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  • Potato Osmosis Investigation

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    will affect the mass of a Potato Investigation Background Information: In this investigation we are going to see how osmosis occurs in a potato and affects the mass by reducing or adding onto it. Osmosis is the diffusion of water between a semi-permeable membrane from a higher concentration to a lower concentration. Variables that can be explored in this investigation is how the concentration of salt solution could affect the mass as well as how the size of potato could affect the mass. Research

  • Potato Osmolarity Experiment

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    The aim of this experiment was to find out how many sugar did the potato include, how many sugar did we have every day by eating the potato. To know the sugar that includes in the potato we have to compare the mass of the potato before and after the experiment with different concentration of sucrose solution. We went through our procedure, put the result into the data table and calculate the percent change to the graph. And get the osmolarity bass on the graph we have. The mass of the before the

  • Potato Osmosis Lab Report

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    Biology Design Practical Joshua Edwards What are effects of the volume of a potato and the amount of weight it loses when placed in salt solution? Introduction This design practical uses a potato’s surface area to volume ratio to see what affects it has on osmosis in different concentrations. Osmosis is the movement of water molecules through a cell membrane into an area of a higher solute concentration. The movement goes the way of the solvent with more solute because the lower solute concentration

  • Potato And Osmosis Experiment

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    initial and final masses of the potato pieces and the small bag of Visking tube. According to the table 1 and graph 1, the effect of concentration was identified as the concentration of sucrose increase the percentage change in mass of potato also increase because sucrose is hypertonic solution which means that it has a higher amount of particles dissolved in the solution, while a hypotonic solution such as water where there are fewer particles dissolved. When the potato was put in sucrose concentration

  • Potato Lab Report

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    PARLE WAFFERS & FULLTOSS Potatoes used for making chips are stored in separate room (temperature less than the normal temperature). In that room, unwashed and unpeeled potatoes are manually put in the machine, from where they move to Destoner unit. PROCESS LAYOUT: 1. Destoner unit- wash potatoes in water. 2. Peeler unit- potatoes are peeled in this unit. It consists of 2 parts: Peeler and Screw. 3. Trimming table- on this table, thick potatoes are manually cut into 2 using a knife. 4. Bulk

  • The Irish Potato Famine In America

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    From the years 1845 to 1855 millions of adults and children fled over from Ireland to America, in order to escape the many issues their country was facing at this time. In my paper I will argue what lead to the potato famine and how this lead Irish families to seek refuge in American. In the 12th century England began their colonization over Ireland, this lead to many wars, confiscations and also rebellions. Finally after a series of fights between Ireland and England, England dominated over the

  • Water Potential Osmosis Experiment

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    This experiment is an attempt to investigate the amount of water potential across root storage plant species. The root storage plant species that shall be used are the carrot and the potato and the method that shall be used is known as Chardakov’s method. Water potential is the tendency of water to enter or leave a cell. Water moves from an area or region of low water potential to an area of high water potential. It is important to note that the highest water potential is 0(the water potential

  • Sucrose Concentration Lab Report

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    Higher Concentration of Sucrose Lowers the Mass of a Potato Independent Variable: Concentration of Sucrose used Dependent Variable: Mass of each Potato after Experiment Constant: Size of Potato being used at room temperature Introduction We learned about hypertonic and hypotonic environments before this lab as well as what takes place during osmosis. Do potatoes loose or gain mass when soaked in specific solutions such as sugar or salts? Sugar is a large molecule and has low permeability

  • The Great Famine In Ireland In The 1800's

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    In the mid-1800s, Ireland was a nation which depended on agriculture. The Irish were among the poorest people in the world, relying on crops to feed their families. The Great Famine, or An Gorta Mór, commenced with the potato failure in 1845. It lasted for six years and caused the deaths of over one million men, women and children. It also led to a huge increase in emigration with two million people fleeing the country in the search of both food and a life free from corruption. The Great Famine was

  • Swot Analysis Of Frito Lays

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    Sukkur IBA Authors... Ms. Sahiba Inayat, Mr Pawan Kumar, Mr Shahzad Ahmed & Mr Zubair Ahmed   Company & Product Profile: Frito-LAYS "Betcha can 't eat just one.", this very catchy slogan immediately reminds you of world 's most irresistible potato chip Brand as well as company, Lays, which was introduced no later than 1938. Lay 's chips are sold under division of Frito-lays Inc, which itself is owned by PepsiCo. Inc as a result of 1965 's merger. In early 1930s, Herman W. Lay started his snack

  • Great Hunger In Ireland: The Great Famine

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    fungus called phytophthora infestans drifted over the fields of Ireland. (The History Place 1) Soon after, the fungal spores settled on potato plant leaves, which fermented, giving the fungus what it needed to live. (The History Place 1) The fungus soon spread to all the potatoes in Ireland, causing them to become black and rotted. (The History Place 1) As the potato blight in Ireland continued through the years, the Irish began the long journey to America in hopes to begin a new life away from the

  • How Does Sucrose Affect Osmosis Experiment

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    sizes and lengths potato cylinders and applying them to different concentrations of sucrose(0%, 10%, 20%, 40%) in small beakers then measuring the change in mass of the potato cylinders afterwards. Maintaining all variables unchanged such as pH, same size, and a constant temperature. time taken for all potato cylinders will be 30 minutes. Hypothesis If the potato cylinders were put in sucrose concentration where the water potential is higher than the water potential that of the potato itself that would

  • Osmosis Experiment Essay

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    goals and central questions that has to do with the project is mostly trying to determine the isotonic concentration of the salt in potato roots and the use of the ideal soil salt conditions for the potato plant growth. In part 2, we had to test the enzyme activity that is in the was involved in the potato, so we can also determine the ideal soil pH conditions for the potato plant growth. In part 3, we were able to test absorb the leaf pigment at various wavelengths that determine the optimum light absorption

  • MYP 4: What Is The Effect Of The Concentration Of Catalase

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    Isabella Alvares MYP 4 Task due date: 23rd August 2016 Research Question: What is the effect of the concentration of the enzyme Catalase from a potato on the time taken for a paper disc to rise to the top of a hydrogen peroxide substance? A chemical reaction is a process that involves the reorganization of the molecular arrangement of substances. It is the procedure in which a reactants and/or products undergo to form a new substance or molecule; which is the result of an effective chemical reaction

  • Lab Experiment: Catalase Experiment

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    Catalase Experiment Can hydrogen peroxide be broken down by catalyst other than those found in a living system? Independent and Dependent Variables Independent Variable: The independent variable is the chicken liver and the potato. Dependent Variable: The dependent variable is what I will be measuring which is how much peroxide I will use for each individual experiment. I will also need to measure the temperature of the peroxide during/after the experiment and the pH balance. Purpose “What was

  • Effect Of Sucrose Concentration On Osmosis

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    the masses of potato tubes? Variables Independent Variables The concentrations of sucrose in the solution (M per mL): 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 The control: Water with no salt/sugar added (therefore 0.0 M per mL) Dependent Variables: The percentage change in the mass of the potato tubes after bathing them in sucrose solutions of different concentrations Controlled Variables The variable How it was maintained Potato tubes By using the same potato to cut out all the potato tubes By using

  • Monascus Purpureus Case Study

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    RESULTS AND DISSCUSSION Morphological description of M. purpureus Monascus purpureus (Went) is a homothallic fungus belongs to the group of Ascomycetes (family Monascaceae). Growth on potato dextrose agar medium (PDA), mycelium is white in the early stage then rapidly changes to a rich pink with soluble pigment diffuse in medium (A). Pedicellate ascomata with ascospores (B &C). Monascus purpureus produced spherical ascospores of 5 microns in diameter (D) as shown in fig.1. Spectral analysis of M

  • Reflective Essay # 1: Danny Forsyth

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    focused on Danny Forsyth. Forsyth thoroughly explained the numerous chemicals he used for his potatoes. After we decided to do a skit, the three of us were also in charge of being Inca characters that discussed the history and significance of the potato. I was also one of the “children” in Daniel’s historical skit. • I learned a lot about potatoes in this chapter. For example, I knew that potatoes were originally from Latin America, but I did

  • Informative Essay On Thanksgiving

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    Thanksgiving is just about here. You know, that one day a year where we break out our stretchy pants and stuff our faces until we 're on the verge of suffocation. More importantly, the day is about giving thanks surrounded by the ones you love. As we crowd around the dinner table with our family and friends, those who follow a vegertarian or vegan diet often are left with little to no options. Nearly all the dishes are laced with chicken stock or turkey which are obvious no-gos. Of course no one

  • Personal Narrative-Ketchup's Life

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    him that blood isn’t ketchup, he wasn’t listening. He was coming right at me. I dodged to the left, and jumped into the corn stalks. It started axing the stalks away. I ran as fast as I could toward my house, but I could hear the humming of the potato above. After about six minutes, I was out of the corn field with my house only a few steps ahead. I looked behind me just in time to see the axe being swung toward my arm. I moved just in time. Through the grass and up the steps I ran, and slammed