Rulers of Sparta Essays

  • Justice And Self-Interest In The Melian Dialogue

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    In Greek history many wars took place due to the conquering of other lands for empowerment and wealth. The question arises by the Melians during the Peloponnesian war about how “justice” and “self- interest are distinguished. In the Melian Dialogue, the Athenians seek self-interest of power and strength for their empire, while the Melians seek justice by friendship and neutrality instead of slavery. Due to this questioning, the Athenians are seen being self-fish and unjust due to their greed and

  • Prospero's Influence In The Tempest

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    In William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, his own brother deceived the character Prospero and had his dukedom stolen from him. Prospero was the Duke of Milan but got distracted from his priorities; he showed more interests towards books and education, giving his brother Antonio the benefit to work behind his back. Antonio was able to get help from the King of Naples, in exchange for money and respect to get rid of Prospero. Prospero was kicked out of Milan one night with his daughter and landed in an

  • Comparison Essay: The Differences Of Hitler And Gandhi

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    To start this off I would like to talk about our two topics That I will be comparing and contrasting, Hitler and Gandhi. First things is first is to tell you about who they are so I will start with Gandhi. Gandhi was an important man who was inspired by peace when he was to lead India’s movement of independence for the civil right of Indians. He was a man who inspired millions to follow him on his journey and I believe was an amazing, successful leader. He did grow up with an education as Hitler

  • Renica Williams Letter To Egypt

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    order to justify myself as a leader, as well as to talk about my journey to the afterlife, and give direction for my burial. First and foremost I am Danica Williams, daughter of Nefertiti. I believe myself to be destined to become the next great ruler of Egypt due to my great heritage and bloodline. It should be well known by now that my mother did amazing things for this kingdom in her short 30 year life. She was the wife of Akhenaton who is famous for the changes he made during his rule over Egypt

  • Machiavelli's Views On The Power Of Fear

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    Simon Sinek once said “Great leaders do not need to act tough. Their confidence and humility serve to underscore their toughness.” In “The Prince”, Machiavelli states that it is better to be feared than loved. Every leader produces varying amounts of fear within his subjects simply because he holds the power. This fear is very low in the leader that is loved because of the respect and admiration in which he is held by his people. A good leader is able to have respect, loyalty, and an efficient workforce

  • Virgil's Virtue In The Divine Comedy

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    Throughout the Divine Comedy, Virgil served an essential role in guiding and teaching the Pilgrim. By having Virgil be the pilgrims guide, Dante (the author) illustrates how important Virgil is in providing a pagan perspective to the poem. In spite of Virgil’s pagan view, this is seemingly altered through the course of the poem. At multiple points in the inferno and purgatorio Virgil shows signs of change, through actions like confession to his sins and reflecting on why he was placed in Hell. Comparatively

  • Pumpkin Case Study

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    Steve, the pumpkin, was bought at Cub Food on Monday 10, 2016. The name Steve was given to the pumpkin because my boyfriend’s dad name is Steve and he loves to carve pumpkins. After naming the pumpkin, Steve was being weighed using a scale. Steve weighs (1.82 lbs ) . When counting grooves , search for ridges that ran vertically from top to bottom of the pumpkin that also divides the pumpkin into segments. In this case, Steve have (10 grooves ) that was very easy to count because the indent were

  • Edgar Allan Poe Conflict Analysis

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    Poe and Green: Conflict Development Have you ever used conflict in your own life to make yourself grow as a person, or develop yourself in order to right your wrongs? Edgar Allan Poe and John Green mirror each other in the way they develop their own characters for each story, by revealing their characters through suspense and ever-growing conflict. Shown in “Hop-Frog”, a story about two protagonists being held “captive” by a tyrannical king. The king uses Hop-Frog (one of the protagonists) as a

  • Social Commentary In Whitewashing The Fence

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    Mark Twain's incredibly unique writing style consisted of several stylistic elements. One of these elements is social commentary. Social commentary is the act of commenting on problems you find in society, usually in a humorous way. We can see an example of social commentary in "Whitewashing the Fence". In "Whitewashing the Fence", Tom Sawyer is forced to whitewash his Aunt Polly's fence as a punishment, but he soon finds a way around his retribution by tricking the other boys in the neighborhood

  • Materialism And Idealism

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    Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that involves the study of what is. Idealism and materialism are two different theories of reality that fall under the category of metaphysics. Both theories are quite different in their approach to what can be considered reality. This document observes the differences between idealism and materialism and considers why one might be preferred over the other. The idealism theory was developed by Plato. This theory consists of the belief that reality is made up

  • Absence Of Religion In The Great Gatsby

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    1. How did the absence of religion within the story affect the traits displayed by the characters in terms of immorality? The Great Gatsby touches themes like infidelity, deception, and a number of what people can consider as immoral acts throughout the story. There have been many notions considering the 1920s as an era of radical extremes, economic disparities, division of social classes, and moral callousness. The author wanted to pattern and group the characters in such a way that emphasizes

  • Sparta And Athens Compare And Contrast

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    Greece were close together on a map but far apart in what they valued and how they lived their lives. Sparta and Athens had similar forms of government; both city states were in part governed by elected assemblies. However, the top rulers of Athens were elected, while Sparta 's were not. Spartans were most warriors while Athens were more educated and into arts, history, science… Athens and Sparta obtained the right to participate in public life and make decisions

  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Pericles's Speech

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    fifth century BCE. Often regarded as the greatest ruler of Athens and even all of Greece, Pericles fostered the famous democracy of Greece and supervised countless theater, statue, and infrastructure building projects. However, the majority of his rule occurred during the initial crumbling of Greece–the Peloponnesian War. In this deadly conflict between the city states of Athens and Sparta, both militaries fought for the title of the overarching ruler of the Mediterranean. Pericles gave this legendary

  • Compare And Contrast Sparta Vs Athens

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    Saleh Mr. Neidich World History Period: 8 Sparta Vs. Athens Ancient Greece is a land of many city- states. Each city- state had its own government, law, rulers, and customs, also the city- states did not get along. Two of the most famous city- states are Sparta and Athens. But if anyone would have to pick one to live in most of the people would pick Sparta. Sparta is better than Athens because Spartan army was very much better and protective, girls

  • How Did Athens Lose Sparta

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    war with itself. In the 4th century Sparta and Athens went to war in the poloponessian war. Athens was very powerful and was trying to gain more cities but treated them harshly. Other Spartan cities became jealous thus creating the peloponessian war. This war took Greece apart for 30 years its continued. When Athens lost the battle though she was not destroyed she lost a lot of value. Sparta became the ruler over Greece and Athens became irrelevant. Though Sparta was victorious against Athens the

  • Politics In Ancient Greece

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    According to Cartwright (2013), the ancient Greeks were particularly struggling to decide what forms of political system was right for them: who should be in charge and how the population should be led? Should they be led by a single powerful entity such as kings or should they be directed by a handful of wealth people such as aristocrats or should the entire political power lay into hands of the people itself? Since ancient Greece was the territory composed of more than 1500 poleis which is the

  • Pericles Accomplishments

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    is a cause of this First Peloponnesian War was Athens' martial alliance with the city-States of Megara and Argos and Sparta’s successive response. Given the location of Argos and Megara between Athens and Sparta, and their pervious political allegiance, neutral and Sparta respectfully, Sparta felt threatened by Athens. In 454 BCE Pericles was elected to the position of strategos of the Acamantis Tribe. His first campaign was to subdue the City-States of Sicyon and Acarnania, which he preceded to

  • King Leonidas: The King Of Sparta

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    best warrior King ever to walk the earth. Leonidas King of Sparta from 490 BC to 480 BC due to his death in Thermopylae. Leonidas did not grow up pampered like a king, he was born into the world as a normal child since he was not the heir to the throne. Leonidas had to attend the compulsory Agoge a Spartan training course which in order to qualify as a Spartan citizen you had to complete, Leonidas was one of the few Spartan rulers to complete the training course. Leonidas eventually became

  • A Compare And Contrast Essay On Sparta Vs Athens

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    Sparta vs. Athens To begin with, Athens and Sparta were both famous in antiquity for their legend, cultures and the character of the people. On the one hand, the two poleis share certain obvious affinities, such as language, geographical scope, a common Greek ancestry etc. On the other hand, they were polar opposites in many aspects, from social spheres, political structures, to military might, which I believe there are some hidden depths in these city-states. Hence, let’s look at how did their

  • The Cultural Values Of Athens And Sparta

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    Athens and Sparta, located between the Aegean and the Ionian Sea, allied with each other in the Greco-Persian war. Due to the advanced and powerful navy of Athens incorporation with the well-built army of Sparta, they gained victory over the Persian Empire. After the victory, Athens gained wealth and dominance over the other Greek societies causing tensions between Sparta. They both share similarities towards their cultural background but had different views in creating an ideal society in addition