A Hero's Journey Chapter Summary

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The section begins with Cassie pointing a gun at Evan. After the attack on them during their journey to get back Cassie’s brother, Sammy, from Camp Haven, Cassie starts to realize that Evan singlehandedly killed all of the fighters with one shot. With previous clues given in the previous section and what she is experiencing now, she confirms her suspicion that Evan is indeed her silencer shooter. With this, the hostility begins and Evan starts to explain that he is an Other, but he was one of the few who advocated for a non-takeover of Earth. He relates the plans of the Others to Cassie, and explains the 5th wave to her. With all of this in mind, Cassie decides to proceed on the journey alone, with Evan as her backup in case anything goes wrong. They come up with a disguise for Cassie as a lost 12 year old so that she can infiltrate the base and try to locate Sammy. As she is arrive at the base and is processed, she knocks Dr. Pam unconscious, and removes the chip that was inserted in her and starts to navigate …show more content…

However, General Vosch finds her in a corridor and takes her back to an interrogation room. Cassie then breaks out of this room and continues on with her mission. The point of view switches to Ben, who is currently in the hospital wing recovering from the fake injury created so that he could infiltrate the base. Through a few chapters, Ben tricks the nurses through mini plan such as going to the bathroom and escapes the wing. For the next few chapters, the point of view switches between Ben and Cassie, depicting their path to find Sammy. Finally, Ben meets Cassie and with Sammy they all try to escape, but are captured by General Vosch. He threatens them by using Sammy as an incentive, but then Evan arrives and saves them. Evan stays at the base while Ben, Cassie, and Sammy, saying that he has to complete what he believes in. The book ends with all three of them safe in a van, brought by Ringer and the crew, driving away with Cassie resting on Ben’s

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