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When wheat or white bread is placed either in the freezer a dark cabinet, the counter, fridge or with a paper towel can mold still grow on the piece of bread? How much do you know about bread? Have you ever noticed that white bread molds faster than wheat bread? If you have you are very perceptive. When you think of bread what is your first thought? For some people it might be carbs, high cholesterol, and many other negative results.
There are some positive and negative factors for eating bread. The negative factors of eating bread, is that bread has the ingredient of gluten in it and gluten does cause a disease if it is eaten to much. The grains in bread contain an acid that has conflict with other minerals and can cause nutrient deviancy. The positive effect is, bread has a very high iron count, has a little calcium and it has a lot of fiber.
When it comes to the differences in flour there re two basic types. There is white flour and whole wheat flower. White flour Is bleached with chemicals. With these harsh chemicals in your bread is dangerous to your health. Whole wheat flour has all its natural ingredients still in it with n chemicals. The two most common bread sources that are eaten around the united states are white and wheat bread. The ingredients in white bread are water, yeast, salt, soybean oil, and
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You will notice it by the darker colors. This type of mold is usually found on fruit but can grow on bread. When this mold grows on bread it starts on the inside of the bread and it absorbs all the nutrients from the bread which helps the mold grow. Neurospora also known as the red mold is a good type of mold bakers uses it to boost the yeast. The third type of mold for the bread is penicillium. Penicillium is noticed by its greyish blue with white circles. All three of these molds are not toxic but if you eat the bread with mold on it you will get

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