1968-1974 Dbq Analysis

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The time period of 1968 and 1974, putting the United States in a state of disarray. The focus was Nixon and his administration and how they would pull the U.S. out of such calamity. The war in Vietnam was a costly and unpopular war, causing massive inflation along with riots in the U.S. Another challenge faced was the energy crisis, in which the price for gas skyrocketed.This was do to America 's dependency on foreign oil from Arab nations.Ultimately the true challenge was stagflation the process were unemployment and Inflation were both rising, which shouldn 't really happen in a government. This essay will show how Nixon and his administration faced each of these problems and their overall effect. As stated before the Vietnam war was …show more content…

Price for gas was skyrocketing, Nixon and his administration now face something they never saw coming. With Arab Nations putting an embargo on the U.S. for oil. This led to the worst gas shortage in U.S. history. At the start of 1968 the price for fuel began to rise at outrageous amounts with gas being priced at one hundred times its original value. With the price for oil continuously growing the price for food, fuel and transportation went up drastically.(Doc C) This limited the spending of the average American family and made the people turn to it’s government for help. Nixon now had to come up with plans to help with this crisis. He had it where gas stations “close down their pumps between 9 P.M. Saturday night and midnight Sunday every weekend, beginning December 1.”(Doc H) This was one of three plans made to help with the energy crisis, limiting how much the American family could use the car. The final step needed to help end this shortage was to “establish of a maximum speed limit for automobiles of 50 miles per hour nationwide as soon as our emergency energy legislation passes the Congress.” Nixon wanted to limit the overuse of gas by putting limits on how fast someone could drive. In the end Nixon had to make a plan called the Project Independence where the U.S. stopped relying on other countries but our own. With the energy crisis something that seemed almost impossible happened stagflation the thing that really put America on the

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