The Gilded Cage Essays

  • Feminism In Othello

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    In Shakespeare’s play, Othello, the storyline demonstrates male-dominance over the female characters, therefore marginalizing the role of feminism in the play. There are three female characters who play an important role in the Othello, each of whom showed true love and affection towards their men and yet were rejected and became a symbol of suspicion in the tragedy. The story line of Othello contains many problematic complications, all leading towards the ending tragedy, but one of the main conceptions

  • Hip Hop Planet Speech

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    Hip Hop is seen as something inspiring, but most people see it as a way to speak out the truth about a problem. As in “Hip Hop planet” being able say the truth can sometimes worsen any situation because sometimes what we say can promote violence and whatever happens after is not in our control. The essay is about how hip hop has changed into speaking out the issues that need to be taken care of in order to maintain a proper society. McBride talked about how rappers use violent lyrics to degrade women

  • Personal Narrative-Level Playing Fields

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    in life when I was trapped by a monstrous creature. I could not figure out how it pertained to what happened that day, but the images were so clear and seemed relevant to the topic even though it occurred so long ago. I could smell the wood from the cage I was put in, day in and day out, when the creature did not want to torture me any longer. She would grab my arm and pull me up, hurting my shoulder. Every night there were songs that played through my ear- such a cacophony. I would lay awake at night

  • Symbolism In Glaspell's Trifles

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    was the first suspect to go in. Minnie sent Mrs.Hale and Mrs.Peters to her house to get some of her meaningful belongings. Mrs,Hale and Peters dug for her belongings and they discovered a dead bird, a broken through bird cage and more. Through the use of the bird, the bird cage, and the setting of the play, Susan Glaspell depicts the death of Minnie Foster’s life in

  • Trifles Symbols

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    throughout the story to show the bonding between the women. She used specific objects that only the women could understand and relate to in order to symbolize female bonds. The men in the play didn 't understand the jar of cherries or even notice the bird cage without a bird because, as Glaspell showed, the men don 't think or notice the same things women do. This again, just shows the difference between male and female perspectives. During this time, it was a male dominance era and females were taken advantage

  • Freedom And Freedom In Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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    customs and traditions and question the injustice they faced. The novella begins with a very blatant symbol: the bird trapped in the cage is symbolic of all the women in society who feel as though they are trapped by gender inequality. Chopin wants all women to embrace their wants and desires; Chopin calls on women who long for independence to finally escape from their cage and find their independence. The ending of the novella remains ambiguous. Edna, who has learns how to swim, ventures out deep

  • Ms. Gulon: A Short Story

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    Right at this moment, just as we had sat down, most likely the worst teacher in the whole school had just walked in the room. Ms. Gulon was her name, she was ugly, as like ugly I meant she had a big, brown, three dimensional mole right on the left of her nose. She always wore dirty and baggy clothing on, and smelt as if she had cut onions in her pockets all of the time, her teeth were as bright as caution tape. I had described her teeth that way because caution tape means you 're too close to the

  • Argumentative Essay On Rap Music

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    Music, like most forms of art, often shares subjective views with its listeners. An individual favourite song may be the next person's most hated song. Although different factors come into play when determining if music is good or not, there is no concrete definition of ‘good music’. Society continues to label certain songs originating from genres such as hip-hop, blaming the music for violent acts committed within society. In 1994, a 17-year-old shot a cop in Milwaukee, telling police that he was

  • Lonely Broken Lion Summary

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    Loken: Lonely Broken Lion Project ID 618539-Xlibris Written by: Ashley Broadway Copyright 2014 Children’s Book About the book: The story is set in the heart of the jungle, where there is a lost, lonely, broken lion named Loken. This lion has not had the easiest life, and has seen many hard times with is father. Loken is a different lion; he has the strength of many lions; but the heart of a lamb. He is looking all over for a friend that understands him, and can handle is unique behavior.

  • Elie Wiesel's Party: A Narrative Fiction

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    The man in the old world party mask continues to chase after us, and I 'm not so sure we can keep up this run for much longer. We haven 't eaten in three days, and I know for a fact my body is upset about that, but Mykel, I 'm not so sure. I 've never really asked myself, but do angels need to eat? Do they thirst or have to relieve themselves as we do? Based on the brokenness plastered on his face, i 'd say one of the above is true. Right now, as we 're being chased by a man who can shoot fire

  • Sympathy And Cageed Bird In Maya Angelou's Caged Bird

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    Being treated equally, and having equal rights as others, was a constant struggle during the 18 and 1900’s for people of color. There was no valid reason as of why they were being oppressed, resulting in riots, battling for justice. In “Caged Bird,” a poem by Maya Angelou, she creates a scene in which one bird is free, soaring wherever the bird wishes, happily. While another bird is caged, miserable, with clipped wing, tied up. In addition, written in “Sympathy,” by Paul Laurence Dunbar another highly

  • Sara Munsky Character Analysis

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    At first glance Sara Smolinsky looks like any poor Jewish girl. She is small and skinny but she has a powerful mind and voice that surprises others. When she speaks her true personality shines through. As she grows from 10-17 her priorities change and how she handles things changes. Sara is very strong willed when it comes to her own thoughts which is why her nickname is Blut-und-Eisen. Even her own mother says “when she begins to want a thing there is no rest, n let-off till she gets it” (20) .

  • Visors In Hockey

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    Safety is an important factor in sports especially in hockey. Since this is the case should college hockey players have to wear cages or be allowed the privilege of wearing visors. It also brings up the point that college students should be allowed to wear visors because of the risk it puts the players into. However, both sides have great arguments but I feel the visors take the cake here. Safety is important that’s why college players should be allowed to wear visors. Visors are the better choice

  • Abeeku: A Tale Of Slavery

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    This is a tale of someone who escaped slavery, their tale passed down many generations to warn others of their tribe. This is the story of a young boy named Abeeku. I was twelve when the white men came, almost thirteen actually. My family was small, just me and my parents. My family was famous for it’s good hunters, and I had to try to live up to that. Problem was, I was terrible at it, and so I had decided that morning to have my father help me out. I figured he could show me what I was doing

  • Super Chelsy: A Short Story

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    put me here , i think they still here , be careful Chelsey they are so mean. Chelsey: Do not worry . let me get you out of here . Chelsey closed her eyes and moved her finger in the sky and said word that Roze did not understand it . Suddenly the cage opened . Chelsey and Roze hug each other and cry . While doing that they heard the sound . it was the boys . Chelsey told rose to hide. and she makes her self invisible . she walked to the boys, but they did not realized that someone”invisible chelsey”

  • American's Lady Analysis

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    American's Lady otherwise known as Wynette, Texas series is a series of novels by Susan Elizabeth Phillips the American bestselling contemporary romance author. The debut novel in the series was the 1987 published Glitter Baby that was first published in 1987. Since then the author went on to write several more titles in the still ongoing series. As a writer Phillips has been writing contemporary romance with her unique combination of emotion and humor since the early 1980s. Susan was born to John

  • Daredevil: A Fictional Superhero

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    Daredevil is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Daredevil was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist Bill Everett, with an unspecified amount of input from Jack Kirby.[1] The character first appeared in Daredevil #1 (April 1964). Writer/artist Frank Miller's influential tenure on the title in the early 1980s cemented the character as a popular and influential part of the Marvel Universe. Daredevil is commonly known by such epithets as the "Man

  • Sister Carrie Character Analysis Essay

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    The Living Situation Affects Carrie’s Moral Judgments In Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie, Carrie Meeber, a young provincial girl without money, social status, and special ability, comes to glamorous Chicago alone. In such a poor condition, if she wants to chase her dream to live a high-level life in the urban, she must suit “the discipline of society” and it is like “the law of the jungle”. The city processes the cruel survival competition. Thus, she has to face two choices: “Either she falls

  • Metro Manila Movie Analysis

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    Metro Manila is a mix of drama and crime thriller film that was set in Manila itself. It was able to show the underlying truth of the people living in the slums and are ostracized by society. Oscar’s personality was evident that he’s a hardworking man who would do anything for the good of his family. He moved to Manila in hopes of having a better life because he didn’t receive enough money that he deserved from being a farmer. An issue that is still patent in our country is belittling the farmers

  • Women In The Great Gatsby

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    As indicated in the title, the new woman is a literally different type of woman who has changed in every aspect of her life. She is a well-educated, free spirited and independent woman figure. She has changed the traditional ideas about ideal womanhood in the late 19th century. Because until this time, the woman was only a mother and wife in the public eye. Her all responsibilities and duties were being consisted by her husband, her children and housework. For example, bearing and nursing children