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State Flags Game

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Guess in your head (There’s no typing.) the name of the state to which the flag belongs. Then click on the "Click for answer" button located below the flag.

Note: In an effort to make this game challenging, not every state flag is included.

Flag description: A blue flag with an elk and a bear flanking the state seal, a blue shield with the sun rising over a lake and a man with a raised hand holding a gun.

A blue flag with nineteen gold/buff stars and a flaming torch in gold or buff; the nineteenth star, appreciably larger than the others (this is the nineteenth state), is placed above the flame of the torch.

A blue flag with state coate of arms: draft horses flank the coat of arms and an American eagle rests on the top; the scroll at the bottom reads Virtue, Liberty and Independence.

A circle of thirteen gold stars surrounding a gold ship's anchor on a white field representing the first thirteen states; the state's motto 'Hope' is on a blue ribbon below the anchor.

The flag is dark green with the state seal in the center; the state seal is a picture of George Washington.

A blue flag with the a mother pelican feeding her young (from the state seal), in white and gold, and a white ribbon bearing the state motto, 'Union, Justice, and Confidence'.

A royal blue flag with a gold fringe and the state seal in the center. Around the state seal is a wreath of the state flower, the lady slipper. Three dates are woven into the wreath: 1858, 1819, and 1893. Nineteen stars ring the wreath.

A cobalt blue flag with a five-pointed silver star in the upper left quarter between two sprays of sagebrush crossed to form a half wreath; across the top of the wreath is a golden scroll with the words, in black letters, 'Battle Born.'

Adopted as 2001, a blue flag with the state seal surrounded by 13 stars; beneath the seal is a banner with 3 of the former state flags, the original U.S. flag, the current U.S. flag on it.

A blue flag with eight gold stars: seven form the constellation of the Big Dipper; the eighth is larger than the rest and represents the North Star.

Flag description: On an azure blue background is an ornamental white shield with three grapevines, each bearing three bunches of purple grapes.

Flag description: A white bison on a blue field bordered in white and red; the state seal is branded on the bison.

Flag description: A blue shield on a white field and emblazoned with the image of a Native American holding a bow in one hand and an arrow in the other.

Flag description: A palmetto tree and a crescent moon (both in white) on a blue field.

Flag description: A silk flag with gilt fringe bordering a blue field, and in the center is the state seal.

Flag description: A buff colored flag with the state coat of arms in the center; the shield has 3 plows on it, a horse's head above it, and a woman on each side representing the goddesses of agriculture and liberty.

Flag description: A deep blue field contains the state seal and the motto, 'Thus Always to Tyrants' in Latin; the seal features a woman warrior standing atop her vanquished foe, a tyrant as identified by his scourge and chain.

Flag description: A red X and the state seal emblazoned on a white field.

Flag description: The state seal appears on a blue field; in the center of the seal is a beehive, the state emblem, with a sego lily (stands for peace) growing on either side; state motto 'Industry' means steady effort.

Flag description: A diamond of buff color with the state's coat of arms on a background of colonial blue; below the diamond are the words 'December 7, 1787,' indicating when this state ratified (the first to do so) the United States constitution.

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