3rd Grade Research Paper

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Bridging Sequence
Title: Let’s Multiply!
Grade level: Third Grade
Objective: Students will recall multiplication facts up to 10 by 10 from memory and be able to recall the.
Prerequisite knowledge/skills: Students will need to have been exposed to multiplication and division prior to this lesson; this lesson is primarily to reinforce previously learned facts. Students will need to know how to write equations for multiplication and division
TEKS: list and state
3.4.F: recall facts to multiply up to 10 by 10 with automaticity and recall the corresponding division facts.
Multiplying: repeated addition Division: repeated division
Instructional resources/materials: Playing cards (only numbers 2-10 in the four suits) Scratch …show more content…

Divide the cards evenly between the two players and all the cards are kept face down until it is time to flip the top card. Each student flips over the top card and puts it in the middle of the two players. The first person multiply the two numbers together correctly gets the two cards. The students can use their scratch paper and pencil to work out the number sentences or draw pictures if needed. The student who collects the two cards should put them face down at the bottom of their pile. Students keep playing until either time has run out or one person runs out of cards. The students should be playing quickly while still being able to accurately multiply the two cards together. Once students are able to mentally multiply the cards without thinking as long or having to write it out, this game can be used as a practice/review as

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