9/11: The Impact Of Human Migration

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The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 had an effect on the entire world and especially the United States, One important effect in our country was on the development of immigration policies, as U.S. took measures by adding policies to protect the country from another terrorist attack. Migration has always been a substantial part of human life. For ages, humans have traveled from place to place in search for a better life. Human migration is mostly due to starvation, or war, but also to re-unite families, escape persecution, and better employment opportunities. Since 9/11, policies regarding terrorism have misappropriated U.S. immigration laws to promote anti-terrorism goals and this has had profound impacts on people’s rights by limiting the right to privacy, criminalizing undocumented immigration and creating a culture of fear and discrimination towards Arab immigrants. The first steps taken in regards to policy development were very restrictive, which included the USA Patriot Act passed in October 25, 2001 and the Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act (EBSVERA) passed in May 2002. Instead of legalizing undocumented workers and reconsidering the restrictive nature of prior immigration laws, Congress responded six weeks after the attacks on 9/11 passing the Patriot Act. The Patriot …show more content…

As well as the Patriot Act, the Enhanced Border Security and Visa Reform Act was passes in response of the 9/11 attacks and is the third major law passed. This law did not quite have necessarily a bad impact, what this law did was for universities to keep a closer look and track foreign students and immigration investigators and inspectors would have to give a higher examination to visa applicants who they supposed sponsored

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