River Essays

  • Observations About The River

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    What were the three most notable observations about the river and it’s surroundings that you made during lab 2? (3 points). -1). The riverbank was extremely high and sloped.2) Building were at least 50ft away due to potential flooding.3) There were large trees and shrubbery to absorb water when the levels begin to rise. For example, I was amazed by the color of the sky. For each of your notable observations, google “factors that affect’ your observation. Describe two factors that affect EACH of

  • Minnesota Rivers Changes

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    common type of river in Minnesota is a meandering river. I want to understand the why and how rivers meander, so I can understand what the rivers in Minnesota are doing and why they are doing it. If I can understand what and why the rivers are doing what they are doing then I can understand how the river changes, what causes the river to change, and why the river changes. I want to see if the amount and size of sediment the river is transporting has an effect on what type of river is formed. I

  • Sacramento River Write-Up

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    Lab Write-Up The Sacramento River, a meandering river located in Northern California, appears to have changed significantly from 1998 to present day. The winding curves of the river were much more pronounced and dramatic until erosion and decomposition affected the sediment amount in the river, changing its shape. As it flows, it deposits sediment on banks that lie on the insides of curves (point bar deposits), and erode the banks on the outside of curves. The low, crescent-shaped deposit of sediment

  • Mississippi River Flood Disasters

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    going to talk about another bad flood that is the Mississippi river flood of 1927, on September 1 water poured over a dozen streams and flooded towns of Carroll, Iowa to Peoria and Illinois three hundred miles and fifty miles apart. On September

  • Indus River Civilization

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    relationship of the god. It might be dedicated to the god, having a relationship with religion. Many civilizations have gods, and goddesses that explains the natural forces of the world, meaning that the bull god might have a connection with the Indus River Civilization. “Harappans also had a wide variety of domesticated animals: camels, cats, dogs, goats, sheep, and buffalo.” This sentence shows that the bull like animal might have connections with farms, indicating that they’re one of the domesticated

  • Rivers In Liberia Essay

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    Choose one of the main water systems you have learned about that is also in your country (do you have a lake, river, coast, or coral reefs in your country?). Rivers and lakes: There are many rivers and lakes in Liberia. Some of the rivers include Mano River which is between Liberia and Sierra Leone, Diouguo River also known as Mesurado River which pours into the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Montserrado in Monrovia. Some of the Lakes include Lake Piso in the Grand Cape Mount County which is one of the largest

  • On The Rainy River Diction

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    The novel The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien uses many effective rhetorical strategies throughout. In the chapter On the Rainy River, Tim O’Brien tells the audience a story he has never told anybody. Not even his parents, siblings or wife. He narrates the events and emotions that he experienced after receiving a war draft notice during the summer of 1968. O’Brien is ashamed about how he dealt with the notice and he feels as though he is “too good” to go to war. He spends the summer working in

  • Mississippi River Changed America Summary

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    The Mississippi river holds various interesting characteristics and its complexity is explained by John M Barry. In Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How it Changed America by John M Barry incorporates strong adjectives, long lists, and vivid similes in order to communicate his fascination with the river to his readers and spread fascination to his audience about the river. Barry incorporates strong adjectives at the beginning of his piece to draw the reader's fascination with

  • Huckleberry Finn River Analysis

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    huckleberry Finn by mark twain, the River represents peace happiness and freedom while the land represents danger anxiety and corrupt rules. As you follow around young and adventurous huck Finn and mischanced friend Jim the runaway slave, points in the book hint to a deeper meaning to mark Twain’s story. Weather they are floating down the vast Mississippi River or scamming people in remote towns huck and Jim find themselves to relate to the land and water. Jim sees the river as a passageway to his daughter

  • Essay On The Amazon River Basin

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    The Amazon River Basin is home to the largest rainforest in south America and the earth. The basin is about 5.5 million km² in size which shows it’s massive. The forest spreads over all these South American countries Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname. The amazon is made of up lots of ecosystems and vegetation types including many forests like seasonal and flooded forests and even savannas. The amazon river is the world’s largest river of discharge but it is the second

  • Colorado River Trip Analysis

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    and kayaking trips to many different places. It wasn’t really about where we were going because I knew, in my mind, that wherever we were going to go it was going to be beautiful. There was one trip in particular where we were kayaking the Colorado River near Hoover Dam and I remember being amazed by the water, vegetation, and how a mountain goat could be at the very edge of the mountain and not fall off. My first instinct was to “observe the landscape, attending for reasons of [my] own to aspects

  • Comparing The Atchafalaya And The Mississippi River

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    Developments of The Atchafalaya and The Mississippi River Mankind makes various attempts in withholding the natural flow of the river using; dams, floodways, channels, and many more uses to hold back the water. However, over time the water decays and causes these obstacles to be weakened. Construction has to happen very often in order to keep the hold on the rivers. Many think that the rivers will eventually break through mankind’s hold. Scientist believe that in only a matter of time the Atchafalaya

  • Illinois River Research Paper

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    Illinois River The Illinois river has a very interesting past, with everything from the Natives meeting the French to harvesting fish. The history of the Illinois River is very jam packed. The Illinois River is used for many things some important and some for fun.There is many all around uses for the river thought.The length and the location of the Illinois River is something not a lot of people know becuase the Mississippi is so close by and people focus on the Mississippi river more than the Illinois

  • Kissimmee River Research Paper

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    Kissimmee River, is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. The Kissimmee River is often compared to the Nile and the Amazon River. Surrounded with wetlands, marshes, plant vegetation, bald eagles, deer, alligators, fish, and birds. Florida was struck with hurricanes in 1926 and 1928 disturbing Florida 's ecosystem. The Hurricane in 1928 was the second deadliest hurricane in US history, causing massive flooding from the storm surge of Lake Okeechobee with over 2,400 deaths. They did not

  • Atchafalaya River Research Paper

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    The Atchafalaya River is the third- ranking river on the earth. It’s located in South Louisiana, with its base the gulf coast from the mouth of the Mississippi river almost to Texas, its two sides coming together up near the lock and not including New Orleans or Baton Rouge. The Mississippi river with its sand and stuff has created most of Louisiana and couldn’t have done it by remaining in one channel. If it did then southern Louisiana would be a long peninsula reaching into the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Hudson River Pcb Pollution

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    Hudson River PCB Pollution is Affecting Wildlife Bird Species Introduction Studies over species in the Hudson River ecosystem have increased in recent years. This is done in return to the large amount of PCBs that have been found in the Hudson River. Polychlorinated Biphenyls or PCBs are a group of 209 organic chlorinated chemicals (DHS, 2016). PCBs are usually an oily liquid or a solid, which are colorless or have a light yellow color, with no smell or taste (DHS, 2016). PCBs are a created

  • Mississippi River In Huckleberry Finn

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    In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the travels of young Huck and a slave named Jim are accounted for as they travel down the Mississippi River in search of freedom. Some of the most descriptive scenes in Mark Twain’s novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn occur on the Mississippi River that Huckleberry Finn and Jim traveled down. By examining this journey and its importance, one can gain insight into how society worked as a whole during this time, it is on this journey that Huckleberry

  • On The Rainy River Literary Analysis

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    One Day, One letter, One number. In “On the Rainy River” by Tim O’Brien, Tim is forced to make a huge life changing choice. Tim has a good life as a small town Minnesota boy who has a full ride through Harvard and knows what he wants in life. But when Tim goes to the mailbox on June 17th 1968, there’s a letter waiting for him. A draft letter and his body goes numb. A draft letter is a document telling boys ages 16 to 28 that they are going to be tested to be a soldier. If they pass all the health

  • Essay On River Otters

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    Cries a gleeful river otter as it slides down a muddy slope into the water. The river otter belongs to the weasel family, with its North American relatives that include the mink, fisher, ermine, badger, wolverine, skunk, and the marten. The typical male river is about three feet long and weighs about eighteen pounds. They are even similar to their cousin, the skunks, that spray a “musk” from two glands under their tail. However the “musk” doesn’t stink, in fact it smells sweet! River otters live in

  • Colorado River Fair Research Paper

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    The Colorado River Fair, as part of the network of California fairs, provides an enormous return on investment both economically and socially. Fairs celebrate our history and heritage. They are an educational opportunity for youth and provide wholesome entertainment for families. 4-H and FFA programs support California’s vibrant agriculture sector. Community members of all ages enter their artwork, baked goods, photography and other homemade products in pursuit of coveted blue ribbons. Many