Explain The Factors Which May Affect Children And Young People's Development

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Having the right knowledge, skills and experience in understanding how children or young people develop are very important tools for early years practitioners. We must put to mind that each child born into this world is unique. Children are born with different characters, their personalities and behaviours are formed and influenced by a variety of factors. These factors may affect their ways of interacting with the environment and community or setting in which they live in. Most of the time, adults mainly focus on the physical development of a child and so quick to base their conclusions or judgement on the physical skills. The child being able to sit, stand, walk, talk or even making gestures to communicate in which initiated and strongly coached by the adult at a specific month range. Babies and young children are made to do actions and gestures to entertain adults all merely to …show more content…

The way in which a child’s development is affected will depend wholly on the severity and nature of the learning difficulty they are suffering from. Early intervention is vital for a child who is experiencing any type of learning difficulty and practitioners need to be vigilant when observing children in order that they can be adept at spotting signs of difficulties and know how to confidently deal with them to access professional advice as soon as possible. Loss or bereavement of a close family member Young children lack the understanding of the finality of death and they may struggle to come to terms with bereavement. They will struggle to put things into perspective may well liken the death of a pet to that of a close relative. Children need to be given time to absorb the situation and come to terms with their loss. They will need the adults around them to be sensitive and patient. Children experiencing bereavement may experience number of different emotions ranging from grief to anger to frustrations. Sensory

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