man. African Lion (Panthera leo) African Lion ( Panthera leo ) © Manimalworld Summary: View DESCRIPTION The lion belongs to the

  • Snow Leopard Research Paper

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    The Snow Leopard Name: Snow Leopard (Panthera Uncia) Description: The Snow Leopard weighs between 27-55kg. They have a short body, which measures between 75cm-150cm. They are quite stocky, with a shoulder height of approximately 60cm. Snow Leopards have a thick coat of long fur, which ranges in color from whitish gray, to yellow tan. They have spots that range from dark grey to black covering their body. Range/Habitat: The Snow Leopard resides in Central Asia, in 12 specific countries including

  • Essay On African Lion

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    Modern animal: African Lion Lions (Panthera Leo) are the only species of cats that live together in groups, which are known as prides. Prides can consist of as little as only three creatures, and up to more than forty. They are one of the four larger cats in the family of genus Panthera, being the second largest within the cat species, after the tiger. Habitat Lions are mainly found in Africa, but can also be found in areas such as Asia and India. They favour conditions that are similar to the

  • The Pros And Cons Of Cross-Breeding

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    Cross-breeding two different species together has resulted in many new animals over the years, such as mules (a horse and a donkey) and ligers (a lion and a tiger). However, no cross-bred species has created as many problems as the Africanized Honey Bee; a breed between African Honeybees and European bees in an effort to produce more honey. After escaping from a quarantined lab, these bees have become an invasive species in Central and North America, migrating further north each year. Here they have

  • Persuasive Essay: Why Zoos Are Good For Animals

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    Zoos have always been something that families love and kids look forward to going to. Kids learn about the animals and the habitats and enjoy the entertainment. It is a great experience for people, but not for the animals. Zoos are downright cruel to Animals. Animals our forced to live in an unreal stressful, and boring conditions. Animals our taken from their natural habitats and locked up in small spaces, the small spaces, the concrete floors and the unnatural social groupings are slowly driving

  • Snow Leopard Research

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    The first photograph of the snow leopard in the wild was taken by Schaller in 1970 in Chitral Gol, Pakistan. In 1974 the snow leopard was listed as endangered species on the World Conservation Union/IUCN Red List (Jackson et al. , 2008). Schaller studied snow leopards along with other associated species in 1977 (Sharma et al. 2006). Later on Schaller et al. (1988) conducted a research in Qinghai and Gansu Provinces in China, total of 650 snow leopard individuals were estimated in Qinghai province

  • Essay On Panda

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    Overview The Ailuropoda melanoleuca ( black and white cat-footed bear) or also known as “giant panda” belongs to the family Ursidae with the other bears despite of morphological similarities with the raccoons. These mammalian species are endemic to southern China. They live most likely in cold places and mountains. These creatures have flat face with black eye patches and a barrel-like body covered with velvet black and white furs which make them immensely charismatic. They have a modified wrist

  • Extinction Of Tigers Essay

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    I. Tigers exist in eleven countries throughout Asia such as in Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos Thailand and so on. II. The tiger is one of the most iconic animals on earth, but the largest of the big cats is on the brink of extinction. III. Unlike lions, leopards and cheetahs, tigers prefer to live in densely covered land where they can hide in tall grasses, camouflaged by their dark stripes, and ambush their prey. IV. Now, the tiger in Asia are increasingly threatened with extinction and an average life

  • Tiger Salamander: Native Species

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    Tiger Salamander – Native Species Description: Tiger salamanders can be brown, to greenish or gray in color. They usually have brilliant yellow stripes or dots, or brown splotches over the length of their bodies, while some may have no markings at all. Range: They are found throughout most of the United States, the southern part of Canada, and eastern Mexico. Habitat: They prefer to live in deep burrows that are near ponds, lakes, or slow-moving streams. Food Habits: They feed at night on worms

  • Animal Lynx Research Paper

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    Think of a large cat that lives in cold, snowy forests. If you’re thinking of a lynx, then you are correct. Although the lynx is not as popular as a lion or tiger, they are still very interesting animals. They have exclusive things that help then adapt to the cold. A lynx’s diet and habitat help it survive, along with the adaptations they make to survive in their environment and their interaction with other animals. The lynx lives alone and is covered with thick fur. During winter, their thick fur

  • College Admissions Essay: What Makes Me Who I Am

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    If my name were an acronym, I’m sure it could represent an abundance of things. Although that may seem to be the case, I believe that there are so little things that could truly represent me. As I am where I stand, this is who I am, Kayla. The K in my name would stand for knowledge which has no bounds. This reflects my strengths and personality because I aspire to learn more. My wish is to gain an infinite amount of knowledge that can help me in the real world. Knowledge is something that can prove

  • Lumbar Spine Anatomy Report

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    DISCUSSION Lumbar Spine Anatomy The lumbar spine refers to the lower back, where the spine curves inward toward the abdomen. It starts about five or six inches below the shoulder blades, and connects with the thoracic spine at the top and extends downward to the sacral spine. "Lumbar" is derived from the Latin word "lumbus," meaning lion, and the lumbar spine earns its name. It is built for both power and flexibility - lifting, twisting, and bending. The lumbar spine has several distinguishing

  • Lynx Research Paper

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    A lynx is any of the four species within the Lynx genus of medium-sized wild cats. The name "lynx" originated in Middle English via Latin from the Greek word λύγξ, derived from the Indo-European root leuk- ("light, brightness") in reference to the luminescence of its reflective eyes. A lynx’s keen vision earns this cat legendary status in the myths of many cultures. In Greek, Norse, and North American myths, the lynx sees what others can’t, and its role is revealing hidden truths. The lynx

  • Essay About Ocelot

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    Interest facts about the Ocelot The ocelot may look like a large house cat but do not mistake it for its domesticated relative, however this cat is actually a wildcat, being about twice the size of a house cat on average. The word ocelot originates from the word “tlalocelot” which is an Aztec word that translates to field tiger. They are also referred to as painted leopards and dwarf leopards, however in real fact they are more closely related to the small cats as compared to tigers and leopards

  • Animal Cruelty In Zoos And Aquariums

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    Animal cruelty is becoming an issue that is too big to ignore. It can be defined as neglect or the infliction of pain or suffering towards animals. One might notice that this is an issue that is becoming more common in zoos and aquariums. These places can be wonderful for the animals, but can also portray an awful life for the captive animals. No animal should have to go through the pain and stress that many are suffering through. For the rest of the places, animals need to be returned to or left

  • Thylacine Essay Outline

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    What is a Thylacine? The Thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus: dog-headed pouched-dog) is a large carnivorous marsupial now believed to be extinct. It was the only member of the family Thylacinidae to survive into modern times. It is also known as the Tasmanian Tiger or Tasmanian Wolf. What did it look like? The Thylacine was sandy yellowish-brown to grey in colour and had 15 to 20 distinct dark stripes across the back from shoulders to tail. Although the large head was dog- or wolf-like, the tail

  • Panthera Leo's Social Behaviors

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    The African lion, whose scientific name is Panthera Leo, is a social carnivorous mammal. Female lions live in prides where most of them stay through their life spam unless another pride takes over and divides them as a result. Male lions, in contrast, tend to be nomadic and form associations with other male lions that will help them succeed in taking over other prides for the purpose of reproducing. Not many studies that focus on the social behaviors of African lion have been conducted. For this

  • Poaching: Causes Of The Tiger Population

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    When you imagine a tiger, what probably comes to mind is the fierce and majestic beast at the very top of the food chain. They seem like there is nothing that can bring them down, and they rule over all the animals in the entirety of Asia. Just under a century ago, that picture would be mostly accurate. But now humans are hunting these striped creatures into near extinction, and their loss of habitat makes their revival very unlikely. If something isn’t done to stop this, tigers will become nothing

  • The Pros And Cons Of Zoos: Internment Camps

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    Zoos are Internment Camps Many cruel things happen in zoos. An article from CBS News states that earlier this year in the UK, three Timber Wolves were shot dead by zookeepers because they escaped the zoo. The zookeepers could’ve figured out a safe way to spare those wolves. Zoos are internment camps for animals and need to be shut down. Zoos treat animals poorly, care more about profit, and rob them from having normal lives. First, zoos treat their animals very poorly and are cruel to them. For