Water And Pollutions And Environmental Problems In Liberia

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Choose one of the main water systems you have learned about that is also in your country (do you have a lake, river, coast, or coral reefs in your country?). Rivers and lakes: There are many rivers and lakes in Liberia. Some of the rivers include Mano River which is between Liberia and Sierra Leone, Diouguo River also known as Mesurado River which pours into the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Montserrado in Monrovia. Some of the Lakes include Lake Piso in the Grand Cape Mount County which is one of the largest lakes in Liberia and covers an area of about forty (40) square miles. Another important lake in Liberia is Lake Shepard in Maryland County (TLC Africa, n.d.). These are some of the Rivers and Lakes in Liberia. Research that item in our Textbook, and look online to study the environmental issues associated with it in your nation. Then list what you consider to be the two (2) main environmental problems associated with it. Please do not forget to list the references you used. The Liberian Rivers and Lakes have serious environmental issues which have to be addressed beyond a community capacity. The first environmental issue associated with rivers in my country is the massive pollutions that are causing enormous deaths. One of the few multination companies in the country called the Firestone Rubber Company has the habit of dumping toxic chemicals in the Liberian waters; therefore, making the waters unusable by citizens. Besides the fact that citizens that depend on these rivers

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