Stage lighting Essays

  • Tim Burton's Fairy Tales

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    Burton’s fairy tales contain dark tones and moods that many fairy tales lack. Burton emphasizes these dark tones by manipulating lighting to emphasize the dark aspects of fairy tales that many adaptations simply glance over. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, and Alice in Wonderland, Burton uses high key lighting, low key lighting, and back lighting to emphasize

  • Anything Goes Musical Analysis

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    Every year Austin Peay State University decides to produce two musicals and two straight plays for their theatre season. This year one of the musicals selected was Anything Goes by Cole Porter. Anything Goes concentrates on the story of Hope Harcourt and her family trying to sail from New York to England. With the production being a musical a lot more work was put towards additional skills like voice techniques and choreography, rather than in a straight play where the task is to just memorize your

  • Is Hamlet Justified

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    Hamlet He killed 4 people including himself, was he justified by doing it? Hamlet accidently killed his girlfriend’s father, Polonius, that made his girlfriend, Ophelia, go crazy, that made her drown in a pond while picking flowers. But his girlfriends brother found out that hamlet killed their father, and then hamlets uncle found out that hamlet knew that he killed his father. So, hamlet and larataes went fencing, but they decided to kill hamlet, but Hamlet’s mother drank the poison drink killing

  • Light Bulbs Shining The Light Essay

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    Q1. Which of the arrangements had the light bulbs shining the brightest? Which of the arrangements had the light bulbs shining the dimmest? The arrangment that had the light bulbs shining the brightest is 1 Strand--1 Light Bulb--1 Battery. The arrangment that had the light bulbs shining the dimmest is 1 Strand--3 Light Bulb--1 Battery. Q2. Which of the arrangements had the light bulbs shine the brightest and which the dimmest? One strand with one light bulb, two strands with one light bulb, or

  • Why Is Hamlet's Actions Justified

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    Are Hamlet’s actions justified? Did he do the right thing? In the story “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, Hamlets father (The Ghost) comes to him in a dream and tells him that his uncle (who is now married to his mother Gertrude just after two mother after Hamlet’s father’s death and the new king) killed him and that Hamlet needs to get revenge so that his father can move on. As the story continues Hamlet puts together a play and adds some lines about how his father was killed to see the reaction

  • Hamlet And Agamemnon Analysis

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    Hamlet and Agamemnon are both extraordinary plays that deal with big themes, such as; Love, Loss, Pride, the abuse of power, and distraught relationships between men and Gods. The protagonists, Hamlet and Agamemnon, are both of high status, and both commit terrible crimes without realizing their arrogance or foolishness. Hamlet is more tragic than Agamemnon for various reasons including, the nobility and bravery, multiple deaths, and honorable military service in Hamlet. Hamlet is good, kind, noble

  • The Shoe Horn Sonata Analysis

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    Explanation of Scenes The Shoe Horn Sonata is an iconic play written by the famous author John Misto. This play is about the loss of harmony between two people and how the harmony is restored. The shoehorn is used as a motif throughout the entire play, as it is an everyday object that takes on symbolism and recurs all through the story. A sonata is a musical piece composed from two instruments or voices, it represents Bridie and Sheila’s bond of friendship, love, support and care. The play consists

  • Definition Of Family

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    My family reminds me of Christmas hectic but at the same time merry and full of joy. Growing up my parents taught us that family always came first. I have always been proud coming from the family I come from for a variety of reason. I have the type of family that regardless of the situations we get into we manage to overcome them together. My parents are the type of parents that want nothing but the best for us. As a child I strongly believed I had the strictest parents I could have ever asked for

  • External Loyalty In Police Subculture

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    Police subculture has many elements that define the law enforcement culture and is a common denominator around the globe. "The sense of being different from civilians and the knowledge that a police officer can depend only upon other officers in a moment of need fosters a sense of security and occupational solidarity known as the police subculture", (Doerner, 2016, p. 171).The police subculture is police officers supporting others within their department or other agencies as every law enforcement

  • Flame Breakers Essay

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    Wonderful light holders, and even the candles inside are a vital part in inside adorning. Not exclusively will they make your home feel cozier in a moment, yet it will speak to the eye, and to the nose of your guests. With flame holders you can locate the ideal one that will compliment or even outwardly make the light seem to cost more, or even show up originator. On the off chance that you have a major flame holder, or even need an enhancement or your divider then a period divider sconces holder

  • Blade Runner Lighting Analysis

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    Blade Runner is known for its incredible use of very low key lighting, the dark appearance of the film not only exemplifies the futuristic L.A city but also ties the film in with a modernized film noir style. The low key lighting in combination with the neon lights and signs creates a correlation between the light and the dark, this represents the conflict throughout the film between humanity and the replicants. Investigating the lighting throughout the scene when Deckard, played by Harrison Ford,

  • Annie Hall Character Analysis

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    The film, Annie Hall, was released in 1977 with Woody Allen as the cowriter, director and main actor. In this essay Annie Hall will be analysed with regards to how the film subverts typical romantic comedy expectations. Annie Hall could be seen as a conventional romantic comedy in the sense that the typical character traits have been implemented, for example boy meets girls, the main couple break up and get back together, the man chases after the girl to win her back, as well as flashbacks of memories

  • Film Analysis: The Bad Kids

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    The Bad Kids uses an assortment of techniques to create a way to get the viewer emotional involved in the story. The techniques involved in the film are shots of the weather, the way voice overs are used, and the overall structure of each child’s conflict. The director’s purpose in using these techniques is to get the viewer to see that these kids, who have had a hard life, are largely victims of the circumstances that they were born into. These kids are just a few in a country and world where millions

  • Light And Dark In Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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    Desmond Tutu, a South - African social activist and retired Anglican priest once said “ Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness”. Of Mice and Men is a novel which revolves around the lives of struggling farmers and how they still maintain hope despite their hardships. The symbolic representation of light embodies the hopes and the American Dream, whereas the dark epitomizes the harsh realities and truths of their lives. Steinbeck uses light and dark to foreshadow

  • The Importance Of Natural Lighting

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    When planning a new design for your home, considerable time is usually spent on decisions relating to the colour scheme, furniture and flooring. What is often over-looked is the lighting, not the light fittings, but where light is being generated and how this will affect the overall look and feel of the interior. Obtaining natural light through windows or skylights is the most favourable option. Natural light is pure white, so shows other colours without distortion and it also brings natural warmth

  • Film Analysis: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

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    Scott Pilgrim vs The World is a film adaptation of a comic book series which is a patronage to millennials, twenty and thirty somethings, featuring the title character Scott Pilgrim, the stereotypical millennial. He lives across the street from the house in which he grew up, he’s a jobless musician living gig to gig, playing arcade games, and has a wide variety of trivial knowledge about videogames. He meets a girl, another stereotype of millennials, and falls in love with her, with which the girl

  • Romeo And Juliet And The Great Gatsby Comparison

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    In both the films Romeo and Juliet and The Great Gatsby Baz Luhrmann uses the same specific style of storytelling to ensure his audience remains captivated throughout the entire movie. Through the editing choices, lighting, camera work, music choices and actor choices he shows how his style grips the audience. Luhrmann has a definite way of telling stories. In both Romeo and Juliet and The Great Gatsby he uses a prologue to narrate the story. Both are used to provide the audience with initial information

  • Edward Scissorhands Cinematic Techniques Analysis

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    some such as framing/angles, music/sound and lighting. In Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton uses framing/angles as emphasis in the fulfillment of one certain scene. He uses a long shot to show the vulnerability of the character. For example, when Peg is upstairs in the castle, the long shot makes her look small so the viewer is worried about her safety. Unlike the long shots that imply Edward is a frightening character, this

  • A River Runs Through It Analysis

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    toned lighting is used. This produces a slightly hazy, vintage feel. As the boys grow older, and the memories become clearer, the lighting becomes brighter and crisper. High-key lighting and low-key lighting are also alternated depending on the mood. When out on the river, high-key lighting is used the majority of the time. The boys and their father are where they are happiest. Low-key lighting is used in shots such as the dance-hall were Paul plays poker. The joint is shady and the dim lighting helps

  • Gender Roles In Hamlet Essay

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    Throughout Hamlet, the thoughts, intentions, and actions of all of the characters can be explained through predisposed gender roles in the play. Hamlet is a tragedy in which the main character, Hamlet, attempts to seek vengeance for his father’s murder, while the relationships with him and around him begin to strain. In the play, gender plays a huge role in assuming the capability and worth of people. Women are most commonly depicted as being weak, powerless, and confused, while men are commonly