10 Scary Facts About The Number Of Young Adults

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10 Scary facts about the average 18-24 year old When we are younger, we cannot wait to grow up and be adults. That 18th birthday is a huge mile stone in many of our lives. We are finally considered adults, and can do more of what we want and less of what our parents want. However after being an adult for a few years and hanging out with many young adults, quite a few scary statistics started becoming noticeable, making being between the ages of 18 and 24 not as desirable as it once was. One of the worst parts about growing up is the fact that you have to work to survive. Life isn’t free, and it isn’t cheap. However only 54 percent of young adults in America even have jobs. This is due largely to a combination of decreasing job availability and increasing education costs. (1) Not only are most young adults not working, they are also not saving any money. The vast majority of young adults have less than a thousand dollars in their savings accounts. Even scarier than that is nearly half of them save no money at all. That means there is nothing financially waiting to cover emergencies. Those individuals that are working are mostly living pay check to pay check. (2) …show more content…

From texting while driving-resulting in more deaths than driving under the influence, to using smart phones during intercourse and everything in between. With all the social media outlets, cellphones have become almost like another appendage. Many young adults express anxiety when they do not have their cellphone and phantom vibrations (feeling your phone vibrate when it hasn’t, or it isn’t even on you, a big sign of cell phone addiction). Many young adults have lost jobs and ruined good relationships because their phones come first. Cell phones are being checked nonstop by a shocking 54 percent of young adults.

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