Rivers In Liberia Essay

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Choose one of the main water systems you have learned about that is also in your country (do you have a lake, river, coast, or coral reefs in your country?).
Rivers and lakes: There are many rivers and lakes in Liberia. Some of the rivers include Mano River which is between Liberia and Sierra Leone, Diouguo River also known as Mesurado River which pours into the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Montserrado in Monrovia. Some of the Lakes include Lake Piso in the Grand Cape Mount County which is one of the largest lakes in Liberia and covers an area of about forty (40) square miles. Another important lake in Liberia is Lake Shepard in Maryland County (TLC Africa, n.d.). These are some of the Rivers and Lakes in Liberia.
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During and after the civil conflict in Liberia, most fishermen began to use ‘Gamalin 20’ on rivers in order to catch fishes. They would pour the poison into a river and then float downstream collecting the poisoned fish which float to the surface. The unfortunate event continues to have a serious consequence on our water. Though environmental groups have condemned the practice, but there is no strong regulation to prevent or eradicate such practice. So while these aforementioned issues are the main environmental problem associated with the rivers of Liberia, the water quality continue to be an issue that the people want the government to address for various health…show more content…
In my perspective, the government has to enact legislations and be ready to litigate companies and individuals who flout the country’s environmental laws. Furthermore, the government should engage communities and the entire civil society on the consequences of polluting our sources of water. It is essential to note that a concrete awareness program to sensitive citizens to be responsible stakeholders to our natural resources will help alleviate these problems. When citizens understand their role in society, they will stand up against multinational companies who are greedily exploiting the environment to the detriment of the

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