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  • Essay About Cheerleading

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    was apart of the very first Olympics, figure skating was added in 1908, and synchronized swimming in 1984. All of these sports are closely related to cheerleading, yet cheerleading today is not apart of the Olympics as well. Gymnastics tumbling is the same tumbling that cheerleaders do in a routine but some people still say that gymnastics is more of a sport than cheerleading is. Figure skaters have a set routine that they compete to try to win competitions which is exactly what cheerleaders do as

  • Informative Speech About Cheerleading

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    apply makeup, slick your hair with a bow, and simply put on a smile, and yell as loud as you can to keep the crowd pumped. Cheerleading includes all those easy and pretty factors, but it is also a sport that you stunt, tumble, and jump. Jumps and tumbling may seem really easy to many people, but there’s more work done than most might think is possible. Stunting is also a major element in cheer, and that’s what really pleases the crowd, but stunting takes tons of work. What is really the secret to

  • Persuasive Essay: An Example Of Cheerleading As A Sport

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    cheerleading is a sport since it requires intense physical activity for the players. Sport means “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical ability and often of a competitive nature” (Dictionary.com, n.d.). Cheerleading consists of jumps, dances, and tumbling, which people generally do for exercising and consider as a sport. Not only having those, cheerleading also requires muscular strength for male and flexibility and balance for female which are also required for the other sports such as gymnastics

  • Cheerleading Essay

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    A competitive cheer team performs a two and a half minute routine with music that includes stunts, jumps, and tumbling. It is judged by a panel of experts on difficulty and execution. Many believe cheerleading is just cheerleading, little do they know what competitive cheer actually consists of. As you dive into looking at the sport, you realize that it is not all just jumping around in short skirts with pom-poms and trying to look pretty. A competitive cheer team has one main goal: to win. It meets

  • Why Is Cheerleading A Sport Essay

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    Cheerleading to be Considered a Sport? Cheerleading was at first created as a form of entertainment for crowds at football games in 1898; yet, over 100 years after the creation of the activity, cheerleading has not evolved very much. Cheerleaders tumble and perform stunts to entertain the fans and attract attention during half times and time outs. Yet many question if the activity is truly a sport? Some believe, due to the level of skill and flexibility required, it is considered a sport. However

  • The Importance Of Cheerleading

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    There were cameras all around, people cheering, and a panel of judges watching the athletes every move. The energy buzzing through the air escalates as the next teams step up to the mat to compete. Just like other competitive sports, cheerleading is a sport that is on the rise to international popularity. Cheerleading is a sport that contains organized routines that include elements from gymnastics, dance, or various types of stunts. The person that performs the cheer routine is called a cheerleader

  • Nursing: My Choice Of Nursing As A Career

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    Nursing is not just about treating the ill, it is focused on the quality of care that we are delivering to our patient according to their individualized needs. Nursing is much more than just the physical aspects it also what we see internal wellness. Nursing has given me new challenges every day, pushed me to my limits. Nursing has taught me to think critically and used my clinical judgment. Choice of Nursing I chose nursing as a career because I knew it was my calling. I have the desire to help

  • Essay On Roller Derby

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    “It will be tough at times, but that is when you grow as a person and athlete:when you are challenged and you push through.” said -Jackie Daniels, TexasRollergirls. Roller derby is a contact sport played by two teams of five skaters skating in the same direction around a track. The game consists of a series of short jams in which both teams designate a jammer (with the star panty) who scores points by lapping members of the opposing team. Although Roller Derby the consist a Pivot, Blocker, and Jammer

  • Persuasive Essay: Why Is Cheerleading A Sport?

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    The word sport is defined as "An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment”. Cheerleading isnt a sport but people are working really hard for other people to accept it as a sport. Cheerleading is an activity where you make a routine and perform it for points, and even win awards at competitions. When you perform you are against many teams in your division. Cheerleaders take a lot of time to train and prepare

  • Essay On Gymnastic Rings

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    (2). PROCIRCLE Wood Gymnastic Rings Do you ever imagine how it feels having Olympic gym rings as your natural workouts supplement? I mean, working out like a champ and smashing those targets like you have never done it before? As unbelievable as you may have read that, PROCIRCLE Wood Gymnastic Rings serve as a perfect addition to your regular exercises supplement. In fact, if you desire tremendous gains in your upper body and more core functional strength, trust this gym ring to offer that. It is

  • Essay On Cheerleading

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    Cheerleading: Is It a Sport? You do cheer your whole life and do just as much as other athletes. Someone walks up to you and says cheer isn’t a sport. How would you respond? Competitive cheerleading has become one of the fastest growing activities in the country. There is competitive cheer and non-competitive, know as school cheer. Although there is a big difference that people don’t know about. While it’s true competitive cheer would seem like it’s not a strenuous activity, but competitive cheer

  • Persuasive Essay On Cheerleading

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    curtain when mishaps happen like a stunt falling or a mess up in a tumbling pass. These injuries that come from the mishaps used to be less occurring when the sport began in the 1870’s, but the sport has become increasingly more difficult and dangerous. Stunting alone accounts for 42 to 60 percent of all cheerleading injuries; that 's more than half of injuries that are caused from stunts alone not including the other causes like tumbling and even coaches (Betterbraces.com). Cheerleading has proved to

  • Essay On College Cheerleaders

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    and straight rides. High school cheerleaders cannot pull any inventions or flips. In most colleges a basket toss can have up to two skills in a basket toss. For example, a back tuck  X-out or back tuck full. College rotations, whether in stunts or tumbling go up to two and a half while in high school you can only rotate one and a quarter when twisting in the air or

  • Informative Speech About Cheerleading

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    Cheerleading: Is it a sport? Basketball players are known for their height. Football players for their strength. Lacrosse players for their speed and agility. Baseball and softball players for their coordination. Cheerleaders,they aren’t known for doing much. They are known for being on the sidelines and showing off their bodies. That’s it. We’re not here to show you high school cheerleading. We’re here to show you the young women and men putting all of their free-time into a stuffy old gym. Trusting

  • Essay About A Significant Moment In My Life

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    I felt confident in my tumbling, however I had never stunted before and I couldn’t seem to get the hang of it. I am very short, so the only position available for me on the team was to be a flyer. This terrified me and as the summer went on, the majority of the upperclassmen whom

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Composting

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    composting may also be termed as conventional or traditional composting. This is then separated between maintaining an agitated solids bed and a static bed. Agitated solids bed is when the composting mixture is disturbed in some way, may be by periodic tumbling, turning or agitation, during the composting phase. The Windrow Process Composting material is placed in rows and turned at regular schedules, commonly by mechanical equipment, for instance by the use of a tractor, pull-type turners handling

  • Cheerleading Is A Sport Essay

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    exertion and physical contact. Cheerleading is a sport. It does involve physical exertion. It does involve skill in which a team competes. It can range from shouting cheers to intense physical activity some of these components repeatedly include tumbling, dancing, and stunting. These acts of physical activity can be performed for one to three minutes consistently. Cheerleading competitions are known

  • Red Tail Lights Short Story

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    Driving home that night, we came upon the bright yellow blinking lights to turn left off the highway to head home, as we had done so many times before. The next thing I knew, I found myself tumbling out of my dad's beat up old pickup truck, as we were turning the corner. The only thing I remember is tumbling out so fast and my head being very close to the back tire. In addition, I could read clearly the word Goodyear, my dad’s tires. While I was regaining my thoughts, I saw the red taillights, glowing

  • Essay On Cheerleading Is A Sport

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    to help energize the crowd and team. They began to to shout stuff like “Rah! Ski-u-Mah! Hoo-Rah!” Which then led the team to a victory. In 1923 is when women were allowed to finally cheer. This is the decade where cheerleaders added acrobatics and tumbling to their routines which leads me to my argument of why I believe cheerleading should be considered a sport. One reason why cheerleading should be considered a sport because of the physical activity that they do. For

  • Persuasive Essay: Is Cheerleading A Sport?

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    Is cheerleading a sport? This is a question that is profoundly debated. There are many distinct qualities of cheerleading that can display it as a sport. It consists of stunts, dancing, and tumbling, all of which are included in certain sports or are a sport. Just like baseball, football, and gymnastics the athletes get a workout and learn numerous lessons. In certain cases, cheerleading can be time consuming and stressful, which establishes cheerleading as a sport. The newly found sport discovered