1776: Thomas Jefferson's Declaration Of Independence

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Alex Diaz Period:9 11/17/16 History essay During the year of 1776 many important events happened such as the American Revolution. Within a three month span, three documents were released explaining their different view on American independence. They also wrote about their viewpoints on the government in Great Britain and the Unites States of America and the positive and negatives of each. Although each author had different opinions at times, there were really interesting things written about how America could gain independence within the future The three sources that will be talked about are the Declaration of Independence written on July 4th 1776, Patrick Henry’s “Speech to the second Virginia convention,” and the transcript of the video “From subjects to citizens.” In Patrick Henry’s speech he discussed his own ideas about Great Britain 's rules by saying “Give me liberty, or give me death.” This meant that he was willing to go to war or even die for his rights, no matter the circumstance. In Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of independence speech, he discussed what American…show more content…
The transcript was interesting, it talked about how Thomas Jefferson wanted to live in an independant nation by switching the word “subjects” to the word citizens while writing the declaration of independence. This is related to the purpose of the government because he does not want the government to treat Americans like “subject”, he wants to treat them more like US citizens. In all of these documents they all say the same thing, they all express the same beliefs of an independent nation and how they would do it. In all of these documents they talk about similar ideas involving independence, but their solutions of becoming an independent nation are different. The Declaration of Independence and the transcript are different from Patrick Henry 's speech because Patrick Henry wants to have a war and fight without any peace, while the other two explain their thoughts in a more peaceful
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