Why Is Hamlet's Actions Justified

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Are Hamlet’s actions justified? Did he do the right thing? In the story “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, Hamlets father (The Ghost) comes to him in a dream and tells him that his uncle (who is now married to his mother Gertrude just after two mother after Hamlet’s father’s death and the new king) killed him and that Hamlet needs to get revenge so that his father can move on. As the story continues Hamlet puts together a play and adds some lines about how his father was killed to see the reaction from his uncle. While the play is going on his uncle calls lights and leaves the room (So now Hamlet knows that the ghost was telling the truth). Hamlet follows his uncle to the church to find him praying. Hamlet does not kill him now because…show more content…
I believe that Ophelia was not treated right because she didn’t do anything wrong and she still lost everyone that she cared about. In DOC C is when Polonius was dying and I think that it was wrong in the first place because if Hamlet would have killed the king right when the ghost came to him Polonius would not have died. When Hamlet is talking to Ophelia he says that he never loved her and that she was stupid to think that he ever did (DOC D). After Ophelia goes crazy she starts singing and while she is singing she says that Hamlet promised to marry her (DOC D). In the end Ophelia did nothing and didn’t deserve how Hamlet was acting towers…show more content…
I believe that the killing of Claudius was justified but the waiting was not. In DOC F it talks about if Hamlet were justified, in some people’s eyes it was and others it was not. One of the reasons that Hamlet had to wait too kill his was because after the play Claudius was praying and Hamlet wanted to kill him when he was doing something bad (DOC E). In the end I think Hamlet was justified in the killing of Claudius because he killed his father. I believe that Hamlet did the right thing killing Claudius because he killed Hamlet’s father. Also when the ghost came back he asked for revenge (DOC

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