4 Minute Fighter Abs Case Study

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Andrew Raposo's 4 Minute Fighter Abs - Our Full Review Hello and welcome to our review of the 4 Minute Fighter Abs program by Andrew Raposo. As always, this review will be divided into 3 main sections: 1. The basics section which will help you to understand what “4 Minute Fighter Abs” is all about. 2. The pros and cons section where you will read about the most important pros and cons of Andrew Raposo’s system. 3. The conclusions section about 4 Minute Fighter Abs that will sum up our thoughts and feelings on this program... Let’s start :) The Basics In simple words, “4 Minute Fighter Abs” is a unique workout system centers around 4-minute sequences that were designed to help individuals burn belly fat and achieve six-pack abs in…show more content…
• They disrupt your thyroid glands from functioning normally, where fat-burning hormones are produced. • They slow your metabolism down. Andrew explains that these kinds of exercises also result in inflammation, which can destroy your heart and muscles if you don't have the proper techniques for recovery. It can lead to various ailments as well, including cancer, heart problems and diabetes. Due to the above, each sequence in the 4 Minute Fighter Abs system is done in a safe way in order for you to take advantage of the fat-burning capabilities of your hormones. That way, you continue to lose fat around your stomach hours after exercising… How Does It Work? The 4 Minute Fighter Abs system had been divided by Andrew Raposo into three phases in order to overcome plateaus. Here is how each phase work: Phase 1 focuses on your metabolism being completely overhauled and transformed into a fat-burning machine. In this phase you will also learn various full-body exercises used by fighters to increase the amount of fat-busting hormones that are produced. During Phase 2, which is called the “Ab Revealing phase”, your abs begin forming thanks to very specific ab strengthening exercises detailed by
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