Signal transduction Essays

  • Platelet Activating Factor Case Study

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    It binds to receptors on the plasma membranes of other cells and then activates them, changing their phenotypes.1 PAF transmits signals between cells acting as a hormone, cytokine, or other signaling type molecule and this can trigger inflammatory and thrombotic cascades. If left unregulated by a deficiency in the PAF-AH enzyme used to regulate it, PAF signaling can cause inflammation

  • Essay On Nuclear Receptors

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    Nuclear receptors are a class of receptors that have the ability to bind ligands, steroid and thyroid hormones, in order to mediate the expression of specific genes in a cell***. There are two types of nuclear receptors in the family, type one and type two. Type one receptors require a ligand to be bound to the receptor so activation can be initiated** by a conformational change of the ligand, travel to the nucleus and associate to inverted repeat hormone response elements in DNA. Type two receptors

  • Essay Unit 40 Cholesterol

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    Cholesterol is a waxy fat-like substance that is produced in the liver.40 Cholesterol is necessary to make hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. It is a key ingredient in cortisol which helps control the inflammation. Cholesterol is necessary for vitamin D production from sunlight. It also helps create bile acids that digests fats. Cholesterol also plays a significant role in the synthesis of cell membranes. Cholesterol is insoluble in water so it needs the transportation facility from a protein

  • Opioids In The Dentate Gyrus

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    [3H]DAMGO binding and stimulation, it was concluded that epileptics with temporal lobe seizure were found to have changes in the mu opioid and NOP receptor binding and, also, the downstream receptors were found to have alterations in their signal transduction mechanisms

  • Max Moore The Difference Between Humanism And Transhumanism

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    Society has no idea how fast things are moving and changing, with that comes a world of foreign knowledge and shock towards what is to come. When a person sees another human with very dark skin no one thinks “Is that a genetically modified superhuman?” well, hopefully most citizens do not. Because people from Africa live under such harsh sunlight the radiation can become very detrimental to the skin. Over years the Africans have had the melanin in their skin become significantly darker in order to

  • Biological Clock Essay

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    Abbreviations SCN Suprachiasmatic nucleus RTH Retinohypothalamic tract PER Period homolog BMAL1 Brain and Muscle Arnt Like Protein 1 CLOCK Circadian locomotor output cycles kaput CRY Cryptochrome REV-ERB-α Reverse erythroblastosis virus α ROR α/γ Retinoid-related orphan receptor α/γ FAA Food-anticipatory activity NPY Neuropeptide Y AgRP Agouti-related protein MCH Melanin concentrating hormone CART Cocain amphetamine-regulated transcript POMC Pro-opiomelanocortin MSH

  • MAPK Pathway Signaling: A Case Study

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    1. Describe MAPK pathway signaling (from the receptor activation to the gene transcription) Overall, the extracellular mitogen binds to the membrane receptor. This allows RAS GTPase to swap its GDP for a GTP. It can now activate MAP3K (e.g., RAF), which activates MAP2K, which activates MAPK. MAPK can now activate a transcription factor, such as MYC. In more details, receptor-linked tyrosine kinase as the epidermal growth factor (EGFR) is activated by extracellular ligand, epidermal growth factor

  • Health Belief Model Research Paper

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    1.1 Introduction: For decades, the HBM has been one of the most widely used conceptual frameworks in health behavior. The HBM has been used both to explain change and maintenance of health -related behaviors and as guiding framework for health behavior intervention. The HBM has been expanded, broken down into component, compared to other framework, and analyzed using a wide array of multivariate analytic technique. More research has been conducted to specify measure of health believe model and

  • Rheotaxis In Bull Sperm

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    4. Discussion: The present study has collectively evaluated the presence of CatSper channels and their characteristics in bull sperm, thus providing a novel insight into the cellular mechanisms that induce hyperactivation and rheotaxis in bull sperm. The main finding of this study was that the known calcium channel inhibitor Mibefradil produced an inhibitory effect on bovine sperm hyperactivation. This effect occurred as a delayed induction of hyperactivation. Furthermore, it was found that Mibefradil

  • Acetylcholine Receptors Lab Report

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    Receptors Receptors specifically bind to target molecules and initiate a response in the target cell. In most cases, these receptors are transmembrane proteins on the cell surface. When an extracellular signal molecule binds to them, they release a cascade of intracellular signals that alter the behavior of the cell1. In this experiment, we will be adding compounds, such as eserine and acetylcholine to a muscle cell bath and measuring its effect, in this case being force of contraction. These compounds

  • Who Was Buckeye The Rabbit Analysis

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    1. “‘But you don’t even know the difference between the way things are and the way they're supposed to be. My God,’ [Bledsoe] gasped, ‘what is the race coming to? Why, boy, you can tell anyone you like- sit down there . . . Sit down, sir, I say!’” Relectanly, I sat, torn between anger and fascination, hating myself for obeying.” (Ellison 142) In this quote, Dr. Bledsoe is yelling at the narrator for the immature way he handled Mr. Norton by taking him to Trueblood’s cabin and the Golden Day. As he

  • Summary Of The Play 'DNA' By Dennis Kelly

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    ‘DNA’ is a play written in 2008 by Dennis Kelly. The play is basically about a group of teenagers do something bad, really bad, then panic and cover the whole thing up.   An important character named Phil is presented as a powerful, quiet, confident and intelligent person in the first section of the play. Phil has a friend who is always near him called Leah, but seems to ignore and not answer back to her how much ever she talks. Leah always talks continuously and tries to get Phil’s attention but

  • Leadership In Lord Of The Flies, By William Golding

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    “When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” (Disney, “Leadership Quotes”). The defining qualities and principles of a respectable leader vary in the eyes of people, and William Golding’s novel, “Lord of the Flies”, imaginatively exemplifies how such beliefs can bring about a struggle in power between those whose opinions oppose each other. In his novel, two boys named Ralph and Jack emerge as leaders, after the plane carrying their group of boys’ crashes onto a deserted

  • Piggy And Civilization

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    “Maybe there is a beast… maybe it's only us”(89). In the beginning of the novel, a group of boys are stranded on an island without adults. They obey the regulations and rules set by the chief, Ralph. Ralph and Piggy find a conch shell that is used to call the boys to gather around for a meeting, which represents civilized environment created by Ralph. The boys turn into savages when Jack becomes absorbed with the thought of hunting and paints his face to disguise in the jungle. Because Jack is one

  • Theme Of Fire In Fahrenheit 451

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    In Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451, different representations of fire convey Montag’s journey of identity in order to represent the necessity of destruction for growth. Throughout the novel, Montag describes images of destructive, illuminating, knowledgeable, and warming fire. Through these images and symbols, the reader can see the natural journey of life that Montag, and everyone, goes through. The book teaches that one has to go through pain and ruin before they can build themselves back

  • Suicide In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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    the civilization amongst the young boys is decaying through the course of the novel. In the beginning of the novel, the conch represents order as it is used for a talking stick in civilized meeting, but once it breaks home of the boys go mad. The signal fire is intentionally for being rescued, however, Jack changes its purpose to kill ralph in the thickets, before they are rescued. When Piggy 's specs are clear, the group of boys are civil, though, as they get scratched up, and eventually go missing

  • How Does Golding Build The Fire In Lord Of The Flies

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    Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, is a novel that tells the story of a plane full of English schoolboys, evacuating the ongoing war, crashing near an island, leaving them marooned. With there being no adults or supervision the boys are left to fend and survive on their own. A boy by the name of Ralph is picked as their chief and he organizes fire and shelter. Another boy by the name of Jack, who is leader of the choir boys that were on the plane takes that group hunting. Over the during

  • Figurative Language In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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    In William Golding’s fictional novel, ‘Lord of the Flies’, Golding expertly paints an image of a fire of great multitude, during an early chapter in the novel. Through the use of evocative language, in addition to various types of figurative language and the insertion of Piggy’s bitter commentary, Golding is able to accurately convey to the reader, the strength of the fire. Through the examination of the aforementioned devices, the reader is able to visualize and understand the force of the fire

  • The Kite Runner: A Literary Analysis

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    Willa Cather, a famous author, once said about life that there are only really two or three human stories. Not only is there a very meager amount of stories to be told, but they have been repeated over and over again as if they were new each and every time. Cather’s remarks can be interpreted many different ways with different variations of the meaning being possible. However, when you break down most types of stories they can fall into the same categories of stories. There is really only two possible

  • Literary Analysis Of Dick Gregory's 'Shame'

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    Truly successful authors have the ability to convey their view of a place without actually saying it, to portray a landscape in a certain light simply by describing it. In the provided excerpt taken from the opening paragraphs of “Shame,” Dick Gregory does just this. Through his use of stylistic elements such as selection of detail, old-fashioned language, repetition of words and simple sentences, Gregory reveals the shame within being poor setting the stage for a periodic ending. Beginning in the