13 Reasons Why The Tv Shows Psychology

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13 reasons why is a very difficult show to watch. It deals with very sensitive subjects, but occurrences that happen in everyday life. 13 reasons why shines light on the subject of suicide, gender roles, double standards, bullying, rape, and different social groups. The show is about a teenage girl, Hannah Baker, who commits suicide and leaves behind a collection of cosset tapes of why she did what she did. Each tape is describing a person and why they led her to do what she did. If you received the tapes, you were one of the reasons. Some of the main subjects the show talks about is death, gender roles, sex and different social groups. As death occurs in this show it is very explicit and graphic. Death is shown and talked about throughout the whole season when Hannah commits suicide. Suicide is never the answer, and things will always get better, but she never saw life like that. She was at such a low point in her life where she thought the torture of her everyday life would never end, so she thought the best way to get rid of it was just by ending her life. There's approximately 44,965 suicides every year which estimates to 123 deaths everyday. Suicide does not only affect your family, but everyone with the community. …show more content…

This series shows how their are double standards between the teenage boys and girls in the school. Girls will be “slut shamed” or made fun, meanwhile boys will get praised by their fellow peers for the same actions . Hannah is faced with these problems everyday. Hannah is also put into a position where she raped by the popular jock, Bryce Walker. As the episodes go on she tries to discreetly tell her guidance counselor what happened, but he doesn't believe her and tells her to move on. As that is no help and leads her into even more distress, she commits suicide later that

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