1930 And 1940's Dbq Essay

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In the United States’ history during the 1930’s and 1940’s, the federal government worked hard to respond and find solutions for the citizens amid the Great Depression that had risen. That period caused mass unemployment, many struggled financially, and many worried if they would even have enough food to provide for themselves and their families for just the next meal. These federal responses to aid during these hard times changed the role of the government and left a legacy that still influences us today. Most notably of these changes by the government are the impact of growth, power, and the welfare system. The growth of the government during this time was quite exceptional. In the image by The Evening Star (Document C), it shows a man …show more content…

It was stated by Charles Evans Hughes in a court case (Document F) that “[the] authority of the federal government may not be pushed to such as extreme.” This court case was in context of the government’s control over the poultry industry and he believed that the expansion in power, and specifically on businesses, was too much. Yet another example of businesses being put down is given by John L. Lewis in a NBC radio broadcast (Document G) where he talked about how business leaders “have no right” to not listen to union employees and cooperate with them. While corporate-union relationships ought to exist and facilitate workers with fair pay and conditions, it is also important especially during this time of hardship for businesses to be able to thrive so that the economy can be revived. Along with the control that they have, the government isn’t helping businesses either by giving them the backhand for not complying with the demands of unions; they are hindering businesses from growing. Further stating this, is that in a letter to Senator Robert Wagner (Document B), the author brings up the fact that “Washington is against stimulation of business.” He goes on to prove this point by taking note that the government is expanding, the relief and aid support are also growing, and giving unions more power for higher wages and shorter hours,

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