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  • Aspects Of Surveillance

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    Introduction Surveillance is the monitoring of the behavior, activities, or other changing information, usually of people for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting them . An automated surveillance system is a substitution for direct human observation. Artificial intelligence algorithms are commonly used to detect what is being observed. There are several aspects of surveillance, some of which include the following: i. Computer and Network surveillance: Monitoring of data

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Internet Protocol

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    The software layer describes the application layer communication protocol. It comprises of the Internet standards, UPnP, Web services, Service Oriented architecture, Representational state transfer and simple object access protocol. 2.31The Internet Standards The following part describes various standards used over the Internet. These standardshelp the communication between devices (and their users, at the end). They are presentedfrom the lowest level of abstraction to the highest. Additionally,

  • VARK Assessment

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    Discussion of the VARK Location of the Tool The VARK assessment tool was found doing an internet search of learning styles tools. Several assessments were found in this search. A few of them were tools that are printed and others were online versions. Most were likert scale. The VARK was chosen over the other tools because it was short, online, easily found with a link, and very self-explanatory for the student learner to complete. The ease of the learners to finish and return the results of the

  • Nt1330 Unit 1 Assignment

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    Assignment 1 What is Web Server Scripting? Explain the principles of web server scripting: Web server scripting is simply where a script is executed on the web server before a webpage is sent to the user. This means that the files that the user can customised rather the layout or information shown on the webpage once they load it up, an example of this would be, on Facebook once you login you will get a news feed, which is for you alone and no one else. This makes webpages dynamic; they can change

  • Essay On Website And Web Advantages And Disadvantages

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    A website and a web application are usually interchangeable words by the general public, but they are different. A website is a simple single page site. It is usually build using HTML and CSS. Other tools can be used to create it that doesn’t require the use or knowledge of a programming language or database. Websites are also usually not updated, or not very often. On the other hand, a web application is an interactive page that is frequently changing and dynamic. For example, if you visit the site

  • Essay On Space Junk

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    Statistics from Energy Fresh web site, par 3. Research question 3: What are the dangers of space junk? Space junk fragments represent the objects travelling at extremely fast speed, about 8 kilometers per second. If even a very small piece of debris hits a satellite, spacecraft or

  • Universal Language

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    Between 100,000 and 2,000,000 people worldwide fluently or actively speak Esperanto, including perhaps 1,000 native speakers who learned Esperanto from birth. Esperanto has a notable presence in more than a hundred countries. Its usage is highest in Europe, East Asia, and South America. The phonology, grammar, vocabulary, and semantics are based on the Indo-European languages spoken in Europe. On the other hand, will the introduction and learning of a universal language result

  • Web Mining Categories

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    categories of Web mining field are: 1. Web usage mining (WUM) 2. Web structure mining (WSM), and 3. Web content mining (WCM). 1.2.3 Web Structure Mining Web structure mining tries to find out valuable knowledge from the structure of hyperlink to take advantage of knowledge about web page relations. We can divide web structure mining into two kinds according to type of web structure data: 1. Extracting patterns from hyperlinks in the web: A structural component that connects the web page to a

  • Essay On Social Media Awareness

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    In this day and age that we live in, the presence of social media is extremely prevalent in all aspects of life, whether it be in business, sport, and politics or in our personal lives. In all of these aspects mentioned, social media can create awareness about a specific topic by informing and influencing people. But in order to understand the true impact that social media has on creating awareness about social issues, a few definition must first be understood. Firstly, what is activism? Activism

  • Essay On Web Security Testing

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    What is web security testing? First, we understand the definition of WEB. Web is a platform where we can share our views, review our applications with anyone. Hence, web is a PUBLIC platform. Web is widely known as the Internet. Internet is a medium through which information can be viewed, reviewed and used either in a positive or a negative way. As everyone has an access to the information, there is a threat of misusing the data or sources available. A person can modify anyone’s data leading

  • Inclusion Criteria Of Qualitative Research Essay

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    Case Study This is the research strategy with the help of which the researcher can gather topic specific real life information from the online sources. It is noticed that the practices or actions that has taken place in the world in relation to the research topic are collected and presented in this research strategy. This is means that the researcher analyses the aim and objectives through utilisation of the factual information that is available on the online sources such as organisational website

  • Essay On Web Design

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    What is Web Design? A Web site is the final output of a Web design. The Web site sits on a Web server where electronic files are stored. The Web site presents the contents and interactive features or interfaces to the end user in the form of Web pages. How the information requested is displayed to the user is par of the Web design process. Additional controls are embedded in order to display more complex media like animations, sounds and other forms. Whats New? The Clouds of Course! Everybody wants

  • Political Factors Affecting Microsoft

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    Political/Legal factors: Microsoft is affected by political factors above any other. They attracted government and political party attention because of antitrust related issues. The issue was that whether or not Microsoft could tie their Internet Explorer web browser to their Microsoft Windows operating system. It

  • Pros And Cons Of Internet Censorship

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    inalienable human right. If a person cannot receive their basic human rights while using the Internet, then they may not even bother. This deprives the world of people with new and interesting viewpoints. People who regularly share their creative works and thoughtful opinions with other browsers

  • Internet Banking

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    Internet access has enabled citizens to generally use tokens or TAN card, and companies to use smart cards. The client 's infrastructure is limited to access to a computer with a web browser, and it uses a smart card reader and need more and programmatic support for his work. It does not necessarily mean that the user has their own computer, and can use a computer or access to other owners realize at some of the internet cafes. Identification is the process of entering user names and passwords that

  • Privacy: An Essential Human Rights

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    Privacy Privacy is an essential human right recognized in the majority of international treaties and agreements on human rights. Almost all countries around the world identify privacy as a basic human right in their constitution, either explicitly or implicitly (Tan, 1999). The importance of the protection of privacy as an essential human right has been recognized after the disaster and carnages of second World War period, when large databases of personal data were used to segregate populations

  • Role Of Information Technology In Banking Performance

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    THE ROLE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ON COMMERCIAL BANK PERFOMANCE CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Over the years, many innovations have taken place in the world, the most outstanding and most celebrated is the facet of information technology. In late 20th century, the banking industry consisted of a large number operating in geographically distinct local markets. Products and services — primarily taking deposits and making loans — were delivered via the branch, which emphasized

  • Open Source Operating System Case Study

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    1-) Analyze the pros and cons of the various open source operating systems available. Pros: Operating System Name Pros Cons LINUX Cost : the most important advantage actually of using Linux as free operating system if we compare to another operating sustem like windows it's available for a hefty and sometimes recurring fee whereas a Linux distribution can be installed on any number of computers, without paying a single dime. Security : My motivation is that the Linux operating

  • 2. Four Challenges Of Digital Forensics

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    forensics community. 2.4 Challenges of Digital Forensics Digital technology evidence gathering and presentation presents challenges that are inherently different from other kinds of forensic investigations in other fields. Digital evidence is different from evidence that has been created, stored, transferred and reproduced from non-digital formats (Chaikin, 2004). In his study, he showed that the main difference between digital technology evidence and other forms of forensic science practice is