7 Years War Dbq Analysis

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DBQ Essay

The Seven Years’ War in the American colonies was caused by constant, violent encounters between England and France. The conflicts eventually reached the British American colonies and the war lasted in the colonies from 1754-1763. When the war came to a close, the British Empire began to increase their presence in the American colonies. Also, as a result of the war with France, the British was crippled with war debt. To help pay for the cost of the Seven Years’ War, taxes was increased in the American colonies. The rapid deviations in the colonists’ lives began to create tension between the Empire and colonies. These unforeseen consequences of the Seven Years’ War altered the political relations, independence, and ultimately the loyalty of the American colonist. The British American colonies, with little aid or presence from the British Empire, began to thrive and establish themselves. However, after the Seven …show more content…

To pay off the debt, the British Parliament began to enforce new acts and taxes on the colonies (Doc I). Many acts placed on the colonies were not very harmful to the colonies; some even reduced the price of certain goods. However, the Parliament was passing new laws and acts without consensus of the colonies (Doc G). This caused uproar in many of the colonies demanding to have representation within the British Parliament. A group of colonist called the Sons of Liberty came together to fight against taxation without representation and for their rights as citizens of Great Britain. The colonist believed that they were still British citizens, although living in North America, and should be given the same rights of a citizen in Great Britain. The insufficient amount of representation in the parliament, rebellion began against the British Empire, and the loyalty of the colonist began to

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