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  • Essay Of Paracetamol

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    Chapter#3 3 Experimental 3.1 Scope In this chapter we will discuss the chemicals used , equipments and procedure performed during the experiment . 3.2 Reagents and Chemicals Following are the reagents used: Paracetamol Fly ash Distilled water Sodium Hydroxide Hydrochloric acid Hydrogen peroxide 3.2.1 Fly Ash Fly ash, also known as "pulverised fuel ash" in the United Kingdom, is a coal combustion product composed of fine particles that are driven out of the boiler with the

  • My Acupuncture Experience

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    I am most convinced to adopt acupuncture the next time I am not feeling well or injured. Personally, I have tried other CAM methods like foot reflexology, aromatherapy, traditional chinese medicine (TCM), chiropractic and I do not really think they helped in my injury or relieved my illness. // For foot reflexology, the pressure points on my foot were abit painful when pressed and exerted force, it felt abit better after the session when I started to walk. However, it did not help in muscle soreness

  • Recrystallizing Benzoic Acid Lab Report

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    Purpose/Introduction The process of recrystallization is an important method of purifying a solid organic substance using a hot solution as a solvent. This method will allow the separation of impurities. We will analyze Benzoic Acid as it is dissolved and recrystallized in water and in a solvent of Methanol and water. Reaction/Summary In Experiment One we will be recrystallizing Benzoic Acid from water. In Experiment Two we will be recrystallizing Benzoic Acid using a solvent pair made up of Methanol

  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

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    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a nerve disorder that occurs at the site of an injury. It occurs especially after injuries from high-velocity impacts such as those from bullets or shrapnel. However, it may occur without apparent injury. The arms or legs are usually involved. SYMPTOMS CRPS is a chronic condition characterized by: • Severe burning pain. • Changes in bone and skin. • Excessive sweating. • Tissue swelling. • Extreme sensitivity to touch. One visible sign of CRPS

  • Wirach Case Study

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    SUBJECTIVE INFORMATION: Wirach is a 61 year old male that suffers from migraine headaches that is focused in the occipital area. Today he was seen by myself Kareen Wong (Pharmacy student) and Anna Rogers (Clinical Pharmacist) for a medication review. When asked about his current list of medications, he is currently taking propranolol for heart palpitations, venlafaxine for depression, lorazepam for sleep, ranitidine for heart burn and senokot for constipation. In addition, he is on amlodipine

  • Thin Layer Chromatography Lab Report

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    Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) Abstract This experiment uses the TLC chromatography technique to identify the presence of acetylsalicylic and Acetaminophen in analgesic drugs (Tylenol and Anacin). It was found that the Anacin and acetylsalicylic had very closer Rf values (0.8 and 0.79). The Tylenol and acetaminophen had closer Rf values (0.54 and 0.58). Hence, Acetylsalicylic acid and acetaminophen were present in Anacin and Tylenol tablets respectively. Introduction Chromatography is the technique

  • Sodium Hydroxide Preparation

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    PREPARATION AND USES OF SODIUM HYDROXIDE, BLEACHING POWDER, BAKING POWDER, WASHING SODA Objective: To understand the use of common salt (NaCl) for preparation of chemicals such as Sodium hydroxide, Bleaching powder, Baking powder, Washing soda. The common salt (Chemical formula-NaCl, Chemical name- Sodium chloride) that we eat in our daily diet is the raw material for preparation of chemical compounds such as Sodium hydroxide, Bleaching powder, Baking powder, Washing soda. NaCl is a neutral salt

  • Methyl Benzoate Synthesis

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    TFCH2002 Organic Chemistry II Lab Report Experiment title: A Floral Fragrance, Methyl Benzoate Name: Conor Fitzpatrick Student number: C14740151 Course code: DT422/2 Report submission date: 02/03/16 Aims • To convert benzoic acid and produce methyl benzoate by Fischer esterification. • Learn reaction mechanism involved in esterification. Benzoic acid + methanol  Methyl benzoate + water Introduction The ester functional group can be synthesized a number of different

  • Icd 10 Code Diagnosis Case Study

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    • Identify ONE Primary with ICD 10 code diagnosis given the information in part one and part two together. Include the rationale and a reference for your diagnoses. • Migraine Headaches (G43.0)- Migraine headaches are the most common type of headaches in the pediatric population. Diagnostic criteria can be complex in pediatrics. Patients often experience headaches that are bilateral and located in the frontal temporal region. It is associated with pulsating pain, nausea, photophobia, phonophobia

  • Devil's Claw

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    Since their existence, supplements have been a savior for people. Whether he or she is lacking something, wants to enhance their life, or simply feel complete, supplements are often taken to fill these needs. The need to use them could either be internal or as advice from a physician. The availability of supplements is nearly endless. Barring the more serious pathologies from the list, most pathologies or issues can be helped with supplements. The use is not intended to overall cure; however, the

  • Amiodarone Study

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    Torsades de pointes in amiodarone-associated acquired long-QT syndrome Amiodarone was developed in Belgium in 1961 and became popular in Europe for the treatment of angina. Based on Dr. Bramah Singh's investigation, (1) the Argentine physician Dr. Mauricio Rosenbaum started using amiodarone for the treatment of ventricular and supraventricular arrhythmias with good outcomes. (2, 3) This drug is a class III agent in the Vaughan Williams scheme, with class I. II and IV antiarrhytmic effects. Amiodarone

  • Pain Relievers Research Paper

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    Pain relievers or analgesics have been around for thousands of year in different compounds and forms. Today the most used from is in pill form. Around the world pain relievers are the most common OTC (over the counter) drug used. Around the world millions of people use OTC pain relievers on a regular bases. People use the drugs to kill everything from headaches to fevers. To be effective pain relievers must dissolve quickly so they are bio-excisable. Medicines are substances that are used to change

  • Medication: A Case Study

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    Medication: Tylenol #3 1-2 tabs PO q4h PO prn Docusate 100 mg PO BID prn Rationale: Received 400mg ibuprofen 3 hours ago and her current level of pain is 7/10. I am choosing to give her Tylenol #3 to control the intense pain she is experiencing from the episiotomy and third-degree laceration and intense labour. This medication is appropriate because she reported experiencing a lot of pain since delivery. The length of time that is appropriate for her to take this medication is solely based upon

  • Commercial Headache Powder Lab Report

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    funnel by filtration. Melting point determination was performed to test for the purity of the drug (tablet). Hypothesis It was hypothesized that crude paracetamol melts at 165.1℃ while pure paracetamol melts at 170.5℃. Background information Paracetamol is a commonly used medicine. It is known as a mild

  • Ibuprofen Mechanism Of Action

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    Spectrophotometric methods are described in this paper, the simultaneous determination of paracetamol and ibuprofen using derivatives of the ratio spectra method (Yousry M., 2011), and the determination of Ibuprofen using difference spectroscopy (Hapse S.A, 2011). The objective of this work is to use these methods to establish a straight-forward

  • Theories Of Critical Thinking

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    stories from one person 's experience. They are the non-critical thinkers. As an example, many of them tend to consume paracetamol when they have a fever. So now people insist that paracetamol can kill bacteria that causes us to fever, just like paracetamol really bring back our body temperature when we are sick. Non-critical thinker hearing the story would just accept and think "Paracetamol do kill all the bacteria that make us fever." Although this type of logic is common, it lacks critical thinking

  • Cholecystitis Case Study

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    Then he was kept for observation for 3 days. The patient developed fever again (39oC) and parenteral paracetamol was able to decrease his temperature temporary for only 2 hours and kept rising again to 39oC. Parenteral antibiotics were started again for a week. However, the fever didn’t decline at all. Abdominal CT scan was performed but revealed nothing except

  • Pros And Cons Of Over The Counter Drugs

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    Over the counter drugs are medicines sold directly to a consumer and do not require the prescription of a registered medical practioner. So they are also known as non prescription drugs. This is a serious and growing global health challenge. Some OTC medicines relieves aches, pain and itches. Some prevent or cure diseases like tooth decay and athletes foot. Others help in managing recurring problems like migrane. It is important to take medicines correctly and be careful when giving them to children

  • Causes Of Endometriosis

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    There are many gynecological diseases that affect the uterus, a hollow member that is located below a woman's belly button. One of these diseases is endometriosis. To illustrate, endometriosis is a chronic, common and painful disorder that occurs when the tissues grow outside the womb. In addition to that endometriosis term is derived from Latin words and divided into three sections, " end/o " means inside, " metr/i " which refers to uterus, and " osis " which means disease. Endometriosis has four

  • Essay On Whiplash

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    Whiplash is a neck injury that can occur during automobile collisions, when the head suddenly moves back and then forward. These extreme movements push the muscles and ligaments of the neck beyond their normal range of motion. Causes A sprained whiplash neck occurs when the head is suddenly shaken back and forth or suddenly turned hard. This can cause the abnormal elongation of some neck muscles and ligaments (distortion). The most common cause is when you are inside a vehicle that is hit from behind