Nt1330 Unit 3 Research Paper

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According to the research conducted by Hadeel Tariq Al-Rayes of the University of Diyala there are twelve categories of files that were changed on the Linux kernel to develop Android. This document discusses only five categories.
The first one is the Goldfish where it is claimed 44 files were changed. The Goldfish is a virtual CPU on the Android kernel. The Goldfish is responsible for input and output services. The second category of files changed is the Scheduler. Here, it is claimed five files were changed and the differences between original Scheduler on the Linux kernel and the Scheduler on the Android kernel are time-keeping algorithms. The third category is the power management category (discussed in detail section 3.2.3) where it is claimed five files were changed. The final category is the category of miscellaneous changes. Here it is claimed thirty-six files were changed. The changes found on the Android that are not on the Linux kernel include extra support for keypad controls and TCP networking. …show more content…

However, the Android kernel is an ARM based system. According to … the ARM architecture is simpler compared to the x86 architecture. Furthermore, the ARM architecture consumes less power compared to processes based on the x86 architecture (). This makes the Android kernel more suitable for mobile devices with limited battery power.

Process of booting the kernel
The process of starting a kernel is different between the Linux kernel and Android kernel. Figure 2.3 illustrates the processes of booting Android and Linux operating systems. Both processes have six steps that are similar but do have significant differences that are discussed in this section. Figure2.3 Android and Linux kernel boot processes

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