Nt1310 Unit 3 Research Question And Objective

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3. Research Question and Objectives Our main objective is to design a web-based visual interactive software that can provide us a graphical interface for computer programming. Where basic general purpose programming facilities will be available like creation of modules, arrays and object orientation. Where we can achieve multitasking using threads and exception handling to catch exceptions. Interactive user I/O facilities and debugging proficiency to resolve our bugs and errors. We desire to design a complete software that can full fill weaknesses of other VPLs. Proposal of a software that will change the complete programming environment for developers, hand written code to just drag and drop atmosphere. A tool that will execute our program directly as well as translate our logic or block diagram to desired TPLs like Java, C, …show more content…

Many of them for learning and educational purpose and some for kids game development. If any VPL provide us arrays creation facility then it lacks object orientation ability. If a VPL provide debugging support may be it is unable to manage multitasking. In short, we don’t have all in one VPL to develop professional programs. We need to design a software that provide interactive user I/O facilities. That can manage file reading and writing ability. That can achieve multitasking within a program, can manage customized modules. A VPL in which we can debug our program with proper try catch exception handler blocks. The solution is to develop a web-based visual interactive software. We have to design a diagrammatical or graphical drag and drop based tool to come over existing VPLs weaknesses that not only execute the block diagram but also compile our program to other TPLs. Innovation of this application will change the programming environment from hand written code to drag and drop capability with textual code generation facility in future as

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