The Power Of Government In 1984 By George Orwell

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Regardless of the government system, the people will always have the most power if they practice thought. In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, a totalitarian government is able to take full control over the citizens because of their ignorance. As the government began to grow stronger with the power the people were feeding them, the human race began to diminish. The new human race created by the government was called the Proles, they were unintelligent and unable to think for themselves by following the government. Relying on the government disabled them to practice thought and only knew what the government had taught. Citizens were helpless, fallen under the control of a totalitarian government; they could barely speak without vocabulary invented specifically for them. The main character in the novel, Winston even realized what the human race was becoming, he said that the Proles …show more content…

Free thought was not granted in the novel, which is why so few believed the government was ruling for the wrong reasons and had to hide their logic and reasoning. Anti-free thought was even more supported after seeing the punishment given to those who would practice thinking, this caused most citizens to shut out reality. With a totalitarian government, the party has the power to blind people of their rights and abilities by making citizens believe the most powerful is the government. Proles are what the human race can become with full government control, and a perfect example of why we should practice free thought. Proles accustomed themselves to what the government wanted and with that they became mindless creatures who were puppets of the party. But even without a totalitarian government, that is the reality of some people today; citizens are being careless and ignorant of many issues

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