A Connecticut Hankee In King Arthur's Court

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A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court tells the story of Connecticut Yankee, Hank Morgan, being sent back in time to King Arthur’s Court, in 528. Through his experiences in the medieval time period, Hank learns much about himself but also about others. It seems that Hank’s troubles and triumphs throughout the story provide a commentary on his own human nature, as well as the human nature of others. As a result of Hank and the people in King Arthurs Court having different beliefs, ideals, and virtues, the reader is supposed to grasp that human nature is different in diverse situations, circumstances, and societies. This variance in human nature comes as a result of the atmosphere that the human lives in. In the case of Hank, he lives in …show more content…

He is a very driven and outgoing individual that will do what is in his own best interest, even if it does not please everyone else. This is evident from the reason he was sent back in time. His argument with a co-worker at the factory he worked resulted in a scuffle that knocked him unconscious. This time in United States history was a time of prospering. Factories and other industries were booming, thus creating a large amount of working opportunities. It gave the people in this time a sense of optimism and a desire to improve their lives by working their way up. People would go out and work and try to achieve higher and higher things. Most people felt like they had an opportunity to do what they wanted or at least a sense of opportunity. These positive features of this time period directly influenced the way people acted and went about their lives. It caused them to want more and to try to go out and get more. This is fairly evident from Hank constantly trying to change things in King Arthur’s Court. Another aspect of society that influenced human nature during Hank’s time was government. Government in his time was not very controlling over its’ people. They gave them a sense of freedom to do as they pleased. This sense of freedom made people happy and this happiness resulted in a less worried attitude. This relaxed feeling lead to a more relaxed attitude and behavior by these people in their lives. Another …show more content…

Nobility allowed unqualified people to obtain positions that should not have been available to them. The nobility did provide a sort of moral boost for everyone though because they were looked up to by most because they were supposed to be the best of the best. Along with the idea of nobility, everyone in this period had a social status. The only thing with this system was that people could not increase in rank, like in Hank’s time. People were stuck where they were at. People of lower rank were treated very poorly though, which included the peasants and slaves. This did cause a sense of negativity in the lower classes but once again, they knew they could not increase in rank, so they realized they would have to accept their position in life. This did influence their behavior to be more lackadaisical but the nobility also shared in this behavior because they could not lose their rank. People in this time did not question things, they just let them happen. This can be good and bad but there really is not a right answer for whether or not people should question things. The society in King Arthur’s time may not have been the same as Hank’s but the society in Hank’s time was far from

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