2.2 Explain The Importance Of Meeting Children And Young People With Physical Needs

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Physical- One way physical needs were met was through the access of water which created a plentiful source of low cost refreshment throughout the day. All children had a water bottle which was kept in the classroom. Children were given ready access to water throughout the day. Water provision: encouraged good health and wellbeing among the children, reduced tiredness, irritability and distraction from thirst, had a positive effect on children’s concentration throughout the day and raised awareness of the importance of adequate fluid intake and healthy eating as part of a healthy and active life.
Another way physical needs were met was through a healthy balanced school dinner catered around the needs of the children. They school dinners consisted of …show more content…

This was a period of the school timetable dedicated to engaging children in physical activity. This was a compulsory part of the school curriculum. It assured parents that their children were receiving some form of organised exercise and it also allowed for children to inspired and gain a passion towards sports and exercise for the future. A minimum of 75 minutes a week was devoted to physical education (this was mandatory) during which children’s physical strengths were pushed to the limit to allow them to improve muscle control and co-ordination as well as strength and endurance.
In addition to this, physical needs were also met through maintenance of hygiene. The provision of school hygiene and sanitation ensured the rights of the children to acceptable hygiene practises, safe water supply, latrines and a healthy school environment in general. This had beneficial effects as a healthy environment facilitated a more effective learning and it allowed children to have an opportunity to gain life-long positive hygiene behaviours. Hygiene education and awareness also prevented children from contracting illnesses which could result in them missing vital school

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