Sustainable tourism Essays

  • Importance Of Sustainable Tourism

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    Tourism has been one of the most significant contributions to the economic development in some countries and cities. In Australia, for instance, tourism contributes $40.639 million directly to GDP, consisting 3.6% of the total GDP and 4.7% of total employment (Australian Bureau of Statistics [ABS], 2009). With the worldwide improvement of living conditions, more and more people are willing to spend time and money on traveling, either abroad or within a certain region. However, the frequent use of

  • Sustainable Development Of Tourism

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    Introduction 1.1. The necessity of sustainable development of tourism Healthy ecosystems and environments are vital to the survival of life on earth. Environmental stresses are linked to one another, which in its ultimate effect influences the socio economic development fields (WCED, 1987; OECD, 2012). Tourism which is not properly planned and managed can cause stress and leave permanent footprints on the physical, social, cultural and economic environments of tourism destinations (Ceballous, 1996; Glasson

  • Sustainable Development And Tourism In Bhutan

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    Sustainable development and tourism in Bhutan. Does tourism helps or hampers sustainable development in Bhutan? All around the world we do practice everything in sustainable way. The most important thing in our daily life is the sustainable living. Everyone living on this earth need to have the Sustainable way of living. There are many ways where we need to have sustainable living like Sustainable agriculture, sustainable society and sustainable Communities and most important thing in our life

  • Sustainable Cultural Tourism Essay

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    of Tourism Development: A Conceptual Framework for the Sustainable Cultural Tourism] Seung Yeoun Kim(Martín) The scientific paper [Local perception of Tourism Development : A conceptual Framework for the sustainable culture tourism] discusses the importance of local perception of tourism development to achieve sustainable culture and tourism. First, It talks about the definition of sustainable tourism, the definition of cultural tourism, and the principles of sustainable culture and tourism. And

  • Sustainable Tourism Definition Essay

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    1. Sustainable tourism: Sustainable tourism can be seen as having regard to ecological and socio-cultural carrying capacities and includes involving the community of the destination in tourism development planning. It also involves integrating tourism to match current economic and growth policies so as to mitigate some of the negative economic and social impacts of 'mass tourism '. 2. Eco-tourism: Ecotourism, also known as ecological tourism, is responsible travel to fragile, pristine, and usually

  • The Benefits Of Sustainable Tourism

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    Sustainable tourism considers equally economical, social and environmental aspects of tourism destinations. By respecting all three, it provides long run development with respect of caring capacity. Eco-certification, on the other hand, influences both supply and demand side of tourism market, and increases consumer’s confidence. Key words: sustainability, tourism, and certification Sustainable tourism is tourism, which concerns total economic, social and environmental impact, by caring for

  • Sustainable Tourism In Iceland

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    Introduction 1.1. Rationale Tourism in Iceland is booming. In 2015 Iceland welcomed 1,289,140 foreign tourists. That is an increase of 163,8 percent since 2010. Although the expansion of the tourism industry of Iceland has had a positive effect on the economy of Iceland the increase of tourism creates pressure on the preservation of the Icelandic nature. More than 75 percent of the Icelandic population believes that tourism puts too much of a strain on the nature of the island (Óladóttir, 2016,

  • Sustainable Tourism Case Study

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    Best sustainable practices in the tourism industry are based on these 12 ‘pillars of sustainability’. Below examples of such practices will be presented. Best practices in hotels & resorts The Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa (Malaysia) – a working model of sustainable tourism, known as the Greenest Resort in Malaysia. The mission of the resort is also a moto: “Keep Langkawi Clean & Green”, shows that sustainability issues are of primary objectives of the resort. The resort has committed to keep

  • Sustainable Tourism Essay

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    To be able to discuss the importance of sustainable tourism, we must first and foremost understand the term at hand; Sustainable tourism is the “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (World Commission on Environment and Development 1987: 43). 2002 marked the International Year of Eco Tourism. Ever since, sustainability has been at the forefront of tourism with many international conferences and activities taking

  • Sustainable Tourism Development Essay

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    In this report sustainable tourism development will be explained and analyzed in relation to the essential features that influence a country’s tourism development. Sustainable tourism has to deal with social, environment and economic impacts. However tourism except from positive impacts has also some negative impacts regarding the economy, environment and social aspects. Sustainable development is also about developing a better life for all people that will be as practicable in the future as it

  • The Impacts Of Sustainable Tourism In China

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    development, tourism has become the most powerful and biggest industry. As the concept of sustainable tourism is getting popular but has not yet formed into a unified concept of sustainable tourism. It is aimed to achieve the requirements of the sustainable development of tourism should be natural, social, cultural and ecological coordination with the environment. The negative impacts of tourism, including deforestation, pollution, indigenous culture loss, and habitat and biodiversity loss. Sustainable tourism

  • Sustainable Tourism Development

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    exist. Weaver assures that “all sustainable tourism strategies must be formulated within the financial capabilities of the managing body” . Sustainable economic development participates in reducing the environmental impacts. Tourism is an economic activity that often takes place in natural environments, and to assure its sustainable future, a mutual beneficial relationship has to be developed between the two. In several locations, if income isn't provided by tourism to aid the natural environment

  • Innovative Ways Towards Achieving Sustainable Tourism Development Essay

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    Theme : “Innovative ways towards achieving sustainable tourism development” Wonderful Indonesia by Ministry of Tourism to Advancement a Sustainable Tourism Development Many countries in the world seriously focus for their income is in tourism sector because as we know from the country, there are so many tourism that is most beautiful like in the beaches, mountain, marine park, etc. All of the tourist is intended come to that country, for spend their free time with the family or alone, so the

  • Sustainable Tourism Literature Review

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    examine the current literature regarding sustainable practices in tourism attractions. It is based on the literature review of the author’s thesis. The author will define sustainable tourism; sustainable principles, the importance of becoming sustainable, demand for sustainable attractions and limitations to sustainable development in tourism attractions. The author will conclude with important points examined in the literature. WHAT IS SUSTAINABLE TOURISM There are several definitions outlined in

  • Advantages Of Sustainable Tourism

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    Introduction Is the idea that tourism could be sustainable a reality or is it an impossibility? Tourism can be sustainable it is not impossible for this to happen, Why it can be sustainable it has been research that sustainable tourism may not be fully/completely sustainable, but the main focus is that sustainable tourism is a tourist that visit different countries and places to have an positive effect on the environment, culture and economy. does this can become a reality? yes it can in my understanding

  • Sustainable Tourism In India

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    INTRODUCTION As we all know that the tourism industry is growing rapidly in India. The travel and tourism industry has blessed the country. India gets a third rank among the world for its tourism. Our India is known as heritage country, so by this name our country has gain the popular rank among the tourist. India gets the second highest income from this industry. Among all the 0world India is ranked 38th country for its number of tourists. In coming years this industry will be growing and is going

  • Sustainable Tourism Research Paper

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    The UNEP states that tourism has increased by 25 per cent in the last 10 years. “It now accounts for around 10 per cent of the world’s economic activity and is one of the main generators of employment.” Tourism is playing a considerable part in the worlds economic activity and sustainable development. However, if all destinations aren’t striving to become sustainable then it wont make a contrast. All tourist destinations should undertake effort, not just by managing the negatives impacts of the industry

  • Marco Polo Davao Case Study

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    Padilla (2012) studied the case of Marco Polo Davao, a chained hotel in the Philippines. A competitive environmental strategy was suggested for the firm after examining the different factors and actors that are said to influence the firm’s decisions on environmental management of the managers of Marco Polo Davao were first looked into. An examination of the other factors and actors that are said to influence manager’s suggestions and decisions in selecting a competitive environmental strategy followed

  • Personal Essay: An Introduction To The Sustainable Tourism Industry

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    First of all one of the ways sustainable can be introduced to tourism is within the resorts, hotels and restaurants. During a trip for our tourism marketing class, the lecturer took us to the experience two types of resorts and see how they practiced sustainability. The first resort was at Black Rock Lodge. Here they practiced sustainability

  • Ecotourism: Natural And Sociocultural Environment

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    interpretations but according to the World Tourism Organization (WTO,2002) eco-tourism is the natural is the main motivation of tourists by the observation and contributes to its conservation, and which reduces to negative impacts on the natural and sociocultural environment where it takes place. Ecotourism is an important segment of sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism involves the correct management of ecological, economic and socio-cultural elements involved in tourism. Emphasis laid on long-term planning