Thiamine Essays

  • Innova Dog Foods Case Study

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    Innova dog food is manufactured by Natura Pets Products that was founded in 1992 by John Rademakers, Ann Rademakers and Peter Atkins. The company was founded to manufacture pet food without the use of dangerous ingredients. Over time, the company has earned itself an outstanding reputation with its Innova dog food earning a four star rating. Currently, the Innova dog food product line is composed of eleven kibbles; five of which are meant for adult maintenance, four of which meet nutrient profiles

  • Argumentative Essay On Bread

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    When wheat or white bread is placed either in the freezer a dark cabinet, the counter, fridge or with a paper towel can mold still grow on the piece of bread? How much do you know about bread? Have you ever noticed that white bread molds faster than wheat bread? If you have you are very perceptive. When you think of bread what is your first thought? For some people it might be carbs, high cholesterol, and many other negative results. There are some positive and negative factors for eating bread

  • Examples Of Ethical Issues In Nursing

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    encephalopathy, the need for IV Thiamine will be crucial. However patient still refused treatment ordered by the doctor. An analysis of this case indicates that it is important to maintain patient’s autonomy however it is also critical that patient receive the IV thiamine treatment. The nurse has a role to play to exercising the principles of beneficence and non-maleficence for her patients. As according to Butterworth (2009) there is a need for prompt, effective thiamine supplementation in all patients

  • Vitamin B Research Paper

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    Vitamin B1 Thiamine Although Vitamin B, was one of the first vitamins ever recognised, known for thousands of years. It was not until the late nineteenth and early twentieth century that it was recognised as having a dietary role. In the Far East consumption of “polished” or refined rice often led to Vitamin B1deficiency. In the Second World War many European prisoners of war, held in the Far East developed B1 deficiency termed Beri Beri (extreme weakness), was a term used to describe Vitamin

  • Asparagus Advantages And Disadvantages

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    entered the local market for the common people to enjoy. One of the most nutritionally rich vegetables, asparagus is a rich source of vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin C, calcium, zinc and magnesium. It also contains proteins, beta-carotene, thiamine, folic acid, phosphorus, riboflavin, iron, potassium, copper and manganese. Asparagus makes a perfect component for salads, owing to its low calorie and sodium content. Typically eaten as an appetizer, asparagus can be also being eaten stir fried

  • Bodybuilders Research Paper

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    Top Vitamins for Bodybuilders: The Metabolic Spark Plugs: One of the most confusing issues for any athlete is supplementation. What to take, how much, when to take it, blah. Figuring out a supplementation regimen can be so frustrating at times that it becomes easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees, to forget the purpose of supplementation and to overlook exactly what makes successful bodybuilding. It's sometimes easy to forget that the cells in our bodies, particularly muscle cells, rely

  • Nt1310 Lab 1

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    information? DNA is a double-stranded helix composed of a phosphate backbone and deoxyribose, and encodes information by the sequence of its nucleotide bases, which are composed of adenine, thiamine, guanine and cytosine. DNA undergoes transcription, which produces single-stranded mRNA, which uses uracil in place of thiamine. Next step is translation, in which the RNA becomes a protein, which then can act as structural units or enzymes. 2. How does DNA replicate itself? In order to replicate itself, DNA

  • Essay On Bodybuilders

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    Top supplementation for Bodybuilders: The metabolic bright-point stops: One of the most confusing issues for any expert at physical acts for amusement is supplementation. What to take, how much, when to take it, talk with nothing in it. Working out a supplementation regimen can be so putting stop to at times that it becomes simple, not hard to not keep a view of the Forest for the trees, to overlook the purpose of supplementation and to overlook exactly what makes with a good outcome bodybuilding

  • Causes Of Amnesia

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    permanent condition generally thought to be caused by damage to the hippocampus section of the brain. This damage can be caused by an accident, surgery, alcohol, and even an acute deficiency of thiamine known as Korsakoff’s syndrome. Which is a chronic memory disorder caused by severe deficiency of thiamine better known as the vitamin B-1. Sometimes both these types of amnesia may occur together, sometimes called total or global amnesia. Another type of amnesia is post-traumatic amnesia, a state of

  • Summary: The Bug Stops Here

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    Title: The Bug Stops Here Word Count: 574 Summary: With the growing concern for West Nile Virus and Lymes disease, more people are spraying and lathering on insect repellent. Most commercial repellents contain harmful chemicals that must be used with extreme caution. Someone shared a story that occurred when she was on vacation at the beach. A parent used an insect repellent with DEET on her 2 year old child. The child went unconscious within minutes of application and was rushed to the hospital

  • Essay On Implicit Memory

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    Implicit and Explicit Memory The brain's memory systems are divided into two types: implicit memory and explicit memory. The main difference between implicit and explicit memory is their relation to consciousness: explicit memory transport data to consciousness in the form of images or thoughts, while implicit memory mainly skips consciousness (Memory, 2009). Procedural memory is another type of implicit memory. Procedural memory allows individual to gain specific skills, like using a music instruments

  • Essay On Chinchilla

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    Their diet should be rich in fiber, low in protein, and extremely low in fats and sugars with added minerals and vitamins. Important vitamins and minerals include vitamin C and B, Thiamine, Calcium. A pelleted diet formulated specifically for chinchillas is a good choice. Refrain from using brans that have seeds, dried fruit, corn, etc. as these are treats not food and should be limited. Do not feed your chinchilla guinea pig or

  • Metronidazole Case Report

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    METRONIDAZOLE TOXICITY PRESENTING AS ACUTE CEREBELLAR SYNDROME; A CASE REPORT ABSTRACT A young male presented to us with features of acute cerebellar syndrome. He was a diagnosed case of liver abscess but was lost to follow up. He had continued taking medicines for liver abscess well beyond the prescribed duration. The MRI brain of the patient showed hyper-intensities in bilateral dentate nuclei on T2 FLAIR images, suggestive of Metabolic Encephalopathy. On stopping metronidazole, patient

  • Fate Of Pyruvate Research Paper

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    microorganisms will be forming ethanol in an aerobic condition. Moreover, the decarboxylation of pyruvate to acetaldehyde is the first step in the reaction. Pyruvate decarboxylase catalyzes the reaction which needs the coenzyme thiamine pyrophosphate that has been derived from vitamin thiamine (B1). The next step is the reduction

  • B. Infantis Benefits

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    The probiotic Bifidobacterium infantis (B. infantis) is the largest population of beneficial bacteria mainly found in babies that are breast fed that holds many anti-inflammatory properties. Although it decreases as we age but remains a beneficial part of our microflora with many useful applications for teens and adult’s colon and women since it is found in the vagina. According to “The B. infantis probiotic is more precisely suited to the intestinal environment of breast-fed

  • Mr Borg Case Study

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    Depression scale score > 10, indicating mild depression Patient’s current medications include metformin (Glucophage), insulin human regular (HumuLIN R), warfarin (Coumadin), furosemide (Lasix), carvedilol (Coreg), captopril (Capoten), potassium (KDur), thiamine (Thiamilate), multi-vitamin (One-A-Day), trazadone (Desyrel), moxifloxicin (Avelox), amiodarone (Cardarone), and a nitroglycerin patch (Nitro-Dur). ECG revealed that the distal two thirds of the left ventricle was akinetic. Cardiac Catheterization

  • Gluten Free Diet Analysis

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    wheat and related grains like barley and rye. A common usage for gluten-free diet is by people affected by celiac disease or a wheat allergy. A gluten-free diet requires a person not to eat some nutrients that may lead to deficiency in iron, calcium, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and folate (University of Wisconsin, 2011). Also, the diet will result the body to become restrained in bowel movement from an inefficiency amount of fiber. In regards to effect of the stomach, the immune system can be hindered

  • B Amylase Lab Report

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    fermentable sugars ( glucose and maltose) rather than each amylase working alone. This is a typical action of malt products. Malt is high in vitamins and essential amino acids making it a product of nutritional value. It is generally the B group vitamins ( thiamine, riboflavin, niacin etc). Diastatic and non diastatic malts contain a large amount of sugars (glucose and maltose). Glucose is rapidly consumed by yeast in breadmaking followed by maltose which is used up after glucose and fructose. Two ways to add

  • Micronutrient Analysis Paper

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    To have a healthy body is one of the things that many of us wish to fulfill. Nevertheless, we don't take accountability of the bad decisions that we often choose to do. Having a toned and healthy body does not only requires diets and exercises, it also requires that we provide for our bodies the necessary and the right amounts of vitamins and nutrients. Two these essential nutrients are the micronutrients and water. On this paper, I would be comparing the two different types of micronutrients and

  • Vegemite Research Paper

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    There are many different kinds of spread all over the world that people have on their bread such as butter, jam, peanut butter, mustard, cream cheese, honey, and many others. Many of these spreads are considered to be popular, especially when it comes to breakfast in the early morning. There is one kind of spread that many people despise called “vegemite”. Vegemite is a thick, black spread made in Australia in the leftover brewer’s yeast extract made with spice and vegetables. Despite it being hated