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  • Physical Trauma In Veterans

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    One physical trauma that a veteran can experience from combat are burn wounds. Burn injury is a universal threat for most military personal who have experienced combat. Burns and injuries from shrapnel fragments or small fire arms are very common wounds (Borden Institute. The Textbooks of Military Medicine). Even with the protective factors the military uses today, such as Kevlar vests, burn wound victims are usually left with serious mutilations and handicaps from burns over body areas not protected

  • Personal Narrative: Physical Traumas

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    only five years old. As a five year old witnessing this chaos that we call a family, it did not seem all that bad; after all it was like a year long camping trip! But as I would soon come to realize this time would come to be one of the biggest physical traumas I have ever faced. Now I am getting ahead of myself, we need to rewind a couple months to where it all began. In May of 2005 my mom and dad came into our living room and turned off the television. Now in my house you don’t ever turn off

  • The Benefits Of Community Service

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    Community service is an inspiring way for students to interact with their community, which develops lifelong social skills. It also builds many strong relationships with the public that leads to different connections with other people. Volunteering helps students find their passions and interests that may lead to a career choice they may have not considered. There are numerous self benefits to performing community service, however you could also assist others through volunteering. If I could do any

  • Baron Davis Injury Case Study

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    overall calorie intake to meet lowered energy requirements. 2. Focus on nutrient-dense foods that provide important micronutrients. 3. Maintain adequate protein intake (.5 gram per pound of body weight). 4. Adjust fluid intake to account for reduced physical activity. 5. Keep a food log to monitor eating patterns and dietary intake. 6. Adopt strategies to avoid emotional overeating. One major thing that all injured sport athletes should know is that several vitamins such as vitamins C, A, K, etcetera

  • Analysis Of The Pedestrian By Ray Bradbury

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    Superior writers use a vast number of well-used elements. It is key to use exceptional elements if you thrive to be a great writer. An example of a writer with higher-level elements is Ray Bradbury. Bradbury has a famous short story called "The Pedestrian." The "Pedestrian" is a futuristic story about a man who is not involved with the world. Bradbury uses setting, figurative language, and symbolism to affect the overall succession of the story. First, Bradbury uses figurative language to portray

  • Persuasive Essay: Competitive Sports For Children

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    Competitive sports for children can be dangerous in many ways. Kids are always spraining, breaking, dislocating, or fracturing parts of their body. Sports cost lots of money for equipment, entry fees, and for the other things that are needed to be paid. Also children have slim chances of making it into professional and college leagues. Many people think that sports are healthy for kids, but that isn’t the truth. I believe that competitive sports are bad because of injuries, costs and false dreams

  • Athletes Taking Risk Essay

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    Elite athletes are constantly striving to be the best athletes they can be. For this to occur, athletes tend to risk their health just so they can come out on top with regards to their performance. Taking risks is socially constricted and one may habitually answer to risk. Athletes always crave to do their best, but in doing so, it occasionally leads to other issues. The more one trains the more stress that is put on the body. The idea that one is taking risks is that they are confronting the possibility

  • Pediatric Trauma Essay

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    Stabilization and Resuscitation of the Pediatric Trauma Patient 1. Discuss pediatric trauma mechanisms. The mechanisms of injury with pediatric trauma, in general, is something called prime middle death distribution from ATLS or ITLS which helps us classify injuries into the events that may happen or any interventions that may occur based on life. The first peak if we look at the aggregation of the data where death occurs is immediate and these are un-survivable injuries that occur at the time of

  • Why Children Should Not Play Competitive Sports

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    Kids like to play outside and play competitive sports, such as football, soccer, basketball and other sports, but what parents and children don’t know, are the consequences of trying to strive and win in competitive sports. Even though sports are supposed to be fun and healthy, children are stressed out from playing it. Playing sports are actually dangerous for children. Which is why children should not play competitive sports. To begin why children should not play competitive sports is because they

  • Persuasive Essay: Why Drones Should Be Used In War

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    Have you ever flown a drone? Well, there are people in the army that fly a drone every single day for war use and there is a debate right now on whether or not that should be happening. Drones should be used in the military for many reasons including less human deaths and injuries in war. Another advantage of drones is more firepower. Finally, the last advantage of drones is better aim and more control over what they do and how they do it. A counter argument that could be used to go against drones

  • The Theme Of Isolation In 'To Build A Fire'

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    Being isolated can affect people in many ways. In "To Build a Fire", the protagonist, a man traveling along the Yukon trail, is isolated in terms of his separation from civilization. Furthermore, in "An Episode of War," the protagonist, a lieutenant, is isolated in a terms of his medical condition. The protagonists' different forms of isolation effect them in differing ways. In "To Build a Fire" the protagonist makes bad decisions because he is far from civilization, and he wants to reach it. For

  • Private Law Theory

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    A recent judgement of the court involving the manager of a football club has sparked a lot of public interest and criticism. The court held that the manager, Alex Ferg could not hold a maintainable suit against the defendants as it involved multiple pharmaceutical companies. The works of Ernest Weinrib, a law professor at University of Toronto who developed the theories of private law were cited. Private law is an area of law which deals with private relationships between individuals including

  • Quicksand Research Paper

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    The benefits of playing sports includes increased mental and physical health, healthy competition with peers and a sense of belonging from being part of a team ( Even though there are a lot of advantages, there are also disadvantages including physical injuries, pressure to perform and time commitment. (

  • A Senseless Rivalry Analysis

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    “Brother, brother, brother, there’s far too many of you dying,” said Marvin Gaye. There are many cases where there has been black on black crimes over something so little. Too many people have been killed over a small altercations. One out of a million people had been killed or injured from an argument. There 's been situations where teenagers argued over video games, over basketball games or in a situation in which someone is forcing you to go to school rather than just dropping out just to rap

  • Trauma In Octavia Butler's Kindred

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    One traumatic moment. One horrifying event. That is all it takes to alter a life. Trauma is when the mind’s coping mechanism becomes too overwhelmed by shocking events, to be able to process anything else (Walker 317). In Kindred, by Octavia Butler, the female, Black, protagonist, Dana, undergoes a series of traumatic events as she travels back in time to the 1800s – a period of slavery in America. As an African America, Dana is forced into the life of a slave, suffering through various hardships

  • Theory Of Trauma Theory

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    The word trauma is said to have originated from the Latin word ‘Trauma’ which is derived from the Greek word ‘Traumatikos’ which means a serious wound to the body. Trauma is referred to as any emotional wound leading to psychologicalinjury or an event that causes great distress. According to American Psychological Association, trauma is referred to as an emotional response to a terrible event. Alameda County Trauma Informed Care, a trauma and mental health care organization in Alameda County, California

  • Extreme Trauma Case Study

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    Can you recommend a therapy for people who experience extreme trauma and were not helped by the typical psychologist or psychiatrist? Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) helps treat emotional issues of all types, including childhood trauma, automobile accidents, assault, natural disasters, sexual assault, personal failures, divorce, panic attacks, phobias, sexual addiction, computer or Nintendo addiction, and combat trauma. This is can be very effective for a person that has been gang

  • Complex Trauma

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    This paper examined the cost of war on the children of military personal and veterans that served in combat, specifically as it relates to complex trauma. Before examining the impact of

  • Trauma In Early Childhood

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    Childhood trauma is categorized as one of our countries most important public health issues. The American Psychological Association defines trauma as an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape or natural disaster. Trauma can also be brought about by abuse and grief. Although most childhood trauma beings at home, many thousands also experience trauma due to community violence, accidents and while undergoing traumatic medical or surgical procedures (van der Kolk, 2005). Following

  • Causes Of Trauma

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    Trauma: Causes, Effects, and Treatment “Trauma is a fact of life, it does not however, have to be a life sentence”Peter A. Levine. Trauma affects many people today and can cause long term and short term effects. Psychologists can help these individuals find constructive ways of managing their emotions. If you’ve experienced an extremely stressful or disturbing event that’s left you feeling helpless and emotionally out of control, you may have been traumatized. When bad things happen, it can take