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  • Rhinomanometry Case Study

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    Typically, the patient begins using the topical agent to treat an underlying disorder causing nasal obstruction. This disorder still needs to be evaluated. Treatment involves stopping the topical nasal decongestants. Topical glucocorticoids and possibly oral glucocorticoid agents can help minimize edema and inflammation and can be of significant benefit in obtaining compliance with

  • Fluoride Literature Review

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    tooth itself to become more resilient to dental caries. The population can be exposed to the beneficial effects of fluoride in several ways. Fluoride exposure can be broadly categorized into systemic and topical fluoride. The following is a literature review on the effectiveness of both topical and systemic applications of fluoride. The mechanisms of action of fluoride are (i) inhibition of demineralization at the crystal surfaces, (ii)

  • Hyperpigmentation Case Study

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    lentigines, and café-au-lait macules. Hyperpigmentation disorders are the result of increase in epidermal melanin either by increased number of or activity of melanocytes. The various treatment modalities used for the treatment of these disorders includes topical agents, chemical peels, cryotherapy, or laser therapy.1 Management strategy for hyperpigmentation disorders of skin Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation Photoprotection Patients should

  • Exfoliative Cheilitis Case Study

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    with scaling and crusting of the lips are the salient features. These cases are usually refractory to treatment, as experienced and reported in the previous literature. We hereby report two cases of exfoliative cheiltis successfully treated with topical tacrolimus and oral olanzapine. One of our two cases was refractory to almost all forms of treatments. Key words: exfoliative cheilitis; inflammation; olanzapine; tacrolimus   Introduction Exfoliative cheilitis is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting

  • Psoriasis Case Study

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    1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Psoriasis1-5 :- The prevalence of the psoriasis in India is found to be 8%.The male to female ratio in Psoriasis was 1.1:1.[1] Psoriasis is chronic, inflammatory, noncontiguous, genetic disease of immune system that affect to skin or joint. In which there are sharply defined red patches on the skin, covered by a silvery, flaky surface observed. Mainly the process starts in the basal (deepest) layer of the epidermis, where keratinocytes are made. Keratinocytes are immature skin

  • Textual Theme In Interpersonal Decision Making

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    relative element; and (iii) clause binder). Conjunctions indicate a conjunctive relationship with previous discourse such as (but, nevertheless, and, when, and so). Textual theme may also be a continuative (e.g., now, well, so). It may combine with topical Theme to make a multiple Theme. Butt, et. al, (1999) point out that the textual

  • Cyclosporine 0 Lab Report

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    Efficacy of topical cyclosporine 0.05% eye drops in the treatment of dry eyes Haitham Y. Al-Nashar J Egypt Ophthalmol Soc 108:233?236 Purpose: The aim of the present study was to detect the effectiveness of cyclosporine 0.05% eyedrops for treatment of patients with dry-eye disease. Patients and methods: A total of 35 eyes of 20 dry-eye patients were included in the present study. Ten patients (20 eyes) had dry eyes associated with systemic rheumatologic disease (Sj?gren?s syndrome), five patients

  • Melasma Literature Review

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    The etiology of melasma has yet to be established, and the course of treatment continues to be a challenge. Traditionally, treatment strategy comprise of broad-spectrum sunscreens and topical hypo pigmenting agents

  • Diclofenac Pain Case Study

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    gingival inflammation, showed a highly significant reduction in the scores in the test group when compared to baseline. The new 0.074% diclofenac mouthwash is an effective and tolerable medicinal product for post-surgical symptomatic relief. This topical formulation is sufficiently effective for pain relief after minor oral surgical procedures without subjecting the patients to systemic side-effects. Key words: Diclofenac, Inflammation, mouthwash, pain, periodontal surgery.  INTRODUCTION Pain is

  • Conjunctiva Research Paper

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    INTRODUCTION Inflammation of the conjunctiva is called conjunctivitis.It may be infective or allergic either in acute or chronic form.Types of conjunctivitis are Infective, Allergic, Chemical &Traumatic.Infective or allergic conjunctivitis present in acute form or in chronic form and are characterized by hyperemia, watery secretions (lacrimation), itching anddischarge.Hyperemia varies in degree and in distribution.The secretions vary in nature and in amount. The nature of secretion is sometimes

  • Impetigo Research Paper

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    It is no secret that kids are always getting sick. Due to poor hygiene practices and germ infested toys, kids are constantly in contact with bacteria. If a child comes in contact with certain bacteria, the child can get a rash that is actually a bacterial infection called Impetigo. Every year more than three million cases of Impetigo are seen in the United States of America (FDA Consumer Health). Impetigo is easily spread between and very common in kids, but adults can get it also. It can be easily

  • Candida Sp Research Paper

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    Vaginal yeast infection Many women have an occasional bout of vaginal yeast infection. It is due to an infection by yeast called Candida spp. Treatment options include a tablet that you take by mouth, or anti-thrush pessary that you can insert into your vagina. There are also anti-thrush cream that you rub on the skin around the vagina (vulva) if needed. The treatment usually works well. But some women have recurrent bouts of thrush which may need longer courses of treatment. What is yeast infection

  • Fungal Infections Essay

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    The epidemiology of fungal infections has changed during the last decade as well as dramatic improvements can be seen in the antifungal therapies [1]. Eventhough there is remarkable progress in diagnostic and antifungal drug research during the past 10 years, there still exists difficulties in prompt diagnosis and the complexity of the clinical characteristics makes the management of invasive fungal infections a great challenge. Fungal infections affect millions of people throughout the world and

  • Literature Review Malignant Fungating Wound

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    Ostomy & Continence Nursing, 38(1), 31-37.‏ 5. Da Costa Santos, C. M., De Mattos Pimenta, C. A., & Nobre, M. R. C. (2010). A Systematic Review of Topical Treatments to Control the Odor of Malignant Fungating Wounds. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 39(6), 1065-1076.‏ 6. Finlay, I. G., Bowszyc, J., Ramlau, C., & Gwiezdzinski, Z. (1996). The Effect of Topical 0.75% Metronidazole Gel on Malodorous Cutaneous Ulcers. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 11(3), 158-162.‏ 7. Fromantin, I., Watson, S

  • Mannitol Research Paper

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    11) Incompatibilities: A Maillard-type condensation reaction is likely to occur between lactose and compounds with a primary amine group to form brown, or yellow-brown-colored products. Lactose is also incompatible with amino acids, aminophylline, amphetamines, and lisinopril. 12) Safety: Adverse reactions to lactose are largely attributed to lactose intolerance, which occurs in individuals with a deficiency of the intestinal enzyme lactase. 13) Regulatory Status: Included in the FDA Inactive Ingredients

  • Exterior Epistaxis: A Case Study

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    In the aforementioned study, the proportion of patients with epistaxis treated with anterior nasal packing and bleeding stop time ≤10 min was approximately 30 percent7. We considered a minimum clinically important difference of 25% to make the topical use of injectable form of tranexamic acid preferable to the alternative, namely anterior nasal packing. Hence, we assumed if the new treatment could achieve 55% success (Δ =25%). A sample size of 57 per group was identified to achieve 80% power with

  • Chemical Eye Injury Case Studies

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    irrigation till the pH is neutralized : Chemical burn is the only ocular injury that needs an immediate emergency treatment with copious irrigation without taking history and even before the primary ophthalmological assessment. Start by application of topical anaesthesia drops to relieve the blepharospasm & pain. Document the status of the eye pH with Litmus paper. Eyelid speculum should applied to immobilize the eyelids. It is important to double evert the upper eyelid and sweep the fornix with moist

  • Lichen Planus Case Study

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    stated that the asymptomatic papules arose suddenly over several weeks leading to roughness of her face. She also had experienced a bilateral eyebrow loss since 2 years which made her to undergo a cosmetic tattoo after getting disappointed of several topical treatments all of which failed to an eyebrow growth. Her medical history revealed no specific disease. Her family and drug history was negative as well. Physical examination revealed numerous skin colored to yellowish, smooth, 1-2 mm papules symmetrically

  • Psoriasis Or Psoriasis Vulgaris

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    psoriasis affected part of the skin. This home remedy for relieving psoriasis is very easy to use. Just peel of a piece of Aloe Vera leaf and apply it on the skin up to three times a day. If you do not have Aloe Vera plant at home, you may look for topical over-the-counter creams with 0.5% aloe

  • Essay On Otitis Media

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    Chronic otitis media Otitis media is defined as an inflammation of the middle ear cleft without reference to etiology or pathogenesis. Sources of infection in Otitis media are mainly dependent on the route by which infection reaches the middle ear. The chief route by which this occurs is the Eustachian tube.7, 8 .The causative infections may be in the nose, paranasal sinuses or in the oropharynx. All these conditions are ascending infections of Eustachian tube 9. The