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  • Summarise The Roles Of Different Types Of Schools As Organisations

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    a free place at a state school. Most state schools have to follow the national curriculum. There are Community Schools. These schools are controlled by the local council and are not influenced by businesses or religious groups. Foundation Schools : They have more freedom to change the way they do things than community schools. Academies : These are run by a governing body, independent from the local council therefore they can follow a different curriculum. Grammar Schools : These are run by the council

  • 1.4 Explain The Characteristics Of The Different Types Of Schools

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    explain the characteristics of the different types of schools in relation to educational stages and school governance Faith Schools They are associated with a particular religion. They have to follow the national curriculum except for religious studies, when they are free to teach only about their own religion.

  • Different Types Of Schools Essay

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    2. Explain the characteristics of the different types of schools in relation to education stage(s) and school governance. There is a huge variety of different school types to be found in the education sector; they can be state schools, independent schools or private schools. The Majority of the state schools are what’s known as comprehensive. This means they take both sexes and children of all academic abilities. Grammar Schools are still available in some Local Authorities however they normally

  • 1.1 Explain Different Types Of Barriers To School

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    preventing them from accessing school and things within the school. There are 6 main different types of barriers. These are; Geographical, Financial, Resource, Psychological, Cultural and language, and physical. Physical barriers are barriers that prevent a pupil from accessing the school because of physical aspects. For example a disabled pupil that has a wheelchair may not be able to go around the school and access the school properly as well as being unable to access school furniture etc. This barrier

  • Six Different Types Of Bullying In Schools

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    someone. So, what is bullying? Bullying is when someone physically, mentally or verbally harms another person on purpose to make them feel bad about themselves or to weaken them. Bullying can occur to anyone and anywhere especially in school. There are six different type of bullying that could be the reason why bullying can occur anytime and everywhere. Physical bullying, being hit, kick, punch by the bully. Verbal bullying, being called name, tease and insulted. Psychological bullying, being threatened

  • The Three Types Of Singled Out In School

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    Like at the store, neighborhood, schools, everywhere around you. But the most common bullies are at schools. Do you know anyone that is singled out of the crowd? I know quite few people that are singled out. Three types of students that get singled out at my school are the weird person, the class clown, and the brains. People are bullied all the time, no matter how big you are, no matter how small you are, no matter who you are. There’s this weird kid at my school that nobody likes. They single him

  • Fitting In: The Different Types Of Cliques In High School

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    Fitting In: High School Edition Blake Lively once said, “In High School, there are so many cliques. You’re never safe” (Lively). Whether teenagers like it or not, there are a lot of different types of cliques in high school. There are the populars, (a.k.a. the jocks and cheerleaders) the nerds, the party animals (they are usually the troublemakers), the misfits, and then finally, the floaters. High School is a very scary world and every high school student is forced

  • 1.2 Explain The Roles Of Different Types Of External Professionals In Schools

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    Sometimes the decision is made to bring in an external professional to work with the school. This may be necessary if children require specialist assessments if concerns are raised by staff or parent/carers. Although there are many different types of professionals I am going to explain the role of three professionals. Speech therapist work with children who have difficulties with speech, language and communication or eating, drinking and swallowing. They identify the causes of the speech difficulty

  • Parts Of My Cultural Identity

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    Many times throughout a person’s life, we are asked many times who we are. We are asked, what characteristic makes us who we are. The truth is, all of the answers that we come up with can be surmised into one word; culture. Culture effects almost every aspect of our lives; from the way we celebrate certain holidays, to the way we talk and act. Just like how every person has a unique set of fingerprints, everyone has a culture that describes only themselves. In this way, my cultural identity is also

  • Lifelong Education: Factors Affecting Lifelong Learning

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    like a student transferred from one school to another. I once had a transferee from Santa Isabel College. Her family chooses to enroll her in public school after graduating in elementary from Santa Isabel. She is as quiet as she is adapting herself to her new environment. She was so naïve and I often see her crying. She told me that she is not used to loud voices and shouting because according to her everybody spoke softly and kindly from her previous school. Everyone falls in line in the canteen

  • Essay On My High School Experience

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    High school grows you into the person you are. I have great memories, good and bad, some learning experiences and some that I’ll take with me the rest of my life. My high school experience has influenced my development as a person inside and outside of the class by making me more independent, choosing friends wisely and teachers motivating me to attend college and accomplish goals I have set for myself. I have gained my independence slowly throughout high school. The importance of being independent

  • Difference Between Custodial Model And Rehabilitation Model

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    Custodial Model and Rehabilitation Model Unit 1 Assignment Cheril Hall American InterContinental University 05/09/2023 Custodial Model and Rehabilitation Model Unit 1 Assignment This paper will cover the custodial model that is used in the United States compared to the rehabilitation model that is used in the United Kingdom. Both of these models are important and are similar to each other in many ways, but they do differ in a lot of ways. One model the custodial focuses on the discipline

  • Amy Tan's Mother Language

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    language Tan feels most comfortable using, her own first language, or any combination of those things. 3. Throughout the essay, Tan recalls how she uses “different englishes” based on who she interacts with. From page 700 to 701, she mentions two types of English that she uses; One is a professional way of speaking that she reserves for “giving a talk to a large group of people.” She describes this form of English as one that is “full of nominalized forms, past perfect tenses, conditional phrases

  • Advantages Of Communication Technology

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    Communications Technology Essay Communication can be used in multiple ways to communicate with people in our daily life through the uses of mobile phones (text, Phone calls). Apps such as Facebook have helped us to be able to communicate in a great way through the sharing of pictures and instant messaging through the internet, connecting family and friends in a web of connections. In a business sense, it has improved the ability to interact with the overseas parts of an organization. Being able

  • Conflict In Nursing Case Study

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    Conflict means different opinion to different people. In some reason, conflict can cause fighting, war or trade embargos. But for other people it might be a different in opinion, perspective or personality. Others may think they are in a conflict situation, when the other side may feel that they are just discussing opposing views. His situation depends on our effects can result in damaging our relationship. As a charge nurse, we have to be aware how this issue arises and how to overcome and manage

  • Parenting: A Literature Review

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    2013) has identified three different types pf parenting styles which are authoritative parenting, authoritarian parenting and permissive parenting. There are a lot of studies that different researchers have done and they came out with the same explanation for authoritative, authoritarian and

  • What Is Money In My Life Essay

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    Many people believe that money is not a source of happiness and that there are other things in life that are more fulfilling than financial wealth. According to Maris Rada, money contributes to greed and envy as people wish to live for nothing else but material gain. For Craig Fernandez, cash does not contribute to satisfaction and joy because it doesn’t provide meaning and emotional compassion as relationships with friends, family and loved ones. In short, money cannot buy indefinite happiness

  • Milton Hershey's Accomplishments

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    Sweeney, the Hershey’s used their wealth to build and fund the Hershey Industrial School. This school was made to train boys in farming and industry so that they could support themselves as adults. Eventually, the school started to enroll girls and boys from disrupted homes all around Pennsylvania. In 2011, the school had 1,838 students registered. Prior to Hershey donating his entire fortune to the Hershey Industrial School, Elizabeth Sweeney died in 1915 (Lancto, 2003). Moreover, Hershey supported the

  • Denver Young Life Essay

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    There are approximately 280 clubs or organizations on the Auraria campus. They range from recreational clubs like the Auraria Campus Anime Club, a Japanese culture and animation organization, to more serious matters like the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a campus club that aims to advance the careers and minds of technology-related students. But there is another category that is ubiquitous to all campuses, and one that no modern campus would be complete without: faith-based

  • Student Leadership Style

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    studies on school leadership deal with its effects on academic performance. There is also increasing recognition that schools require effective leaders and managers if they are to provide the best possible education for their learners. Schools need trained and committed teachers but they, in turn, need the leadership of highly effective principals and support from other senior and middle managers. The head teacher has always been looked